November 20, 1998

SDSU Students Raise Money for Children's Hospital in Tijuana

Three San Diego State University graduate students are putting their marketing skills to good use. They are spearheading the Foundation for the Children of the Californias' campaign to raise $8 million dollars for the construction of a pediatric hospital in Tijuana.

"There is a great demand for child health care in Tijuana," said Paula Riestra, an information decisions systems graduate student. Riestra, along with fellow classmates Roland Saenz and Laxman Kapur, is holding a contest among student organizations at SDSU to raise some of the needed funds.

The Foundation is selling bilingual calendars for $6 each and the club that sells the most will get $100 dollars cash, a boom box and lunch with SDSU's President, Stephen L. Weber.

The contest not only gives student organizations on campus a shot at winning the prizes but also an opportunity to become involved in community activities and to raise some money for themselves. The Foundation allows the student clubs to sell the calendars at a higher price and keep the difference.

"We are participating in the contest because we want to serve the community and raise funds for our organization," said Adriana Lechuga, president of Sociedad Latina, a student club that promotes Latino culture at SDSU.

Through the contest, Riestra hopes to sell 5,000 calendars but explained that the goal is to give the Foundation better name recognition.

"Our main objective is to give the Foundation more visibility so that it's easier for them to raise funds," stated Riestra, adding that they are already working on the marketing campaign for the year 2000 calendar.

"Having their training is advantageous. It's great," said Dr. Elizabeth Jones, the Foundation's chairperson, adding that the goal is to "improve the health and nutrition of the children in the area."

The Mexican government, Jones explained, has donated the land for the hospital and the first phase of the construction will begin as soon as they are able to raise $2 million. In the meantime, the Foundation provides pediatric services in a clinic it built next to where the hospital will be erected. For more information, call (619) 279-0591 or (66) 24-49-54 in Tijuana.

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