November 19, 1999

El Foro Público...

....The Public Forum

Television Presented WRONG Model During Veterans Day

I'm so glad that TV News gave me the correct perspective regarding the celebration of Veterans Day. Like many other veterans, I wondered who might be an appropriate personage to preside over the ceremonies expressing Americans' remembrance and gratitude. One who could represent the military's hallmark of courage, sacrifice, and honor. Possible, I felt, it would be a General or Admiral. Or, perhaps a battle-scared GI. How dumb of me!

"On my TV in honor of Veterans Day who would be on every screen in America"?

(President Bill Clinton) a draft-dodging chief who had recorded in writing his loathing of the military. (Worse of all), each `unbiased' TV anchor treated the whole bizarre scene solemnly and unquestioningly! What a country!"

Allyn McDowell M.D.
San Diego

(Well, he is the "Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces" as long as he is President. History will render judgement on all of us. )

All Republicans should be charged with Treason?

The American public should urge the resignation of almost every Republican for:

Treason — One nuclear submarine could destroy any country on earth before the Reagan presidency. Yet the Republicans still spent trillions of the national wealth on defense. They have continued to spend more trillions after the cold war ended in 1991.

Bribery — Republicans have received billions in explicit or implicit bribes from defense contractors, tobacco companies, billionaires and the NRA.

Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors; Republicans made the U.S. the largest debtor nation in world history, consistently opposing raising the minimum wage, and regularly opposing funds for education, environment, and health care.

Tom Kenny
San Diego

(Golly Tom, here I always thought it took two to tango and one president who could blue line or veto money bills.)

Tezzy Habla Sin Pelos en La Lengua!

Le escribo para felicitar a Tezzy, quien ya todos sabemos quien es él! Esta vez se que hablo sin "pelos en la lengua"!

Congratulations in having coined the term "Thunder Thighs." That is a major step toward boldness. I am grateful that you write about the most controversial issues and how they are never resolved. Thanks!

I'm also glad that you decided to include a Poets Corner. I submit to you these poems for your review and immediate release, should you find them worth of your publication.

Good comments about the CHARGERS. Their batteries need a jumper.

Luis Rodriquez Jr.

(Hijole Luis… Tezozomoc has been with El Jefito for over 20 years… And you now "outed" him??? Quien sabe El Indio es muy evasivo.)

Welcome Back Debbie!

We are proud abuelitos de nuestra nieta Debbie Cañedo. Recientemente graduó de Sacramento State College (en Junio 1999) with a degree in Public Relations and Journalism. She immediately went to work para los San Diego Gulls as their Community Relations Representative.

Ruben and I want to wish you and your staff and families a "Happy Thanksgiving Day." No comas demasiado guajolote o pavo.

Ruben y Consuelo Rubio
National City

Internet Provides A Heaven to Racists!

The majority media portrayed the three white Americans that crashed in Rosarito Beach and recently the coverage of a U.S. Marine who somehow couldn't tell what country he is in, as victims of a cruel Mexico.

It took a while for the U.S. press to point out that in each instance their problems were brought about by their drunkenness. The portrayals of the crying wives and families were designed to elicit pity for the `poor Americans.' showed a completely different story than what actually happened in Mexico. Eighty percent of the messages posted on their message board were devoted to attacking Mexico. A handful of Mexicans tried to post messages about what the real situation was only to be vilified by racist stereotypical comments.

I have lived 19 years in San Diego and until the Internet provided closet racists with anonymity did I get to see how racist San Diegans' could be. I am deeply disturbed by this. I encourage La Prensa San Diego to investigate this and respond to these insults.

Muchas gracias por su tiempo

Carlos Paullada

(Courage Carlos. Bigots always attempt to hide behind white sheets and hoods. Bigotry is as old as humans have lived on this earth… The Internet is just the latest "cover" from which these slimy characters crawl out. La Prensa San Diego has been fighting against bigotry, racism, and discrimination in all its forms, from the first edition it published in 1976. Unfortunately, it takes us all to struggle against it. Will it ever end???? Quien sabe.)

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