November 27, 2002

Coca-Cola Corporate Intern Program

The Coca-Cola Company and The College Fund are seeking outstanding young college students to participate in the third year of its groundbreaking scholarship and internship program that takes learning beyond the classroom to the real world of corporate America.

The Coca-Cola Company and The College Fund hope to attract 50 additional college sophomores from diverse backgrounds (African American, Asian American, Hispanic American, American Indian, and other ethnic groups), who have an opportunity to earn a $10,000 academic scholarship.

”The College Fund/Coca-Cola Corporate Intern Program is a wonderful way to provide college students an opportunity to learn and grow,” said Charlene Crusoe-Ingram, vice president, Diversity Strategy & Culture. “It links today’s classroom learning to tomorrow’s real world work experience. We provide students with meaningful assignments that contribute to the bottom line of success for the Coca-Cola Company. We want young people who aim high and work hard. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime.”

The Corporate Intern Program offers students an eight-to-ten week summer internship at the Coca-Cola Company offices in Atlanta, Ga. Guided by a Coca-Cola Company manager and intern mentor, interns will work in one of the following eight areas: business, chemistry, communications, engineering, finance, human resources, information technology or marketing. Each student will earn a $2,500 monthly base salary and will be provided housing and transportation. At the end of the internship, students are eligible to receive a $10,000 academic scholarship.

”We are extremely proud of the success of The College Fund/Coca-Coca Corporate Intern Program. Each year 50 young people are awarded internships and given the opportunity to earn academic scholarships,” said William H. Gray, president and CEO, The College Fund. “Because of the Corporate Intern Program, more students of color are graduating better-prepared to enter and succeed in the workforce. This program is changing lives and creating leaders.”

The Coca-Cola Company has been a corporate partner to The College Fund for more than 15 years, contributing more than $1.6 million to the organization.

How to Apply:

The deadline to apply for the Summer 2003 The College Fund/Coca-Cola Corporate Intern Program is Dec. 16, 2002. All applicants must:

* Have and maintain a 3.0 grade point average throughout Program participation

* Be a sophomore majoring in business, chemistry, communications, engineering, finance, human resources, information technology or marketing

* Provide a recommendation letter from a faculty member detailing the student’s talents, interests and aspirations

* Submit a one-page written personal statement of career interest

* Provide a current official undergraduate transcript

* Attend a participating college or university (see application)

* Interview with The Coca-Cola Company

Completed applications, with all supporting documentation, must be received by Dec. 16, 2002. Submit application packages to: The College Fund/Coca-Cola Corporate Intern Program, PO Box 1435, Alexandria, Va. 22313-9998. You can also apply on line at

Approximately 350 colleges and universities across the country participate in the program. For more information, contact the financial aid office, career placement center or department chair at one of the participating schools. Information is available at and or call The College Fund at 1-866-671-7237.

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