November 20, 1998


Three Lakeside white racist goons with a rake, shovel, & knife, Nov 19, attacked 27 year old mestizo. This amigo suffered lacerations, contusions and a stab wound. Main attacker: Ray Adockmorgan, 23 year old, AKA "Willie Morgan." This disgusting male previously attacked another man from Lakeside on August 9, 1998. It also was racially motivated. One other person identified on the sheriff's blotter, 18 year old Duane Tebbe also of Lakeside. The third man is a 17 year old juvenile from Lakeside. Raza's name withheld for fear of further attacks. All are in the slammer awaiting sentencing and or conviction. Disgusting aside: Adockmorgan was concealed by 20 year old Marie Cardozo. This Malinche lives in Lakeside.


Alan Bersin and his BORED OF EDUCATION, charged with running Educational Sweatshops in San Diego Unified School District by the County Grand Jury??? Qué pasó here??? Students complain can't study surrounded by sweaty smelly bodies in schoolrooms. Oh heck, here comes Bersin with another bond measure to buy air conditioners in the middle of winter.


Congressional Hispanic Caucus elected Lucille Roybal-Allard as their new Chair! This marks first time that so call Machos select a woman to lead them! She takes the place of Congressman Xavier Becerra. We Chicanos owe a lot to the Roybal family. It was her father Congressman Ed Roybal who brought Operation Clean Sweep, in the 1980's, to the San Diego/Tijuana area after Herman Baca, of the Committee on Chicano Rights brought to the Congress a 1,000 page report on the hundreds of Latino females being sexually abused and hundreds of Chicanos being beaten, sot and abused by the Migra and Customs officers at the border. A whole bunch of White boys got fired after that!


Poor families in Imperial Beach are not going to have a turkey dinner this year, thanks to Assemblywoman Denise Ducheny's husband, Al Ducheny. Seems Al thinks he is the Assemblyperson and is refusing to give out the turkeys that they get for free from local companies unless the organizations meet his loyalty test and suck up to him! Some local Mexican Americans offended by this Puerto Rican caca. Did I hear Mrs. Ducheny say she wants to run for higher office next go around?


Pregunta: What do the Mayor, Susan Golding and Congressman "Duke" Cun-ingham have in common?


Answer: They both blame Mexicans for all the drug problems in the nation and both forgot to look in their family bedrooms and check out their own families.


Word going around that Sister Maggie Castro (St. Rita's Catholic Church) suffering from the Big C! Our prayers are with you.


Bea Estrada, President of L.U.L.A.C. making a fast trip home. Mama is very ill in Austin, Texas. She fears for the worst.


Stomach FLU BUG making the rounds. It lasts four days. Anyone who is anybody getting it like crazzzzzy.


Pregunta: With Arlie Ricasa and Greg Sandoval both elected to the Sweetwater Union High School District, and Arlie works for Greg Sandoval at Southwestern College, the question is: WILL SHE BE ABLE TO VOTE AGAINST SANDOVAL? Or will she be afraid to be fired by him?




Pregunta: How often will a conflict of interest arise if the board is acting on a piece of business that may impact on the community college district? If conflict occurs neither one can vote!


Pregunta: At the current board salary, how long will it take for Ricasa to make up for the cost of her election? Easy, a minimum of five years!!! However the term of office is for four years.

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