November 12, 1999


In to see el Jefito Dwayne Crewnshaw (D) yaaa, must be election time coming around. Never saw this dude before now. Wants to run for the 79th ... Wants to go up against Juan "in a million" Vargas who is hopping El Jefe will not remember how he sold him out to Golding and McGrory when he was trying to stop them from selling out the city to Spanos, el Griego. Anyone but Juan! Is the name of the game around El Jefitos poop Deck.

No matter what happens with Juan Vargas, one thing for sure is that he will no longer be a city councilman. Already sending out trial balloons is Ralph "we are like the Kennedys" Inzunza, Jr. … Jr., is letting it be known that it is a done deal, he is in, in the Eighth!!! More on this later???

Word from the "Poets" corner…"I know who Tezzy is!!!…HORALE Luis Quien mas es parte Indio, Español, Mestizo y cabron? Send your versos Vato…Vamos a ver si das el Ancho!

Los golpes duelen … I see where the bro (with small b) decided that "ya man, maybe something wrong when a man is shot 12 times mostly in the back … Guess maybe those COPS may be, could be wrong!" Come on George you want another hit that will further erode your popularity in the community? Get off your knees, Blacks need leaders not cotton pickers.

Big Mouth Teddy Leitner is picking on little olde Richard Rider … Old LEITNER kinda saying Rider would sell out and stop talking about the PADRE DEAL if they offered him a payoff! Strange words from a word-hack that opposed the Padre deal at first then suddenly turned into a 24 hour shill for the Padres. Anything to do with your stint as a radio boca grande for the Padres???

What's left of los Padres? Not much, an aging Tony Gwynn, and as of today Trevor Hoffman. It seemed like just yesterday they were four wins away from a World Series Championship and now they are at least four years away!!! What's the difference between then, when they were spending money like crazy to win the series, and now …. Oh yeah, they got their ballpark in '98 and now they don't HAVE to win.

El Jefito de La Prensa San Diego, Dan Munoz, Sr, gone for the weekend, seems the scholarly types at UCLA and from across the nation want to hear what he has to say about the minority media. Hope they're ready to hear Chicano Studies 1A.


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