Volume XXIII Number 39 ~ October 1, 1999

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Puerto Rico: The Forgotten Commonwealth

La Tierra de Borinquen
Donde he nacido yo,
Es un Jardín florido
De Mágico esplendor.
"En Mi Viejo San Juan"

.By Daniel L. Muñoz

It is not difficult to understand the hold that Puerto Rico holds for those of Puerto Rican descent, that live on the mainland, of the United States. It is their Patria Madre. It was where they first saw the vision of life and smelled the tropical pungent smells of what to them must have been heaven on earth. Their Paradise, however, finds itself embroiled in a desperate struggle for its very heart and soul. Shall it seek its' Independence, as Cuba and the Philippines did, who were also a part of the far flung Spanish empire before becoming a possession of the United States, a hundred years ago? Shall it instead ask the Congress to allow it to become the 51st state of the Nation? Or, shall it remain a part of the Commonwealth of the United States as it has been for the past hundred years? These are questions that have ruffled the feathers of the mostly Spanish speaking people living in Puerto Rico and brought heart wrenching dissension between the 2.5 million Puerto Ricans living in the United States and the 3.7 million citizens living in Puerto Rico.

A Glance at Puerto Rico

Capitol San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Island is 1,050 miles Southeast of Miami in the Northern Caribbean. It is a fairly large island encompassing 3,429 square miles. In size it equals the state of Connecticut. Its' population of 3.7 million equals that of Arizona and Kentucky. The Capitol is in San Juan and has nearly 500,000 residents. The metropolitan area of San Juan has a population of 1.6 million. The island is tropical with a mean temperature of 75º in Winter and 81º in Summer. Not withstanding a few tropical storms and hurricanes, its is a beautiful island.
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A Hotel Housekeepers' Manifesto — Why 15 Rooms Is One Too Many
By Consuelo Barrera

Un manifiesto de las camareras de hotel: por qué 15 habitaciones son demasiadas
Por Consuelo Barrera

2nda Parte de la Serie de el Descubrimiento de Las Americas
Fragmento del Diario de Navegación de Cristóbal Colón

Christopher Columbus Discovers Espaola,
Beginning Hispanic Heritage in the Americas
By Daniel L. Muñoz

Timeline: Spain, Columbus and Native Americans

Noticias de Mexico


Peace Corps Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month
Roberta Robledo is Making Valuable Contributions Abroad as a Volunteer

Pueblo Corporation Presenta Réplica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe
a la Comunidad de San Diego y Tijuana

Parent Alert: V-Chip Helps Protect Kids From Violent TV Shows
By The Federal Communications Commission

Los feligreses tienen esperanzas que se revoque la decisión de cerrar la
Capilla de San Isidro
Por Maria Elena Kennedy

Education: The USMC's Major Message at
the National Council of La Raza Conference

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Por Yamel Catacora
El Seguro Médico Sí Se Puede Obtener

U.S. Surgeon General Announces Goal to Eradicate Disparity of
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by 2005
October is National SIDS Awareness Month

Según el Estudio Más Reciente, los Hábitos Deficientes de Salud Son
la Norma en California

Have It Your Way: UCSD Healthcare Delivers With Midwives

Latinos Gather for Annual Education Conference

Largest in District's History
Board adopts $103 million budget

UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center Publishes First Dictionary of
Endangered Zapotec Language

Latino Owned Accounting Firm Offers College Scholarship to Local Student

Blockbuster Launches Third-Annual Fundraising Effort for Mexican American Opportunity Foundation

DaimlerChrysler Lanza la Competencia "Construye Tu Vehículo de Ensueño"
Para 1999 y 2000; Añade Dos Mercados y Competencia a Nivel Nacional

Mentors Needed for the Barrio Logan College Institute

Notra Dame Crea El Instituto de Estudios Latinos
Gilberto Cárdenas Es Nombrado Primer Director Del Instituto

State Street Research: Leader of Financial Education for the Hispanic Community

State Street Research: Líder en la Educación Financiera de la Comunidad Hispana

Homeys Youth Foundation Honors Community Activists, Supporters at
Annual Meeting


NAFTA Could End Public Subsidies of Stadium Complexes

Submitted by: Richard Rider

Youth must fill leadership roles
By Rosina Roibal

El Foro Público...
....The Public Forum

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

Movie Review
Elephants Stampede into the IMAX

By Jennifer Ackles

Calendar of Events:
By Berenice Cisneros

NFL Hall-Of-Famer, Deacon Jones, Hosts Golf Tournament
Featuring Hall-of-Famers

Revanchas De Los Playoffs Distinguen Esta Semana, Con Choques Entre
Rivales De División Fluete Regresa A Miami Para MNF 15 Años Tras El Pase

SDSU Football Ready for Mountain West Conference Opener

Equipo Diablos Rojos Sigue Invicto al Derrotar
5-2 al Universidad de Oceanside

By Lyn Sherwood
The State of the Art in Mexico

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