November 10, 2000

Linda Vista Student Will Attend APEC Summit in Singapore & Brunei

By: Dan Munoz

Students, Educators, from California will accompany Governor Gray Davis and a Trade Mission to take part in the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Forum and CEO Summit in Singapore, Brunei, China, and Japan. Senior Ministers and CEO's of 21 Member Economies in the Pacific Rim will be in attendance.

David Madrid, Jr.

In concert with the Governor, the California Global Classroom (CGC) will be taking a team of representative California students and teachers to attend the Singapore and Brunei portion of the APEC Trade Summit. The students will be sponsored by the VTM Foundation (Virtual Trade Mission Foundation) an element that brings together students and educators from across the U.S. and sponsors them to attend the Forums, and CEO Summits. In the process, the students produce an interactive educational program that features the economic leaders that attend the APEC Trade Summit.

The VTM Foundation was established in 1996 in Washington D.C. in collaboration with the President's Export Council. VTM produces innovative interactive multimedia global educational programs that introduce students and workers to the challenges and opportunities presented by the new Global Economy and teach the vocational skills and life-long learning strategies necessary for success.

Among the students traveling with the Governor will be one of our own students: David Madrid, resident of Linda Vista. David, who is 16 years old. He was born in 1984. The proud parents of David Jr. are David Madrid Sr. (33) a Californian, and his mother Ana Madrid (31) years old, also a Californian. She is a very proud mom not only of David Jr. but also of his sister who is 10 years old.

La Prensa San Diego took the opportunity to talk with David on the eve of his departure (Nov. 10). We don't often hear of the high achievers of Linda Vista and we are really pleased over your selection to go to Singapore and Brunei. Tell our readers about your education and how you were selected to the APEC CEO Summit.

"I went to school at Linda Vista Elementary then went on to Montgomery Academy, Montgomery Middle School, and Kearny High (freshman). I then went on to High Tech-High in Point Loma. I still have two more years to go before I graduate. High- Tech High uses high tech tools in their instruction i.e. computers etc. It Prepares students to enter into the technological era. I got selected to it after going through a complex interview to see if I was capable of handling the course work. I came to their attention because of my technological skills that I demonstrated at Kearny High School, "stated David Jr.

L/P: How were you selected to go to the APEC CEO SUMMIT 2000?

"My Principal told me about the APEC CEO Summit Conference 2000 which was going to take place in Singapore and Brunei. I got very interested in it and my principal recommended me partly because of my knowledge of the Chinese language and mostly because of my technical knowledge of computer systems. I had been studying the Chinese language at Kearny High School. My Principal thought it would be good for me to go, as a representative of the school. He recommended me. He at first told me not to get my hopes up. But a few days later, that was three weeks ago, he told me I was accepted but that I was going to Brunei and Singapore!

David and his companions on the trio will cooperate to produce a video of their trip. They will interview Leaders, Senior Ministers, and CEOs. They will attend Summit conferences, listen to the presentations, and take lots of notes. They will also participate in study tours, and learning centers in Singa-pore that showcase the trade investment, new technology and cultural connections between Singapore and California. Finally, they will conduct an interactive classroom with Governor Gray Davis.

The student group leaves from Los Angeles International Airport for Singapore on Nov. 10th and return on Nov. 17th. David's arrival in Linda Vista will be sometime there after.

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