Volume XXVII Number 47 November 21, 2003

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NAFTA At 10: Trade Agreement Good For U.S., Mexico

By Louis Nevaer

The North American Free Trade Agreement, or Nafta, commemorates its 10th anniversary this December, but it seems like only yesterday that its critics were forecasting virtual Armageddon should it become law.

Ross Perot warned the nation of the “giant sucking sound” of American jobs disappearing into Mexico; Ralph Nader feared that corporate America would exploit weaker environmental laws south of the border, transforming Mexico into “a toxic wasteland”; AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland decried the “inevitable” assault on the wages and benefits of American workers; and right-wingers such as G. Vance Smith of the John Birch Society were up in arms that Nafta was the first step in the “imminent” establishment of a world government under United Nations control.

Working at Plásticos Bajacal, Tijuana. A young worker pulls plastic parts from a plastic molding machine which will be assembled into coathangers for the garment industry, in the Tijuana maquiladora of Plasticos Bajacal. Photo by David Bacon.(File Photo)

None of these things have come to pass, and much good has resulted in our increased trade with Mexico, with hundreds of billions of dollars in trade flowing throughout the continent, and millions of jobs created. According to the Congressional Budget Office, before Nafta, U.S.-Mexico trade stood $34 billion a year, and has more than tripled to $111 billion by 2000. For the United States alone, more than 17 million jobs were created as a result of Nafta’s first decade, according to the CBO. Reagan’s vision, first articulate in 1980, of creating a common trading zone “from the Yukon to the Yucatan” is fast unfolding.

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NAFTA: A Decade of Devastation for Workers, Poor
By David Bacon
As demonstrators fill Miami streets to protest the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas, the upcoming 10-year anniversary of another free trade agreement sheds light on what the Americas can expect from Bush’s free trade plan. The North American Free Trade Agreement’s (NAFTA) decade of devastation, wreaked in Mexico and the United States both, will be the key argument in stopping its extension to the rest of Latin America.

Will Old Town Parallel With Master Plans?
By Raymond R. Beltrán
Searching for Balance in Old Town, Part Two
(In part one, we looked at the community’s concerns regarding the mixed use of land in Old Town National City. In part two, the business community responds to these concerns.)
“They seem to be sympathetic like they’re trying to help, but we haven’t seen any tangible results,” says Carmen Roa, a member of the St. Anthony’s Organizing Ministry (SAOM). “They’re not concentrating on us, housing, pollution, or parking. We’ve seen some results like the trash getting picked up, and they’ve put up a stop sign, [but] the main thing we are asking the mayor for is to find a business district to build in.”

Learning from the Matrículas: Mexican Immigrants in San Diego County
Emmanuelle Le Texier
The matrículas consulares have gained a broad recognition by administrations, banks, police and others actors in the U.S. Although they have been highly criticized under the concern that the Mexican government will use this tool to obtain a major regularization program for undocumented migrants, they are now widely considered as an upgraded, safe and legitimate identity card. The next step is to understand that the ma-trículas also provide a tool for academics to understand more on the diversity and characteristics of a fragment of the Mexican immigrant population in the U.S. What can we learn from the matrículas? What are the specific findings for San Diego County? David Runsten (North American Integration and Development Center at UCLA) presented some interesting insights during the seminar untitled Ties That Bind: Mexican Immigrants in San Diego, held at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies at UCSD on November 14.


The Students Bush is Leaving Behind
By Todd Oppenheimer
Now that the nation’s schools have had a year to adjust to President Bush’s much vaunted education law, the No Child Left Behind Act, its real consequences are beginning to surface — and it’s not looking good. Various governors and state officials, including those from Republican-leaning states such as Florida, West Virginia and Tennessee, are noticing that the president has treated them to the ultimate bait-and-switch: He has demanded more of their schools while cutting the money needed to do the job.

Celebran la Gesta Revolucionaria del 20 de Noviembre de 1910
La Revolución Mexicana (1910-1919), periodo de la historia de México comprendido entre la caída de la dictadura de Porfirio Díaz en 1910 y el ascenso al poder de la burguesía, tras superar los intentos de revolución social protagonizados por los campesinos dirigidos por Emiliano Zapata.

Latinos’ Vietnam Stories: From Fieldworkers to Warriors
By Miguel Angel Báez
Corcoran/Visalia, Calif. Nov. 15, 2003 — They took the farmworkers from here to fight farmwokers from Vietnam, says Charley Trujillo in the documentary “Soldados: Chicanos in Vietnam,” based on Trujillo’s book of the same name.

Francisco Estrada to Head MALDEF Sacramento Office
Francisco Estrada, a Senior Policy Analyst in MALDEF’s Sacramento office since January of 2002, has been promoted to Director of Public Policy, responsible for all public policy advocacy and education in the state capital, announced MALDEF Vice President of Public Policy Vibiana Andrade. Estrada holds a B.A. degree in History from U.C. San Diego. He replaces Maria Blanco, who left to become the Executive Director of The Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Política a la Mexicana
Revuelo en el Congreso

Por Luz Aída Salomón
En el análisis de la política en México uno pasa del asombro a la indignación que desemboca en incertidumbre, sin encontrar resquicio al optimismo por un auténtico cambio democrático. Estas dos últimas semanas, los políticos mexicanos de todos los partidos han exhibido elitismo; partidismo excluyente, divisionista y desordenado; populismo irresponsable; reclamo de privilegios; y, lo más grave, visos de autoritarismo. Nada más basta repasar brevemente las discusiones fuera y dentro del Congreso sobre la reforma hacendaria y la Ley de Presupuesto de Ingresos y Presupuesto de Egresos para 2004, presentada por Vicente Fox, quien llegó a la Presidencia por el Partido Acción Nacional (PAN).

Latino Nursing Students Receive Scholarships
BRAVO Foundation Helps Students Accomplish Their Dreams

Chula Vista—As a child, Shady Villalobos loved to play nurse. As an adult, the Southwestern College (SWC) student is well on her way to accomplishing her dream, a job made easier thanks to a nursing scholarship she recently received from the BRAVO Foundation.

Por Jale Rollow - (Especial)
Caravana de la Libertad de los Trabajadores Inmigrantes
Somos los peregrinos de la Caravana de la Libertad de los Trabajadores Inmigrantes. El pasado 26 de septiembre, 80 personas tomamos dos autobuses en Houston, Texas para seguir la ruta que, en 1961, tomó la Caravana de la Libertad hacia el Sur. 900 personas viajamos por 9 rutas a través de 103 ciudades en 42 estados de la nación. Nos reunimos todos en Washington DC el 1 de octubre y de ahí nos encaminamos a Nueva York para una reunión masiva el 4 de octubre.

The “A” Word
By Esmeralda Servin
Judging by the laughter coming from a conference room at the Red Lion Hanalei Hotel, you would think that Arvella Murray was the guest comedian at this year’s RHEDI conference.

New anti-drug campaign targets Hispanics
By Crystal K. Wiebe
WASHINGTON - Hispanics are the target of a new anti-drug media campaign by the government.

Cómo prevenir enfermedades de la niñez
Por la Dra. Donald Miller
Durante el invierno, nosotros vemos en los niños más infecciones y enfermedades que durante el resto del año. La mayoría de éstas son infecciones respiratorias leves tales como escurrimientos nasales (catarros), tos y congestión. Los padres o responsables del cuidado infantil pueden reducir la probabilidad de una enfermedad severa y pasar esta temporada sin preocupaciones. Aquí algunas opciones que le ayudarán: 

Community Notes:
Public Invited to Help Design Oxford Street Neighborhood Park
Workshop Set For November 24
Help the City of Chula Vista develop a neighborhood park for you!


Redeveloping Chula Vista
The City of Chula Vista is rapidly changing, from what was once a relatively quiet city, considered a bedroom community, to a city that is now bursting at the seams after a decade of rapid growth. More often than not, the fast track of housing development has outpaced the necessary services needed to support such growth. The city now finds itself in the position of having to catch up with all the new development. In the meantime developers have moved ahead and are focusing in on the next building opportunity and that is in redevelopment.

Pawns or Mavericks

By Andrés Lozano
Hispanics of Mexican descent account for over 8.5 percent of the US population and growing. Yet, it is a hefty community that, so far, has failed to field candidates or elects statewide and national contenders such as governors, senators and large city mayors. A lieutenant governor here, a state attorney general there, a smattering in the US House of Representatives, a host of other elected officials at the local level, that is the extent of our political visibility.

¿Peones o soberanos?
Por Andrés Lozano
Los hispanos de ascendencia mexicana representamos 8.5 por ciento de la población de EUA y aumentamos. Empero, somos una comunidad sustantiva incapaz, hasta ahora, de nominar candidatos y elegir contendientes a escala estatal y nacional tales como gobernadores y senadores o alcaldes de grandes ciudades. Un secretario general de gobierno aquí, un procurador de justicia estatal allá, una salpicadura de diputados federales, un tropel de otros funcionarios electos a escala local, tal es el alcance de nuestra visibilidad política.

Súplica de una Familia: ‘Alto a Esta Guerra Ilegal y Magnicida en Irak’

El día de hoy miro horrorizado las noticias donde hablan de por lo menos 17 soldados americanos muertos al caer otro helicóptero en Irak. Aún no terminaba de asombrarme por las declaraciones del Sr. Bush cuando dice “No saldremos de Irak, hasta terminar nuestro trabajo”, cuando veo otra noticia más que asombra, “EE UU prohibe a la prensa ir al cementerio que recibe a los soldados muertos en Irak. El Pentágono impone también restricciones en el aeropuerto de Alemania por el que pasan los féretros de camino a EE.UU. desde el campo de batalla Iraquí”. “La guerra ya no tendrá imágenes de féretros ni viudas de ojos llorosos, al menos mientras lleven encima la bandera de EE.UU., ya que el Pentágono ha prohibido expresamente la presencia de periodistas en el cementerio nacional de Arlington (Virginia)”.

More Security Than an M-16
Denying driver’s license to undocumented human beings

By Ralph de Unamuno
There is such big right-wing uproar over California’s decision to let undocumented human beings obtain driver’s licenses that you would think that Osama is getting a new outfit ready for his driver’s license picture!

Deaths of Mexican women reflect larger global crisis
By Yolanda Chávez Leyva
Just across the Rio Grande from el Paso, Texas, hundreds of women have been raped and murdered over the past decade. Some of the women worked for U.S. subsidiaries. And yet neither the Mexican government or our government is doing much about these assaults.

Arnold’s Opponents are Right, UNLESS ....
By Mick Pattinson
The opponents of Arnold are right about at least one thing: If nothing changes, the state budget cannot be balanced without a massive and debilitating tax increase. They, of course, think tax increases are invigorating. Thus the recall.

La Remesa Como Medio de Subsistencia y Estabilidad Económica
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D.
El fenómeno de dispersión del dólar (envíos de dinero) a los mercados latinoamericanos ha generado críticas en algunos sectores de la nación norteamericana. Se piensa que, una vez saliendo el dólar de tierra estadounidense, el mercado pierde circulante, se descapitaliza y, como resultado, afecta futuros proyectos de inversiones en su propio suelo. Al final, reduce la creación de fuentes laborales a corto y mediano plazo.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

The Legacy of Maestro Acevedo
By Raymond R. Beltrán
When Guillermo Acevedo first set foot off of a boat and onto a San Diego port over forty years ago, it was decided that this would be the place to begin his artistic revolution. The renowned Peruvian draftsmen found the southern coast of California to be very much like his home in Perú. Eucalyptus trees evoked a nostalgic sense in their aroma, and the 1960s proved to be a very progressive epoch for the Chicano movement, which immediately sparked an interest in Guillermo. He was initially headed to New York City where he wanted to pursue his options as an artist, but the voyage was cut short when he reached this historic border town.

¿Cuánto pesa el alma?
González Iñarritu intenta contestar las preguntas difíciles en “21 Grams”

Por Jose Daniel Bort
La nueva película de Alejandro González Iñárritu sufre de muchos de los problemas que geniales primeros directores cometen en la segunda producción. Sin embargo, la ambición con que discute sus temas y su urgencia emocional la hacen una impresionante y poderosa pieza del mejor cine “Americano”.
Carlos y Eduardo detrás de las cámaras
Ponce y Verástegui terminan de rodar “Meet me in Miami”

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Las hermosas playas del sur de California doblan por el azul del atlántico ante las cámaras de cine de la nueva producción “Meet me in Miami”. Mientras tanto, el protagonista de “Chasing Papi”, Eduardo Verastegui, vestido de blanco y con una bandana índigo en la cabeza, le tira moneditas al equipo que lo filma desde el cuarto piso de la casa colonial.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
La cobertura de las actividades que se clasifican como culturales son muchas. La cultura está firmemente vinculada con la herencia y las tradiciones, con la expresión absoluta del pueblo en todas sus vertientes, manifestaciones y riqueza; también se puede conceptuar como cultura, toda la creatividad de la humanidad en cualquier forma y figura.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Ha pasado el Día de Muertos acompañado de una estela de dolor y destrucción, más de 3 mil casas destruídas totalmente como consecuencia de los incendios forestales que se suscitaron en el Condado de los Angeles y en nuestro Condado; además un gran número de personas fallecidas como consecuencia del mismo siniestro.

Bullfight World
By Lynn Sherwood
Requiem For David Silveti
When a new Mexican dictionary is published, it should list as the definition of pundonor only two words: David Silveti.

Barrera Dethroned In Shock Loss
By Fiona Manning
While many countries around the world have been dealing with natural disasters of all sorts, fired, flood, famine – Mexico City was in turmoil this week over a 126 pound human tornado – Filipino superbantam king Manny Pacquiao who stepped up and toppled the “uncrowned featherweight king” Marco Antonio Barrera in a brutal, dominating fashion at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday night.

Jaguars End Season On Winning Note
Safety, Jovone Murphy, Tied School Mark For Most Interceptions

By Jaime Cárdenas
CHULA VISTA – The Southwestern College Football Team got what it wanted last Saturday – a win.

Hernandez Helps Barons Win Mesa League Title
By John Philip Wyllie
First year Bonita Vista High cross country coach, Hector Hernandez, had no illusions about what was expected when he took over the coaching reins this summer from veteran coach Ian Cumming. Hernandez realized that filling the shoes of Cumming, a highly experienced, well-respected coach, would be no easy job. As a former two-time CIF champion long-distance runner and collegiate All-American, Hernandez landed the job with an impressive resume of competitive accomplishments. As the season began, the question remained as to whether his personal success as a long distance runner would translate into coaching success at the South Bay high school. That question was answered last Friday when the 5-0 Barons captured the Mesa League Championship with a superb team effort.