Volume XXVIII Number 45 November 12, 2004

FrontPage Stories

A women’s artistic week in Tijuana

By Luis Alonso Pérez

Submissive, obedient and quiet. Attributes that defined Mexican women for many, many years.

Adjectives that became obsolete many decades ago, because of individual and collective efforts to prove that their work and social participation could be equal or better than any men’s work. A hard and exhaustive labor, in a close minded and “macho” society.

Cosette Delpeche and Diana Jimenez.

Last week two groups of women presented their work in Tijuana’s cultural centers. First with an event that honored the women who have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez, and with the presentation of the second volume of the magazine La Linea.

“Ni una muerta más” (No more dead women) said a banner, surrounded by candles, crosses and red shoes. A large altar was put up outside Tijuana’s Cultural Center, to remember and protest against the women murdered in Ciudad Juarez.

The women’s artistic group Martes participated in the event, they prepared the whole installation art, with candles, red shoes and aluminum cans with the phrase “Ni una mas” (not one more) a can similar to those produced in Juarez’s factories.

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Una semana de arte femenino en Tijuana
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Sumisa, obediente, silenciosa, abnegada. Características que por mucho tiempo fueron atribuídas a la mujer mexicana.

Gonzales Nomination of Historical Significance
By Kevin Johnson
WASHINGTON — In picking White House counsel Alberto Gonzales to succeed John Ashcroft as attorney general, President Bush set the stage for political history: If confirmed by the Senate, Gonzales, 49, would be the first Hispanic to be the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.

Youth Voting Does Not A Movement Make
By Russell Morse
I’ve spent the past year focusing almost exclusively on the role of young people in this presidential election, and I didn’t learn anything until Bush delivered his victory speech. That’s when I realized that a victory for Kerry on the heels of a massive youth voter turnout would have killed any hope for a viable movement of young people in America.


México del Norte
Jorge Mújica Murias
Borrón y Cuenta Nueva
Dependiendo de quién lo reporte, don Vicente Fox parece andar como niño con botas nuevas ante la elección de George W. como presidente de Estados Unidos. Dicen que fue de los primeros mandatarios del mundo en felicitarlo, y que hasta se ofreció a hacerla de correve-y-dile entre su país y América Latina.

Ganó Primero, Segundo y Tercer Lugar en el Concurso “California Gold Coast Beauty Pageant” Jóven Familia San Ysidrense
Por: Paco Zavala
El correr de la vida depara para todo mortal agradables y desagradables sorpresas y como dijo el poeta: “Yo soy el arquitecto de mi propio destino”.

Por Carmen G. Kcomt
Al Mes de Octubre, se le ha llamado Mes de la Lucha contra la Violencia contra la Mujer, y en él hay un día central denominado Día de la No Violencia contra la Mujer —importantes logros— sin embargo es preciso ver otras perspectivas de esta violencia que aqui en USA se conoce como Violencia doméstica, y que desde este punto de vista no es solo doméstica y tampoco es solo contra la mujer.

Looking For A Miracle
Klaire is seven years old. She wants you to help save her mother’s life. Klaire is a very brave little girl whose mother is very ill.

Methodist Church of Chula Vista offers services in Spanish
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Chula Vista Spanish-speaking residents who wish to learn more about the Gospels and God’s message, now will be able to attend the services in Spanish offered by the First United Methodist Church, said minister Luis Garcia.

Iglesia Metodista de Chula Vista ofrece servicios en español
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Ahora los residentes de habla hispana de Chula Vista que deseen aprender más acerca del Evangelio y la palabra de Dios, podrán asistir a los servicios en español que ofrece la Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida, afirmó el pastor asociado Luis García.

Southwestern College Sponsors Community Services Fair
Free Fair Takes Place November 17 from 10 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
National City — Do you want to learn more about Health Insurance, Parent Education Classes, Legal Mediation, and Immigration Advice? Southwestern College’s (SWC) Family Resource Center will provide this opportunity Open House and Community Services Fair, taking place Wednesday, November 17, 2004 from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the College’s Higher Education Center (HEC) at National City, 880 National City Blvd. Free parking, refreshments, and child care (ages 3-5 years old) will be provided.

Southwestern College Auspicia Feria de Servicios Comunitarios
El Evento Tendrá Lugar el Miércoles 17 de Noviembre de 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
NATIONAL CITY — ¿Quiere saber más sobre temas de inmigración, salud médica, o educación para adultos? El Centro de Recursos Familiares del Colegio Southwestern contará con información sobre éstos y varios temas más durante su Feria de Servicios Comunitarios. El evento tendrá lugar el miércoles 17 de noviembre de 10 a.m. a 2 p.m. en el Centro de Educación Superior (HEC, en inglés) de National City, 880 National City Blvd. Se ofrecerá estacionamiento y guardería de niños (de 3-5 años) gratis.

Por Tommy G. Thompson
Llame, Inscríbase y Ahorre con una Tarjeta de Descuento para Recetas Médicas Aprobada por Medicare
Tommy G. Thompson, Secretario del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos contesta una pregunta de un lector sobre Medicare

Garibay Family Donations Needed After Severe Accident
World Renowed Spanish Artist Nieto Anton’s Art to be Auctioned To Benefit Children’s Museum
Teddy bear, toy drive kicks off
Exhibit by Young Artists Will Benefit Local Children’s Art Programs
Grocery Outlet to Give Away Nearly $600,000 in Turkeys


Alberto Gonzales Nominated by the President for U.S. Attorney General!
Alberto Gonzales was introduced this past Wednesday by President Bush as his selection for the Cabinet position of Attorney General! He will be replacing Attorney General John Ashcroft.

John Kerry Wasn’t the Loser-The Democratic Party was!
The biggest buzz, besides that of “Moral Values”, coming out of the recent election, has been the GOP inroads with the Hispanic voter. The new swing vote, they are calling it! The Hispanic vote that cannot be pigeonholed! The Vote that’s no longer in the Democrat’s camp! The Hispanic vote, the Republicans maintain, that has now mainstreamed! While there are numbers that may backup this exuberance by the Republican Party, remember this was just one election.

What Moral Values Make ‘Just War’ Right?
By Joe Ortiz
We are being flooded with data from a myriad of polls that claims the main reason George W. Bush was reelected to a second term was primarily due to greater moral values supposedly existing among those living within Red Zone America, as opposed to those who reside in the Eastern and Western coast states. The data include mostly exit poll information that moral values were deemed more important than healthcare, education and employment.

A Message to John Moores
By Ben Hueso
Over the years, Latinos made certain gains in ensuring access to education for their children at the collegiate level advocating for affirmative action programs that sought to correct social inequality. Today, all traces of affirmative action have been eliminated in our public universities and access to these universities by Latinos have been eliminated. In many instances, the same individuals that have affirmative action to thank for their educations and careers, have come out against it, or have refused to comment at all. Due to the current lack of cohesion and understanding within the Latino community of how to vote for our best interests, we have lost valuable ground in the battle of allocating resources for our best interests.

La Religión en la Política
Por Dr. Humberto Caspa
Analizar a la religión en forma crítica, se ha convertido en un tabú en nuestro ambiente político. A estas alturas, cuestionarla es casi insostenible, más aun atacarla. Esta situación se ha hecho más patente con lo ocurrido en el 11 Septiembre, en donde unos fanáticos islamistas del grupo Al Qaeda, por cuestiones religiosas, secuestraron unos aviones comerciales y prácticamente los “detonaron” en las Torres Mellizas.

Take the Constitution Seriously in the Second Term
By Sheldon Richman
Should President Bush declare a mandate and push ahead with his agenda or extend an olive branch of conciliation to his opponents?

Que estraño that Election Day fell on the same day as our (Mexican) holiday “Día de Los Muertos" (Day of the Dead). Many “Good Mexican Americans” as well as Catholics preferred to spend Election Day at the local graveyards honoring those of their families who have died. Got to have priorities you know. Anyhow, what is más importante en la vida, votando o estar con sus antepasados?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Mexican Students Gear Up for Globe’s Bi-National Youth Theater Project
As Tijuana’s Muestra Nacional de Teatro begins its 14th annual Theatre Festival at Cecut, students from Prepatoria Federal Lázaro Cárdenas School take the first step in an exciting cross-border educational theatre project spearheaded by The Old Globe, its Director of Education Bonnie Johnston and local director, Peter Webster.

The 1st UNAFF Traveling Film Festival San Diego Presents “The Values of Tolerance”
The SDSU United Nations Student Alliance presents the 1st UNAFF Traveling Film Festival San Diego. UNAFF is the only film festival of its kind in the world, showcasing all documentary films on U.N. related issues.

Midiendo el sexo, no el amor
Kinsey relata la revolución social de los ‘50
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Si hay alguien meritorio de una película en su nombre es el doctor Alfred Kinsey. El investigador literalmente cambió el mundo con un libro. El reporte Kinsey sobre la conducta sexual en el hombre fue publicado por primera vez en 1948. Desde ahí revolucionó la forma como los occidentales han visto el sexo entre humanos, decididamente endorsó la revolución sexual de los sesenta e influenció la forma como vemos el sexo hoy en día.

Salma en pleno
La estrella cambia radicalmente su carrera con After the Sunset
Por Jose Daniel Bort
El público que la celebró tanto en su mejor personaje para la pantalla grande, Frida, se llevará una sorpresa muy grande cuando vea a la actriz Salma Hayek. La actriz luce despampanante en la colección de bikinis más pequeños que se ha visto en la pantalla desde que Bo Derek hizo 10 en los años 80. Lola Cirillo es nuevo personaje de Salma en la película “After the Sunset”.

Special South Bay Soccer Tournament a Smashing Success
By John Philip Wyllie
An estimated crowd of 1,500 and NBC Channel 39 turned out to watch the second annual Sweetwater Special Abilities Cluster Soccer Tournament on November 5 at Bonita Vista High. The tournament featured approximately 200 mentally and physically challenged soccer players representing nine Sweetwater Union High School District schools. For the students involved and their proud parents cheering from the sidelines, it was a day that will be long remembered.