November 13, 1998

Notas Politicas...

El nuevo "líder" de los Republicanos en California es Rod Pacheco. El fué elegido por los votantes del Distrito 64 del Oeste de Riverside County. Vive en Riverside con su esposa y cuatro hijos. Hizo su Bachillerato en la Universidad de California y se tituló en Leyes en la Universidad de San Diego. Fué nombrado al puesto de Líder de los Republicanos de la Junta de la Asamblea del Estado. Es el primer Latino en la historia del partido Republicano nombrado a este cargo tan importante.


Four Latino Republicans now hold seats in the state Assembly. For Latinos in the state that have kept the Republican faith, in spite of the Pete Wilson massacre of their people, they finally have been rewarded with four Assemblymen. As we say "algo es algo." Though, it doesn't measure up to the 28 Latinos elected by the Democrats.


Mia Culpa. We failed to note our new San Diego legislator Charlene Gonzales Zettle, (R), Assembly District 75, Poway, who also was elected. The Zettle name fooled us. We also failed to list the re-election of Delaine Easton as Superintendent for the State Board of Education. She turned back the challenge of a Pete Wilson clone, Gloria Matta Tuchman.

UFW big winner in the elections. All of the hockey-puck anti-Raza appointees to the Agriculture Labor Relations Board made by "wedge issue Wilson," will be shown the door non-too politely... UFW will now be able to influence the appointments to this Board, that has under Pipa Wilson, been used to attempt to destroy the Union! Pssssst Señor Gobernador Davis, it's a good tiempo, hombre, to appoint Raza, to this Board.


20 de Noviembre: Día de la Revolucion Mexicana, is just around the corner. Es el día that we recall the deeds of ZAPATA, VILLA, MAGON y otros HEROES OF THE REVOLUTION. Chicano Park will be the site of the celebration sponsored by The Raza Rights Coalition. Program begins at 6 PM. Will let you know what other programs are on tap as soon as we get the info.


In town George Herrera, President and CEO United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Sr. Herrera in to discuss the "state of Hispanic business." La Prensa Muñoz Inc. was more than happy to share with him the "state of San Diego Raza businesses." Next Sept. 1999 they will hold their 20th Annual Convention at the Convention Center. Should be interesting.


U.S. Border Patrol invited La Prensa Publisher, Tuesday 11/10/98 to "share" information with 40 or so Agents on our perspective on their operations. The "new" reality of the emergent Chicano democratic power and its impact on the future impact on border issues was one of many issues discussed.


San Diego City/County voters by their failure to vote out of office the hard-divisive Right- wing incumbents has signaled to all minorities that it intends to maintain the status-quo in San Diego City and County. Problems will surface; patience is in short supply… Years of hate filled divisive politics in our county will not be tolerated any longer. Voters are assuring that there will be discord… Chicanos no longer willing to wait for equity and justice. It will not be business as usual!


Community Patrols are moving throughout the communities filming abuses of our Civil Rights. Call the Coalicion Pro-derechos de la Raza at (619) 696-9804 or attend their meetings at 1947 Fern St. Centro Aztlan, 6:30 p.m., First and 3rd Wed. of the month. Find out what you can do to break the strangle hold on our people's necks by the extreme right-wing of this City and County. The Democrats sent their message, now let us send ours.

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