November 12, 1999

Charger Ticket Guarantee Proves a Nightmare for City

The Charger ticket guarantee that was negotiated by Mayor Susan Golding with prodding from her trusted City Manager Jack McGrory, and the owners of the Charger football team in 1995 has turned into a financial disaster! Not only is the team on a losing streak but the fans are staying away in droves. As of this week all the millions in the city's reserve fund has been depleted, all spent buying unsold tickets to the Charger home games. Having agreed to guarantee 60,000 attendance per game at home, the city has squandered $5 million as of this date. Now It must dig into the operating fund, taxpayers' monies that should be used for city projects such as sewer maintenance, water delivery systems…etc.

Even though San Diego City elected officials are too blame for this totally irresponsible actions (it was their votes that approved the raid on the city treasury), we must not forget the members of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce, the top corporate leaders, the business owners, all who led the city council to believe that they would cover any shortages if they occurred. Just as guilty in leading the parade was the print media, television and radio most of whom acted like shills for the wealthy Charger owners, rather than investigate and report the facts of this massive giveaway.

They should also be held responsible for betraying the public and assisting in deluding from the very beginning. The public has been betrayed by the most powerful elements of this City and makes a mockery of the statement that this "America's Finest City." It is time they put up and stop this fraud of the citizens of this city.

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