Volume XXV Number 40 October 5, 2001

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San Diego Unified School District Trustees Threatened With Shooting

By Daniel L. Muñoz

In an e-mail that Sue Braun sent on September 26 to Ron Ottinger and others, Sue Braun issued a threat against Fran Zimmerman and John de Beck:

" John and Frances get so outrageous that they upset the rest of the board members including me. . . The only idea I have is to shoot the both of them. I was thinking of a way to get them both with one bullet..."!

This e-mail is on record in the district's computer system, as is Ottinger's response.

Fran Zimmerman (center) chatting with a group of students. File Photo.

The case is now being investigated by the San Diego Police Department's Criminal Investigation Unit. Mr. de Beck's response: "I'm calling for (Sue Braun's) resignation because a person capable of expressing those thoughts is not somone who should be guiding our public schools."

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Newcomer Enters Republican 2002 Gubernatorial Primary
By: Daniel L. Muñoz
The invitation was simple, but to the point "you are invited to participate in a Publishers Roundtable Discussion with Bill Simon.

Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana, 2001
Proclamación por el Presidente de los Estados Unidos de America
Por más de 30 años, los Estados Unidos ha celebrado anualmente las ricas tradiciones históricas y culturales de la comunidad hispana de nuestra nación. El Mes Nacional de la Herencia Hispana nos da la oportunidad de expresarle a la comunidad hispana que apreciamos profundamente las muchas contribuciones que han hecho a nuestra sociedad, y de rendirle tributo nuevamente a la diversidad única de nuestro país.

For more than 30 years, the United States has annually celebrated the rich history and cultural traditions of our Nation's Hispanic American people. National Hispanic Heritage Month provides us an opportunity to express deep appreciation to Hispanic Americans for their countless contributions to our society and to pay tribute again to America's distinctive diversity.

Remembrance of Our Past to Confront our Future
By: Daniel L. Muñoz
The terrorist attack on the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York, Sept. 11, 2001 was still a burning memory in my mind as I walked down the long pier at the U.S. Naval Station towards the U.S.S. Anchorage (LSD-36). The ship looked awesome the closer I got to it.


Los Intrusos ... Another Episode in the San Diego Unified School District Novela
By Yvette tenBerge
As I sit down to produce yet another piece on the San Diego Unified School District, the ridiculous nature of this week's chain of events has finally convinced me that the production run by Superintendent Alan Bersin, with its excentric characters and its dramatic developments, blows even the most popular novelas out of the water. So, grab a cold drink, pull up a chair and sit back - only in America, folks.

La Educación, Problema Fundamental en "Camino Verde"
" Lucha intensa y denodada diariamente en esta Colonia popular"
Por: Paco Zavala.
Asentados sobre de una extension de terreno abrupto de aproximádamente 250 hectáreas, poseídas por invasión hace ya 17 años por Alejandro Herrera y sus seguidores, una población de casi 15,000 familias, componiendose cada una de estas de 4 a 5 miembros, se trata de un asentamiento humano de más de 40,000 pobladores que luchan con denuedo diariamente para lograr mejorar, abastecer a la familia y extraerla de la pobreza en la que algunas de estas familias lamentablemente viven.

First Week of New Border-Crossing Cards Keeps Few Back
By Yvette tenBerge
Martha Carlón Sanchez, 77, shuffles obediently behind the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) inspector who holds her expired border-crossing card and leads her to "secondary" for further questioning. It is about 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 2, and Ms. Sanchez, one of a small group of senior citizens making their way from Ensenada, Mexico to Viejas Casino in Alpine, is only one among many Mexican nationals that day who will attempt a border crossing without either the new, high-tech laser visa or a validation sticker indicating that the new card is on the way.

Hispanic Americans Hold Patents on Important Inventions
USPTO recognizes Hispanic American creativity during Hispanic Heritage Month
National Hispanic Heritage Month, held each year from September 15—October 15, celebrates Hispanic cultures and heritage and recognizes the many contributions Hispanic Americans have made to this nation.

Governor Davis Announces $5 Million In Grants Available for Cesar Chavez Day
- Governor Gray Davis has announced that funding for $5 million in grants for Cesar Chavez Day service events is available.

City Gets Anonymous 25K to Equip Cesar Chavez Park
The City of Oceanside has received an anonymous donation of $25,000 to pay for playground equipment in the newly created Cesar Chavez Park at 1309 Division St. in the City's Crown Heights neighborhood.

Por Diego Alvarez
Y ahora ¿qué sigue?
Después de los sucesos ocurridos el pasado 11 de septiembre en las ciudades de Nueva York y Washington, en los cuales, por medio de un ataque terrorista, fueron derribadas las torres gemelas de la Gran Manzana, y en los cuales murieron miles de personas inocentes, la sociedad americana y la comunidad internacional se preguntan, ¿y ahora, qué sigue?

Elementary Institute of Science Finds Creative Ways to Spark Life-Long Pursuit of Science
An overall lack of study in the scientific fields by today's students has raised cause for concern for the future of technology-driven America. According to statistics from the National Science Foundation, the United States scores 17th in international tests of science and math at eighth grade levels. American students rank lower than the international average in general science and math assessments. The U.S. comes in last and second to last in physics and advanced mathematics scores. And in science performance, African American and Hispanic students consistently score lower than their Caucasian peers. In general, this trend leads to a significant under-representation in our country's workforce.

CCS Partnership - Cities, Counties and Schools Working Together
— CCS Partnership named six communities as the most successful in delivering programs and services for their communities through collaboration of local city governments, counties and school districts. On Thursday, September 27 at the CCS Partnership California Community Partnership Awards conference and luncheon the City of Anaheim and the Anaheim City School District received top honors of the California Gold Community Award for their program "Anaheim Achieves." The Distinguished Service Awards were presented to five additional collaborative efforts in the City of South Gate; National City; City of Lake Elsinore; City of San Diego and the counties of San Mateo and San Joaquin.

Governor Davis Signs Zettel's Teacher Retention Tax Credit Bill
Governor Davis signed Assembly Bill 110, by Assemblywoman Charlene Zettel, that prevents the Franchise Tax Board from penalizing a taxpayer for incorrectly claiming the teacher retention credit. According to Zettel, AB 110 is a fairness measure that is intended to address the concerns of numerous individuals throughout the state who misinterpreted their eligibility for the credit.

Project LEAP Targets Students and The Law
An innovative program designed to interest high school students in a legal career will be unveiled during a reception on October 25 at the San Diego County Bar Center.

The Sally Ride Science Club
supporting girls in science
Did you know that in elementary school, roughly the same number of girls and boys are interested in science and math? But beginning in about sixth grade, more girls than boys drift away from these subjects. One consequence of this leaky pipeline is that women remain underrepresented in most technical professions-while our nation's need for scientists and engineers remains unmet. Fueled by her passion for science, former astronaut Sally Ride has created the first national club dedicated to supporting girls in their exploration of the exciting universe of science and technology.

The College Fund/Coca-Cola Corporate Intern Program
The College Fund/Coca-Cola Corporate Intern Program increases educational and career opportunities for people of color, including African American, Hispanic American, Asian American and American Indian students who attend participating colleges and universities, member institutions of The College Fund, the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, targeted historically black colleges and universities, and majority institutions.

The Coca-Cola Company y The College Fund Llevan Lecciones del Mundo Real a Estudiantes
Las Dos Empresas Inician Segundo Año de Programa de Becas y Pasantías
The Coca-Cola Company y The College Fund están iniciando el segundo año de su novedoso programa de pasantías y becas que vincula al aula con el mundo del trabajo, dando a las personas de color las herramientas que necesitan para triunfar en el mundo corporativo de los Estados Unidos.

U.S. Hispanic Chamber To Launch Weekly TV Show `Hispanics Today'; Weekly Series Launches in
National Syndication
The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) today announced the launch of "Hispanics Today," the first half-hour weekly show that showcases the contributions of Hispanic leaders in the worlds of business, entertainment, politics, culture, sports and issues impacting the Latino community. To date, the show's national sponsors include AOL Time Warner, General Motors and The Coca-Cola Company.

Neighborhood House Association Sponsors Town Hall Meetings
Neighborhood House Association and its partners will undertake a community-wide assessment and is inviting community members to participate in a series of Town Hall Meetings. These "open mike" meetings will be held throughout the County at different locations and on different dates. All community residents will have an opportunity to voice any comments they have about the conditions and issues that are of greatest concern for their families. Everyone is encouraged to share their insights about community needs, resources and the delivery of needed community services. Facilitators will be available to insure residents wishing to speak to issues and concerns will get an opportunity to do so.

"Community Resource Center Presents 4th Annual "Flame of Life," A Day of Awareness &
Education, Honoring Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence"

Encinitas, CA — Community Resource Center presents the 4th annual "Flame of Life" in recognition of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. A tradition for a decade, National Domestic Awareness Month is observed for the purpose of mourning those who have died as a result of the abuse, celebrating those who have survived, raising public consciousness about violence in home and educating individuals to help eliminate it.

American Indian Culture Center and Museum Gala Benefit Dinner "Bringing Nations Together"
On Saturday, October 13, 2001, the American Indian Culture Center and Museum is hosting its second Gala Benefit Dinner, 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm at the beautiful Balboa Park Club which is located adjacent to the Aerospace Museum and the Automobile Museum in Balboa Park. Featured performers are Arigon Starr and her Band, which are presently nominated for four Native American Music Awards; Carlos Reynosa, an accomplished songwriter and Musician; and Bill "Elk Whistle" Neal, one of Native America's foremost flutists. All three are critically acclaimed artists who will be gracing our stage for our enjoyment that evening.

Jose Carlos Delgado Se Une en Matrimonio Religioso a Sandra Cervantes
El Sábado 25 de Agosto, de 2001, fue un hermoso, soleado día en el cual se llevó acabo la boda religiosa de Jose Carlos y Sandra.

Encienda Una Vela
Mons. Jim Lisante
Cumpliendo Con Su Deber
Hoy deseo comentarles algo sobre mi padre. Nació en 1920, en un hogar italiano-norteamericano. Trabajó para pagarse sus estudios, y después de prestar servicio en la Segunda Guerra Mundial llegó a ser oficial de la Policía de Nueva York. Además, mientras servía como policía, estudiaba leyes en la universidad, por la noche. Al mismo tiempo, se casó con mi madre y formaron una familia. Y en la década de los 80 se jubiló, y desde entonces ha disfrutado de muy lindos momentos con mi madre y con los nietos.


A Second Look at WTC Towers Incident Necessary
The deliberate crashing of two passenger airliners into the top floors of the World Trade Center Twin Towers was a traumatic event for the millions of Americans who watched it unfold before their eyes on Sept.11, 2001. The instant showing and constant re-showing of the deadly incident further traumatized them.

Budget Crisis at Public Law Library Threatens Branches
Lacking income, the San Diego County Public Law Library may be forced to close one or two of its branches early next year. The Public Law Library currently has three branches-one in Vista, one in East County, and one in South Bay, as well as its Main Library in downtown San Diego.

National ID Card: A Very Scary Idea
By Raymond J. Keating
After the terrorist attacks of September 11, most of us realized that our lives would change considerably on so many levels. That, of course, includes added domestic security measures, and a wartime response in terms of our military and intelligence capabilities.

Pacifismo -- Terrorismo:
El Impreciso Mensaje de Ciertos Pacifistas Norteamericanos
Por Jesus Hernández Cuellar
La paz es uno de los objetivos más importantes y maravillosos de la humanidad. La simbolizó el pintor español Pablo Picasso con la imagen de una paloma. Sus beneficios son conocidos por igual por el general Colin Powell, por el multimillonario Bill Gates y por el sub-comandante Marcos.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
Attack terrorism through a world alliance
We should not attack/bomb Afghanestan just to force Bin Laden out. There are a lot of poor people there not just the few ruling government Taliban leaders.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Fleet Week San Diego Events Continue
Lately, many San Diegans have pondered the importance of our freedom and the American way of life. Each year, San Diego, home of the largest military complex in the nation, provides the community an opportunity to recognize and pay tribute to the men and women in our armed services during Fleet Week San Diego.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
"Scream Zone"
This is the largest and scariest haunted attraction, which began Friday, October 5 and runs through October 31 at Del Mar Fairgrounds. Scream Zone featuring a 3-D graveyard, free concerts, dances, a carnival, and a 25-room haunted adventure that's filled with frights, thrills and chills. Those brave enough will go into a 15-room 3-D haunted experience with ghouls, bugs, and critters appearing to float in mid air. Admission to Scream Zone is $9.95.

Aztecs Host Eastern Illinois For Homecoming
Division I-AA power visits Qualcomm

Beltran Opens and Closes the Scoring in Sockers 9-1 Rout
by John Philip Wyllie
The San Diego Sockers padded their WISL lead by walloping the hapless Sacramento Knights by a 9-1 margin Saturday night in the first match of last weekend's two game homestand. Local product David Beltran, a former CIF Player of the Year for Ramona High turned SDSU standout tallied the first and last goals of the evening and drew the praise of Sockers head coach Brian Quinn.

Fox Sports World Español Announces Its Major League Baseball 2001 Postseason Broadcast Schedule
Fox Sports World Español, the only 24-hour, Spanish-language sports network in the United States, has announced it will broadcast 30 games of the 2001 Major League Baseball postseason beginning with the Division Series on Tuesday, October 9 at 4:00 PM (ET). The entire postseason broadcast will be transmitted in Spanish for the first time ever in the United States and includes a pre-game show anchored from Fox Sports World Español's Los Angeles studio.

Chargers, Packers, Rams Unbeaten as NFL Hits Quarter Mark
Two of them won a combined 19 games last year. One of them won one.

Mario Domínguez Corre en Road Atlanta la Décima de Indy Lights
El piloto mexicano Mario Domínguez quien compite con el auto número 17 Del Valle-Corona-Televisa, del equipo PacWest Lights, actual campeón de la categoría Indy Lights, estará este viernes corriendo en la pista de Road Atlanta en la décima fecha del campeonato 2001.

Junior forward Enrique Tovar was named MPSF men's soccer player of the week
San Diego State junior forward Enrique Tovar has been selected as the Moutain Pacific Sports Federation men's soccer player of the week. Tovar is the first Aztec to receive the honor this season. The occasion also marks the first time Tovar has earned the weekly award.

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