October 22, 1999

Pardee's Joyce Mason Addresses San Diego Advertising Task Force

Joyce Mason, vice president of marketing for Pardee Homes, recently addressed the San Diego Advertising Task Force on the topic of diversity in advertising. Speaking to a group of local community leaders, Mason provided strategies and methods for reaching a diverse segment of the population through advertising.

The meeting, held on September 29 at the main office of the San Diego Union Tribune, was sponsored by the Fair Housing Council of San Diego who oversees the San Diego Advertising Task Force.

"Ms. Mason's informational presentation about Pardee's award-winning marketing and advertising campaigns added just the right spice to the quarterly meeting of the San Diego Advertising Task Force," said Mary Scott Knoll, executive director of the Fair Housing Council. "Her comments regarding Pardee's sensitivity to the housing marketplace and its customers were food for thought for this gathering of advertising professionals and others who seek to blend the concepts of fair housing with effective marketing strategies."

In 1997, Pardee Homes was recognized by the Fair Housing Advertising Task Force with its first Southern California award. The award was based on a decade of fair housing accomplishments including Pardee's continuing support of inclusive advertising and reaching out to diverse communities.

Mason, who has been with Pardee since 1994, has helped Pardee exceed sales volume goals, increase traffic and earn Fair Housing Awards. She has also been honored as Marketing Director of the Year by the San Diego Sales and Marketing Council and the Los Angeles/Ventura Sales and Marketing Council.

"Cultural diversity is growing throughout San Diego County and addressing all populations is key to successful marketing," said Mason. "The importance of home is a central message we use to reach all buyers and in keeping with our advertising strategy that addresses all segments of the community."

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