November 1, 2002


Governor’s Race A Case of Deception

Democrat Governor Gray Davis VS Republican Bill Simon

The race for Governor has been conducted without much participation of the Mexican American electorate. A great deal of political propaganda has been put out by the Republican leadership attesting to the fact that the Mexican American voters were defecting from Democratic Governor Gray Davis to the Republican candidate Bill Simon.

The inference alluded to the supposed affinitive that the Mexican American voter has with the Conservative orthodoxy. In some aspects, we share some affinity with the Republican stated positions. It would be abnormal if within the millions of Mexicans, Latinos, and Hispanics there were not a variety of political ideologies that are subscribed to by the electorate.

There are common points where elements of the various ideologies, which abound in America, find expression within the large Mexican, Latino, or Hispanic people of California. Some with Conservative, Liberal, Socialist and/or Communistic views act out these ideologies, in this year’s election, in the Republican, American Independent, Libertarian, Natural Law, Green, and/or Democratic Parties.

We are happy that Republicans have, in recent times, found common points of accommodation with the large Mexican American communities of California. The Democratic Party however discovered our common bonds since the early 1900’s. The Democratic Party has made common cause with the Mexican American voters, which are the largest voting element within the State, with reasonable success. The Republican Party is a recent discoverer of the Mexican American voter. In this year’s elections, it is attempting to overcome the short time frame to bind with the Mexican American voter. Thus far it has been unable to overcome its enormous prejudices that finds its roots in the European Continent and its class system. The Republican Party has opened the door and has invited us into their organization. Not as equal partners but as supplicants who would be allowed to bask in the reflected glory of the Royals! We are supposed to be overjoyed to be allowed to serve them, their party, and their ideology without them making any concessions to change the political status quo! There has been no change in the Republican orthodoxy. We are invited to lick the envelopes, walk the precincts, and do the manual labor. However, When the election is over Mexican Americans will once again be on the outside looking in.

What is bothersome about this year Governor’s race is the deceptive manipulation that is going on in order to elect Bill Simon. Simon and the Republican Party started out of the gate to get the Mexican American Hispanic vote (The big tent theory). Simon projected an image of being a moderate individual that welcomed them into his fold. Mr. Simon courted the main stream Riordan Republicans and avoided contact with the hard core Republican Right Wing that controlled the California Republican Party. It took a while but eventually the Republican leadership saw that the plan was not working. Governor Davis maintained his lead. Simon had hoped that large numbers of the Mexican electorate would jump parties and vote for him.

With that recognition the campaign moved to switch Mexican American voters to a third party candidate that couldn’t possibly win, hence, the hyping of Candidate Peter Camejo (A Hispano) of the Green Party. The strategy: to deny Governor Gray Davis and the Democratic Party substantial number of Mexican Voters. With a low voter turn out predicted, it is well known that Democrats stay home at a greater rate than Republicans, the propaganda campaign begin to villify Gov. Davis. Mexican voters were encouraged to boycott Gov. Davis and to stay home. The Republican political machine hyped Peter Camejo and encouraged Latinos to vote for him. In essence the Mexican vote would be a throw away vote. With a low voter turn out predicted; Gov. Davis would lose large numbers of Mexican voters who wouldn’t vote for a Republican but who would vote for a Latino not realizing that there would not be sufficient votes in the Green Party to elect Camejo.

The final strategy was to solidify and motivate California’s Republican voters to turn out and vote for Simon. The California Republican Party trotted out former Governor Pete Wilson to tout Simon on all Television stations and have Pete Wilson and Bill Simon receive massive publicity in all the Republican media in the State. That step was necessary, as Simon had alienated a large number of Republicans who felt he was too liberal in his campaign. Pete Wilson marshaled the Right Wing to come out on Nov. 5th for Simon. The Mexican vote would assure the election of Bill Simon. Bill Simon would win by their deception!

It is time for a wake up call. If the Mexican, Latino voters turn out and vote for Peter Camejo, out of a misplaced loyalty to a Latino and/or if they don’t bother to vote on Nov. 5 for Governor Gray Davis, they will be the means by which Bill Simon and Pete Wilson’s hard core, anti Mexican Republicans will win. They will control the State Government! Remember the rule of Ex Governor Pete Wilson! Don’t be fooled! Would you rather have a hard core Republican Governor in office? That’s what you will get if you elect a Pete Wilson-Bill Simon Ticket to office!

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