November 10, 2000

Community Corner -- City of Chula Vista

Clearly Chula vista has experienced a time of great and dynamic growth. As the county's second largest city with over 175,000 residents we have come to terms with the bitter sweet reality that we have somehow stepped into a bliss of no return and into an ear of higher challenges and better things for all of us.

As a city we've grown by leaps and bounds. Of course growth seems to always bring upon it even more growth. The need for roads and physical infrastructure becomes even greater. But besides these needs there is also another need ... that is the need for human rights.

As the city grows it may be time for serious thought on creating an independent citizens review board. It is an idea that simply asks for honest and fair treatment of people and ensures that leadership is held accountable to those they are sworn to serve. It is an idea that other large cities have eagerly put in place and they have in turn reaped better community relations and a bond of community trust with it.

The item of an Independent Citizens' Review Board Process for Police Practices within Chula Vista will be discussed at in informative community focused forum at the Chula Vista Public Library Auditorium on 4th and F street. The date is Thursday, November 16 at 6:30 p.m.

Fred Hiske, chairman of the City of San Diego Citizens' Review Board will be speaking along with human rights activists Roberto Martinez. Both will answer questions and explain the benefits and mechanisms involved in a municipal citizens' police review board process.

For more information call (619) 427-5456.

Submitted by Virgil Piña

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