Volume XXVIII Number 44 November 5, 2004

FrontPage Stories

No radios on these busses!

By Pablo Jaime Sainz

Fidel is tuning up his guitar. Just a few feet from the San Ysidro border, Fidel is getting ready for work.

He puts on his sunglasses, fixes his hair, and starts walking towards the bus station.

Then, he starts screaming near a bus door: “Centro! Tercera y Dax! Downtown! Third Street! This bus is already leaving!”

Fidel tunning his guitar before boarding the buss.

The passengers hurry to get on the bus, trying to get to their destination as soon as possible. Once the driver sees there are enough passengers aboard, he starts driving away.

Fidel jumps on the bus with his guitar by the side.

He goes all the way to the back door and the melody begins.

La Puerta Negra, Cuando era un jovencito, Un día a la vez, Triste Canción de Amor...

Some passengers greet Fidel, while others put their heads on the window and try to go to sleep.

After singing two, three songs, Fidel asks politely: “Ladies and gentlemen, forgive me if I’ve bothered you with my music, I’m just trying to make a living by bringing a little bit of music to your ears. As you might have noticed, I’m not the best of singers or the best guitar player, but I do it with all my heart. If you find it in your heart to give me a coin, I would greatly appreciate it. God bless you!”

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¡No hay radios en estos camiones!
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Fidel está afinando su guitarra. A tan sólo unos metros de la garita de San Isidro, Fidel se prepara para la ‘chamba’.

Hispanic Vote Key
By Dick Morris
George W. Bush was re-elected on Tuesday because the Hispanic vote, long a Democratic Party preserve, shifted toward the president’s side.

Republican Appeal to Latinos’ Conservative Side Swayed Vote
Ethnic Media Reaction to Election 2004
By Mary Jo McConahay and Elena Shore
When all the results are in, Hispanics may be seen as going for Bush in greater numbers than even Republicans hoped for – perhaps 40 percent nationwide. According to Pilar Marrero, political columnist for Spanish-language daily La Opinión in Los Angeles, Republicans in the area organized in Spanish-language evangelical churches to get the conservative, religious Latino vote. Though Latinos usually say they care about social issues such as education, health and the economy, Marrero says, Republicans won on the strength of the war on terror, the fear that Kerry could not sustain the war, and an appeal to conservative, religious Latinos by focusing on moral issues such as gay marriage and abortion.


Losers’ Capitol Hill offices are gloomy day after election
By Ivy Meagan Smith
WASHINGTON – A gloomy mood pervaded Democratic offices on Capitol Hill Wednesday, with some Senate employees sad because of the presidential race and others because they are now out of a job.

Chicano Studies Center, LACMA forge partnership
The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center have joined forces to launch a Latino arts initiative. The collaborative effort capitalizes on the strengths of both institutions to create a greater understanding of Chicano and Latino arts and cultures for the wider public

First Person
Reflections on the World of Work
By Heriberto Escamilla
Sometime between the ages of seven and eight my eyes began opening to the world of work. I remember seeing Maique’s old Chevy rolling around the corner and stopping under the shade of the oak tree that greeted visitors to our house on Avenue O. My father, much younger then, often grimaced as he crawled out of the back seat. His body no doubt sore from sitting so long, but also fatigued from fighting Houston’s hot summer sun.

Latest News from Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante
The Governor had until the end of September to sign or veto all bills passed by the Legislature during the last few weeks of the legislative session. Following is a summary of actions taken by the Governor on several important bills.

State Treasurer Touts College Savings Program to Mar Vista Middle families
Awareness campaign comes to Sweetwater District middle school
Surrounded by students, parents and teachers, State Treasurer Phil Angelides emphasized the importance of the state’s college savings program during a recent visit to Mar Vista Middle School.

Educational Notes:
Daniela Solorzano Selected as Intern for Lymphatic Research Foundation
After a long journey across the United States, Daniela Solorzano, originally from San Diego, is a public relations intern at the Lymphatic Research Foundation (LRF) in Roslyn, New York. The LRF is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote and support lymphatic research to find the cause and cure for lymphedema and other related lymphatic diseases.

Linking Kids to Good Nutrition
By Tracy Nelson
Todd Galati and Katie Bogue love introducing kids to new healthy foods.

Te mereces celebrar la vida
Celebrando la Recuperación

Por Shirley Olmos
Los hispanos lamentablemente no estamos excluídos de los problemas de la sociedad al inmigrar a los Estados Unidos. Al contrario, traemos con nosotros costumbres, cultura y el dolor de nuestro pasado y lo mezclamos con una nueva forma de vivir en este país.

Ixchel Ahau
Por Diana Gomez
El país más feliz del mundo
Una encuesta de Cambio y Datexco confirma un estudio en 112 países, según el cual los colombianos son los más felices.

Decisiones Inteligentes Para Pequeños Negocios: Como Ahorrar Dinero en su Factura de Energía
Vea la Luz y Ahorre Dinero
Un pequeño negocio promedio de California gasta $700 por año en facturas de electricidad — ¡casi el doble del promedio nacional! Mucha de esta energía se pierde debido al uso de equipo e iluminación ineficientes. ¡La iluminación por sí sola consume aproximadamente de un 35% a un 50% del presupuesto de energía para un pequeño negocio!


Election Day Reflections
First and foremost, we congratulate all the candidates who had the courage to run for office. And, we don’t use the word courage lightly. It takes an inordinate amount of dedication and resolve to go where 99.9% of the population dare not go....into the very public political arena. Running for political office takes commitment, time, hard work, personal sacrifice, and lots of money.

Compromiso después de las Elecciones
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
“Vamos a contar todos los votos; el pueblo se lo merece; todos los votos cuentan; vamos a hacer valer el derecho de nuestros seguidores”, dijo John Edwards, compañero del candidato a la presidencia de los demócratas John Kerry. Eso sucedió minutos después de la medianoche. Sin embargo, a plena luz del día miércoles, Kerry resumió sus aspiraciones a la presidencia, reconoció su derrota, congratuló al presidente Bush por la victoria e invitó al pueblo norteamericano a que apoyaran a su líder.

Liberty and Justice For All In La Familia!
By Joe Ortiz
Three momentous events that afforded me the realization as to the meaning of life and the importance of familia happened within a matter of days. They included my high school reunion, the 2004 election and a giant family reunion, as well. No human should have to absorb the roller coaster ride of the emotions that resulted from those experiences, all lumped into a span of one week’s time.

El Juicio de la Historia
Por Alejandro Alvarado Bremer
La historia, finalmente, parece que va poniendo las piezas en su sitio. Por décadas, en México los presidentes vivieron en la más absoluta impunidad, protegidos por un escudo legal y de lealtades institucionales, sin paralelo en América Latina. Esa historia podría tener un desenlace trágico para algunos de sus protagonistas: la cárcel.

Hijole, the Gringos think that elections in Mexico are a pendejada! The Gringo PRIístas spent most of the national treasury getting George “Planta elected!” Too bad que los Democrats ignored La Raza votante not only in Califas but also Nationwide! Pos Gente, si no quieren nuestro voto Chicano, that’s Padrote! Wait until “los Alambristas” let their Gente, back in their cantones, know that not only don’t they not want them to pick the crops, but they now don’t want them the Mexican Americanos to vote!

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Público
Darkness in the USA
The day (Nov. 3rd) began cloudy here in Washington, D.C. either because of the weather or because of what took place yesterday. Today the United States experienced another Black Tuesday. Bush has been reelected once again in an unclear fashion, and the nation awoke more divided than ever. What awaits us during the next four years? What can we expect from Mr Bush?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Conciencia Artistica
The Etcetera Collective: Engaging in positive social evolution
By Geneva Gamez
The Etcetera Collective will be hosting an opening night reception for Better Here Than Tomorrow at the Mandeville Annex Gallery at UCSD tonight, from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. The art show features artist and art show director, Camilo Ontiveros; visual and video producer, Roberto “Bobo” Freddi; and music artist producer, Marko Manriquez, who share a common sociopolitical interest in manifesting the inconformity and crisis of today. Their work projects a quest for a better here, now and present, as opposed to lagging to the fast approaching tomorrow before forming social consciousness.

Hispanic Devotional Arts Go On Display at The San Diego Museum of Man
Exhibit Features Examples of  Santero Tradition
An exhibition of carved images of Saints, “Cuando Hablan Los Santos: Contemporary Santero Traditions from Northern New Mexico,” will  open at the San Diego Museum of Man, Saturday, November 13  and continue through September, 2005.

Mar Vista Journeys to New Lands
Mar Vista High School’s Drama Department is now rehearsing for their upcoming show ¿De Dónde? by Mary Gallagher, which will run November 16- 19. This powerful, moving play examines the plight of Latin American refugees fleeing poverty, oppression, and in some cases death from their home country and the Americans trying to help them. In this controversial piece, the actors will be communicating a message of tolerance as well as awareness. It is a poignant plea for understanding and forbearance.

The Baja California film, television and video festival
By Luis Alonso Pérez
Tijuana, A city portrayed by hundreds of movies as the capital of sin, showed a different face last weekend, when it became the host of the first film, television and video festival of Baja California.

Primer festival cine, televisión y video de Baja California
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Tijuana. La ciudad retratada en cientos de películas como la capital de la perdición, mostró otra cara el fin de semana pasado, al convertirse en la ciudad anfitriona del primer Festival de Cine, Televisión y Video de Baja California.

Venta de Arte a Beneficio del Corredor Cultural de las Californias
Por: Paco Zavala
El arte hoy en día en nuestra región se encuentra muy nutrido, enriquecido, apoyado, promovido y publicitado. En realidad de acuerdo con mi humilde percepción, se está desprendiendo y forjando su propia idiosincracia y perspectiva.

Impulso a la Ciencia en la Universidad de Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
En Tijuana existen varias instituciones de nivel superior (universidades) dentro de las que se encuentra la Universidad de Tijuana..

A New CD and DVD from La Ley
Veteran Chilean Rock trio, La Ley, has released a new single “Mirate”, a precursor to the November 23rd launching of the group’s new CD/DVD, Historias E Histeria. The new track, penned by band front man, Beto Cuevas, was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Humberto Gatica.

Realizarán la Construcción de una Nueva Sala Internacional de Exposiciones
Por: Paco Zavala
Tijuana es una ciudad que crece y crece diariamente, por lo tanto las exigencias se acentúan al unísono de este crecimiento demográfico, hay exigencias de nuevas escuelas, templos, nuevas vialidades, de pavimentación de vialidades, de remoción y reparación de edificios vetustos, de construcción de nuevas instalaciones gubernamentales, de la reparación completa del Andador Turístico de Playas de Tijuana, etc, etc.

Increíblemente divertido
Pixar lo hace de nuevo con “The Incredibles”
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Duélale a quien le duela, los “geeks” de la bahía de San Francisco tienen todas consigo a la hora de hacer películas de animación que funcionen. Los responsables por Toy Story 1 y 2, Monsters Inc. y Finding Nemo ya pueden sumar otro exitazo a su lista de filmes. “The Incredibles” funciona a todos los niveles.

La Madre de América
Angélica Maria graba su primer disco con Joan Sebastian

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Angélica Maria no deja de sorprender con su vitalidad. Después de más de cinco décadas de trabajo ininterrumpido, lo único que piensa la novia de América es abrazarse una vez más con su público. “El año pasado estuve metida ocho meses grabando una telenovela. Ya sabes como es: te metes en el estudio antes que salga la luz del día y sales entrada la noche. Es una tortura. Lo que quiero ahora es dar una gran gira por toda América y sentir al publico de nuevo”, explicó la cantante.

Avila Setting the Pace in Cross Country
By John Philip Wyllie
Up until last year, Bonita Vista High sophomore, Eric Avila considered himself primarily a soccer player, but after breaking his foot and then seeing his club team disintegrate, he thought maybe it was time for something new. The stamina that he developed from years of toiling in the midfield made his transition from the soccer pitch to the cross country course, a relatively smooth one. With five consecutive wins in league competition and a medal from the prestigious Mt. Sac competition in his possession, Avila may be wishing he had discovered cross country sooner.

Aztecs Find Silver Lining Beneath Their Dark Cloud
By John Philip Wyllie
It’s official. The San Diego State Aztecs (2-6) will not reach their goal of participating in a bowl game following this dreadful season. Saturday’s 51-28 debacle at the “Q” against the sixth ranked Utah Utes (8-0) made sure of that. With three games left on their schedule, the best the beleaguered Aztecs can hope for now is a 5-6 season and a marked improvement next year. With a road game against always tough BYU (4-4, 3-1) on tap for tomorrow, even a 5-6 season seems unlikely, but at least there is some hope for the future. A trio of local athletes is providing much of that hope to the Aztec faithful.

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