November 7, 2003

LULAC Files Federal Lawsuit on Texas Redistricting Plan

AUSTIN, TEXAS — A federal lawsuit has been filed by the League of United Latin American Citizens, challenging the Texas legislature’s most recent redistricting plan on the grounds that it violates the voting rights of the Latino community in Texas.

This plan has the effect of “denying the Latino community an opportunity to elect candidates of their choice,” said Margaret Morán, Texas LULAC State Director.

Specifically, the new redistricting lines eviscerate the Latino communities in Dallas by splitting the community into five congressional districts so that they will not be a decisive vote. This also occurs in Travis, Bexar, and Webb counties.

“This plan is a retrogressive plan and potentially will roll back Latino political gains in Texas,” said Luis Vera, General Counsel for LULAC.

A hearing before the U.S. Department of Justice has been scheduled for November 12th, for the purpose of voicing LULAC’s objections.

“The disingenuous promoters of the new redistricting plan have made no secret of the fact that this is a flagrant attempt to increase their numbers in Congress at the expense of the voting rights of the Latino community in Texas,” said Hector Flores, LULAC National President. “Attempting to gloss over these partisan motivations with dubious claims of increased Hispanic representation is offensive, misleading and cynical.”

In addition, LULAC will ask the Texas legislature to reform its redistricting process including the formation of a non-partisan redistricting commission and limiting redistricting to once every ten years immediately following the decennial census. “The only people who are gaining from this unprecedented, politicized redistricting fiasco are the politicians who control the legislature,” stated Flores.

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