Volume XXIII Number 43 ~ October 29, 1999

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City Heights's Kids Transform Alleys and Storefronts Into Art Pieces

This past Saturday a unique collaborative of Mid City Heights area youth, local professional artists and community organizations put the finishing touches on one of their larger art installation project located on University Avenue and 45th Street.

CHALK (City Heights Art Lanes by Kids) teamed up with the City Heights Business Improvement Association to transform deteriorated storefronts into exciting art installations. The program is unique in that the designs and themes are proposed by a team of Hoover High School students working with professional artists. This collaboration confers with business and property owners who must then agree to participate and help maintain the installations.

"The process of design and research into the selected theme and the dialogue with business owners is an important aspect of this program" noted lead artist Pete Evaristo. "These kids learn about different cultures in this diverse community by working together and working in their community."

Over the past two months the team has touched up the award winning ARK (Alleys Reclaimed by Kids) Art project which three years ago transformed a nearby one block blighted alley into a virtual outdoor art gallery and helped to extend this gallery onto University Avenue by converting several nearby aging storefronts into colorful statements about the environment and the community.

U.S. Based Hispanic Magazine Stands Ground Against
Powerful Mexican Family
By Mary Jo McConahay

Group of Latino and Black business leaders denounce move to redefine
"minority-owned business"
By Daniel H. Muñoz

Dan Bienvenida a las Empresas Para Que Participen en el Esfuerzo
de Reclutar Los Maestros Necesarios

A Libertarian Visits Cuba, Part 3 (of 3)
by Jacob G. Hornberger

Cuba Vista Por Un Americano
Por Jacob G. Hornberger

Noticias de Mexico


Día de los Muertos: Day of the Dead
Celebrating Death and Life
By Daniel Muñoz

The Day of The Dead
By Toltecas En Aztlan

El Festín De Los Muertos

Muerte de todos ofrenda de participación
Death Comes to Everyone: A Participatory Offering
An installation by Eloy Tarcisio

How Halloween Can Be Redeemed
by Page McKean Zyromski

Nace Radio Guadalupe
La primera estación de Radio Católica en Español en el Oeste de Estados Unidos
Por Iván Barrera

One Day Patriotic Event to Honor Mexican-American Veterans
By Frederick Aguirre

Building Homes in Mexico, Rotarians Build Hope and Goodwill
Across the Border

SBA Moves Rule to Protect Small Firms From `Contract Bundling'

Community Notes:

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Por Yhmel Catacora
¿Braceros o Comunidad?

Grant Expands Popular Credential-in-Mexico Program

Raúl Cardoza is Appointed Executive Director For College Board's
Western Region

La Jolla Country Day Espera su Visita el 6 de Noviembre

Spectrum Scholarships Offered for People of Color


Where Are We When Castro No Longer Rules Cuba?

Un Comentario Sobre la Chinatización de Cuba
Por: Rolando M. Yyobre, La Habana Cuba

Tezozomoc Speaks

Educational Footnotes

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

Seventh Annual Latino Film Festival Seeking Entries for 2000 Festival

The Bone Collector - Una Película de Suspenso

Calendar of Events:
By Berenice Cisneros

Resultados de Juegos de Fútbol
por Francisco Reyna

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