November 13, 1998

Pacific Bell Announces Largest Single Hiring of New Employees in the Company's History

Pacific Bell, one of the County's largest employers, announced that San Diego will benefit from the largest one-time hiring of employees in the company's history in California. Pacific Bell will be hiring the employees for a new customer service center opening in the Sorrento Valley area.

Pacific Bell will hold a job fair at 10 a.m. on Monday, November 16, at its offices located at 2375 Northside Drive, off Friars Road just west of the stadium. Company representatives will be on site to reveal the number of jobs available and provide information packets about the jobs, skills required, salaries and benefits. Phone banks will be set up on site or the job applicants to receive priority processing through the Pacific Bell job line at 1-888-316-WORK. (The number will be activated Monday, Nov. 16).

Applicants are encouraged to park at Gate K at the stadium and free shuttle service will be provided to the job fair. Job applicants may either drive or take the trolly to the stadium

The positions available are for customer service representatives who will be serving customers in San Diego and throughout the state. Many of the new positions will be for bilingual representatives. The representatives will be trained to respond to telephone calls from Pacific Bell customers requesting service and to answer customer questions on services and products.

Economic projections show that more than $20 million annually will be pumped into the local economy from goods and services purchased for the new center's operation and from new payroll dollars. The center will also house human resource training facilities and some customer service administrative offices.

In addition, Pacific Bell will be spending $7 million to renovate and install new equipment at an existing building in Sorrento Valley where the new 132,000 square-foot Residential Service Center will be located.

The new center is scheduled to begin operating in January 1999 with a phased-in placement of new employees through the year.

Following the November 16 job fair that will pre-qualify the job candidates, Pacific Bell will begin interviewing and testing applicants for the new customer service position. The jobs available include both full-time and part-time positions and offer competitive compensation and benefits. Training will be provided.

For more information interested job applicants may call: 1-888-316-WORK(9615) starting Nov. 16.

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