November 15, 2002

Tezozomoc Speaks

Los Barrios de mi pueblo estan calmados since los politicos shut up! For a while I didn’t know if los politicos were using their own Calo! Nothing they said made sense. With El Bush acting like a Vato-Loco with his talk of major trancazos between Gringolandia y los Arabes, pues, one didn’t know when ese vato would launch la Bomba Atomica against the whole Arab world. He is loco, man!

Bush statements best forgotten: “”I was proud the other day when both Republicans and Democrats stood with me, in the Rose Garden to announce their support for my clear statement of purpose, “You disarm, or we will”!

(Hijole, este menso is now el PRESIDENTE!)

Hijole, I now have the secret how Raza can win elections in three easy steps: 1. Sell out for mucho dinero. 2. Tell everyone you’re White. 3. Become complete barbon!

Some of the Chamacas seen around the 79th District going around yelling “Come on Homies, get la onda,” Get the American Dream”! One of the Hommies responded: “What does that mean?” Pobre Chicas patas. They don’t realize that Barrio dudes have had nothing but filerazos from the American nightmare!

Election Highlights: All my Gente thumbing their noses at the Liberal Limousine Democrats Politicos(who claim to represent them) by not bothering to vote at all! Horale makes you feel muy suevecito. But do you really think that was smart? You could have Bill Simon as Governor right now. Pienselo!

La Migra now in deep problema. Their loyalty to the Right Wing Wackos is going to pay off: La Migra INS just finding out the biggest movida against them is about to start. Pres. Bush and his Ganga de pendejos are now going to destroy their departmento! Estos Vatos never got the Onda!

To the Victors belong the spoils: LULAC receiving 150 Turkeys From the Office of the Lt. Governor for Thanksgiving! El Mero Mero knows that San Diego is a zillion percent Republican YET Simon only beat Grey Davis in the county by 5 percent!

El Jefito, de La Prensa, went through a four hour video interview with the U.S. Latino and Latina World War II Oral History Project for the School of Journalism, University of Texas. Seems El Jefito is one of the youngest Veteranos that served through three wars: WWII, Korea, & Viet Nam.

Footnote: El Jefito just celebrated his 75th birthday Nov. 9, 2002!

Este Indio poco agúitado con los Indigenes al norte de la liña. They had a big Pow Wow for all the Indian Tribes and never invited los hijos de los Aztecas, Mixtecas, Zoptecas, etc i.e the indigenous tribes of Latin America! Any Apaches invited?

Pregunta: Now that The D.A. Paul Pfingst is out of office, is the new Lady D.A. Bonnie Dumanis going to reopen the sweetheart contract made out, with Pfingst’s blessing, with the CHARGERS? Check it out. You do know he refused to have the Grand Jury go after her Highness the former Mayor Susan Golding!

Bueno, Gente, time to restart La Causa. Now that we have so many Chicano/a Democrats in office don’t you think que es tiempo to force all the state agencies to hire Raza at all levels of employment? You ever notice how few advertisements are placed in Raza media by the City, County, municipalities, State & Federal governments offering employment to our people? There is no excuse for it. We are tired of being poor!

Chao Hasta La Otra


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