Volume XXIX Number 47 November 23, 2005

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Searching for Accountability

By Katia Lopez-Hodoyan

To the general public they seem as distant historical facts. A time period that is often mentioned in classrooms, educational television channels and books. But to those who lived through dozens of political atrocities, the pain is more present than ever.

In an attempt to release and voice that pain, the University of San Diego’s Institute of Peace and Justice organized a symbolic two-day court hearing for the victims of several war crimes.

Speaking for the victim “lawyer” Neila Sancho, national coordinator of Lolas Kampanyera. Victim in background is Memen Castillo—Comfort woman who was taken hostage by Japanese soldiers and raped at age 14.

Presenting a different twist to past forums, this court hearing focused specifically on crimes against women, their children and ultimately their life.

Now well past her 70’s, Menen Castillo is still coping with the abuse she encountered in her native Philippines when during World War II, Japanese soldiers took her captive and turned her into a sex slave at age 14.

Back then they were called “comfort women” as they were forced to service several men in a military garrison of Arayat. Eventually she was able to escape before becoming an elementary school teacher and marrying her husband. Nonetheless, even though decades have passed, she still breaks out in tears when speaking of her traumatic teen years.

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La Prensa San Diego on KUSI News TV-9

KUSI News TV-9 and La Prensa San Diego have teamed-up to bring the news about San Diego’s Hispanic community to their viewers every Friday during the 10 am hour. Presenting the news will be our very own awarding winning journalist, Katia Lopez-Hodoyan who will sit down with KUSI news anchors discuss the issue of the day, as presented in the print publication of La Prensa San Diego.

Con Alegría y Patriotismo Celebraron La Revolución Mexicana en San Ysidro
Por: Paco Zavala
La comunidad de San Ysidro disfrutó del montaje escénico de estampas mexicanas para celebrar un aniversario más de la Revolución Mexicana de 1910. Este evento se realizó en el Salón de Sesiones de la Smythe Elementary School de San Ysidro, el pasado viernes 18 de noviembre. En este festejo se presentó un regio espectáculo denominado “Antología de Aires Musicales Revolucionarios”, en el que se mencionan diversos pasajes musicales vinculados con esta gesta heróica y que organizaron directivos y artistas de la Academia “Fiesta Mexicana” y el Ballet Xochitl de Chula Vista.

Plaza del Pasado Plans for the Future Discussed at Town Hall Meeting
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
The crowd of about 200 people was eager to learn more about the restoration efforts that will take place at Plaza del Pasado, in Old Town.


Jóvenes, Abuelitos share their writing
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
When you’re trying to say algo, and can’t find the right palabra in English, well, you might as well say it in Spanish, qué no?

Jóvenes, Abuelitos comparten sus textos
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Cuando estás tratando de decir something, y no puedes encontrar la exact word en español, pues lo dices en inglés, right?

Young cyclist needs your support
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Young Iggy Silva III is on his way to becoming a professional cyclist.

Playing properly: survey finds potentially dangerous toys
By Anna Flavia Rocha e Silva
WASHINGTON – Marbles aren’t safe for children under age 3, and if a water yo-yo ball is twirled like a lasso, it could strangle a child.

Los Funcionarios del Gobierno Federal y del Estado Deben Dejar sin Efecto Las Políticas Anti-Forestales
Por Lupe Molina
Hace dos años las personas que diseñan las políticas estatales y federales me dejaron a mí y a otras 120 personas sin trabajo.

Grossmont College Digital Arts and Sculpture Complex is latest Prop. R project to break ground
EL CAJON – – The official groundbreaking shovels put to such frequent use by the college district in 2005 can be put away for the year now that the ceremonial turning of dirt for Grossmont College’s latest Prop. R project is a fait accompli.

What if someone could predict your future?
By Eduardo Grunvald, M.D.
What if they could give you a heads-up to take a certain action that would prevent you from losing your life savings or your home? Wouldn’t you act?

¿Qué pensaría si alguien pudiera predecir su futuro?
By Eduardo Grunvald, M.D.
¿Qué pensaría si se pudiera predecir las acciones que pueden prevenir la pérdida de sus ahorros de toda la vida o su hogar? ¿No tomaría acción?

Por Robin Davis
Las Drogas: Un Serio Problema Entre Los Hispanos
¿Sabes a qué edad los adolescentes prueban alcohol, marihuana o cocaína por primera vez? ¿Estás pensando algo así como a los 18, 20 o 25? Piénsalo nuevamente. Un estudio realizado por la ‘National Household Survey’ en torno a la salud y el consumo de drogas, encontró que el 14% de los jóvenes Hispanos han probado este tipo drogas entre los 12 y 17 años de edad.

African Americans and Latinos Mark Thanksgiving with Historic Meeting
ATLANTA, GA – For African American and Latino families, Thanksgiving – like most holidays – is a celebration where food is at the center of our traditions.

Montgomery High Celebrates ‘Chargers Champions Cardio Zone’
Grant-funded fitness facility helps students improve health
San Diego Chargers linebacker Donnie Edwards along with A. G. Spanos, son of Chargers owner Alex G. Spanos, gathered with Sweetwater dignitaries, Montgomery administrators and students to celebrate the opening of the new workout facility dubbed the Cardio Zone.

Ending the holiday travel hassle
By Ana Hernandez-Bravo
Now that the holiday season is upon us, so is the busiest time to travel by air.

Safe and Healthy Holiday Travel
By Sara B. Woo, MPH,
The celebrations of the holiday season (beginning with Thanksgiving and continuing through New Year’s Day) typically include more time on the road - shopping, traveling and attending holiday get-togethers. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of injury and death to children and adults. A large number of traffic crashes occur when alcohol consumption is combined with driving.

Viaje Seguro y Sano durante los días Festivos
Sara B. Woo, MPH,
Las celebraciones durante la temporada festiva (comenzando con El Día de Acción de Gracias hasta el Dia de Año Nuevo) típicamente incluyen más tiempo en la carretera –realizando compras, viajando y asistiendo reuniones festivas. Los choques viales son la principal causa de lesiones y muerte de niños y adultos. Un gran número de choques viales ocurren cuando el consumo de alcohol, y el conducir son combinados.


Thanksgiving Day ~ A Day Of Worship?
November 24, 2005 is our Day of Thanksgiving. It is a day which supposedly marks the day in which the first settlers from England made landfall on the Eastern Seaboard of a massive Continent that would become known as America. The first settlers marked their arrival by holding a feast of “Thanksgiving” in the immediate area, where they had made their landfall. Little of the food eaten was provided by the so called Pilgrims, who were starving to death. Little mention in the yearly celebrations is made that the majority of the food came from the indigenous natives, who had lived in what was to become North America, for centuries.

Giving Thanks for Those Who Answer the Call
By Caroline Peabody
Thanksgiving is a special time for our nation.  We remember our first journey to a foreign land- seeking freedom from persecution- finding a country that presented the opportunity for peace and a fruitful future. It was a scary time- banding together, facing hostility, needing the help of all to survive and nurture hope. That seed of hope, sown by generations of Americans yielded the prosperity for which we give thanks this time of year.

National City Spotlight:
The Message in the Defeat of Prop. B
By Ted Godshalk
When National City’s voters turned down the City Council’s latest tax increase proposal, by 57% to 43 %, the message was clear. Nick Inzunza and the four Council members placed Proposition B on the ballot as the way to support their free spending governing style. To win, the tax increase needed the support of a large number of people in the city, which it did not get. In fact, with Prop. B losing heavily, the message from the voters is that change is in the air.

Why Reward Failure?
By Timothy Lynch
Congress is now poised to renew the PATRIOT Act, which will dramatically expand the powers of the FBI. Have our lawmakers found the right “balance” between liberty and security? Had the FBI’s record of performance been outstanding, reasonable people could debate whether it is necessary to confer more power on this already powerful police agency. Alas, the FBI’s record cannot even be regarded as satisfactory.

‘Just Give Me Some Pants’ — Project Homeless Disconnect
By Crowbar
SAN FRANCISCO — “My pants are ripped. They are the only pair I own and I would like to get a new pair.”

Corte de Impuestos son un Verdadero Pavo Real para la Economía
Por Liz Stanton
En el Día de Acción de Gracias, las familias de todo el país comerán pavo durante la cena y meditarán sobre las cosas por las cuales están agradecidas. Una bendición que todos necesitan es un buen trabajo ­ o trabajos, lo cual es a veces necesario hoy en día ­ para poner pan en la mesa familiar. El presidente Bush está de acuerdo en que crear buenos trabajos es una prioridad. Ha prometido en repetidas veces que sus cortes a grande escala en los impuestos van a lograr el crecimiento de la economía y la creación de nuevos empleos. Entonces, ¿deberían las familias preparar la cena del día de Acción de Gracias para dar las gracias por los cortes a los impuestos por haber creado una gran abundancia de trabajos?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Chicano Groove Coming Out of New Jersey
By Francisco H. Ciriza
Along with major talent and hard work, optimism and a strong work ethic have been major ingredients for success for New Jersey’s deSol. The Latin outfit heavy on groove and soul represent a growing number of groups clinging to their Latino roots and influences while still producing a sound inclined to be more accessible to mainstream music fans. Their first single, Karma, from the self-titled debut album on Curb Records is a rich mix of seventies Chicano groove and hip adult alternative with elaborate percussion and bilingual lyrics.

525,600 razones para ver una película
Rent resurge de sus raíces teatrales y explota en la pantalla

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Cada vez que un musical de Broadway se lleva a la pantalla, el mundo entero cruje por pura inseguridad. La forma cinematográfica predominante de la postguerra ha perdido su agarre en el público, quien rechaza de inmediato cuando personajes rompen en canción en mitad de la escena. Chicago convenció, El fantasma de la Opera dejó a muchos frustrados. Ahora le toca el turno a Rent.

La Actríz Georgina Rábago Participa en un Programa Leyendo Sonetos de Sor Juana Inés de la Crúz
Por: Paco Zavala
La discutida actríz Georgina Rábago, participará en un programa de lectura que permanentemente sostiene el Centro Cultural Tijuana.

Parol Philippine Lantern Festival December 3rd
Filipinos are known for their strong family values where many of its households span three generations. The Philippine Christmas is especially important as traditions of faith, celebration and food are core to the family. PASACAT invites the general public to celebrate a Philippine-style Christmas! The unique sights, sounds, and tastes of Christmas in the Philippines will be brought to life at PASACAT’s eighth annual Parol Festival from 2 to 5 p.m., Saturday, December 3, 2005. The festival takes place at St. Rita’s School Annex Auditorium, 5115 Churchward Street, San Diego. Tickets are $12 per person, $10 for students, seniors, and active-duty military, and may be purchased at the door.

Ortiz Still Passionate About Soccer
By John Philip Wyllie
Despite playing only one year of high school soccer, former Southwest High School soccer star, Rene Ortiz, produced enough goals in 1987 to become the Metro League’s seventh All-Time leading scorer. That rare nose for the goal did not go unnoticed. Ortiz was drafted by San Diego Sockers following that sensational ’87 season and went on to enjoy a long and successful career playing in several professional indoor leagues and the outdoor MLS.

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