May 28, 2004


President Bush’s Speech on Iraq Based on False Assumptions

Listening to our President speak made one wonder where he ever got the impression that the whole world holds the concept of Democracy in high esteem? Where did the Republican party, for that fact, also the Democratic Party, ever get the idea that all other countries can hardly wait until we impose American style Democracy upon them? Perhaps the President should stop for a moment and reflect on the reality of Democracy American style.

If America is perceived as a Democracy, why does the Nation have more of its citizens incarcerated in its prisons and jails than any other country in the world? America has more people behind bars than China, Russia, or India, three nations with billions of citizens, while America only has slightly over 360 million? Certainly none of these three countries have a form of government that could be considered Democratic.

If America is a Democracy, why do we have so many our citizens killed by the states by hanging, or in the prison gas chambers, or by lethal injection? Even the country of Mexico, which is far from a democracy, does not allow the death penalty to be carried out on its citizens. If we are a country with a legal system where JUSTICE is supposedly meted out equally, why are the majority of the prisoners of the Black and Latino racial groups? Why are the majority of American citizens incarcerated not from the wealthy class? Is their JUSTICE in our judicial system?

If Democracy is so much better than Fascism, Communism, or any other form of government, why do we have the highest infant death rates in the world? Even Castro’s dictatorship provides health care free to all its citizens. While here in America if there isn’t a financial gain, the sick are turned away from receiving medical care or the appropriate medication. Don’t you wonder why America’s elderly, the poor, and underpaid workers have to go to Mexico, Canada, or other foreign countries on the Internet in order to be able to get affordable medications. Why is the almighty dollar the highest value in America?

Why should the people of Iraq want a Democratic government when they see that Democracy as practiced in America is a system of government control by the wealthy millionaires/billionaires, and the major corporations. The poor and working class living in Iraq have an option: They can take up arms and fight the oppressors.

Why should they want a Democratic government as we have, where the wealthy buy and sell the politicians of the two parties (Democratic & Republican)? America doesn’t have a Democracy. What we have is a system paid for by major corporations and the rich. They’re paid for lackeys are placed in the government to run the political system to enhance THEIR Profits! The rank and file is completely unrepresented. This is Democracy American style.

Do you wonder why in the American continent no one has rushed to convert their countries to a Democratic form of government? Could it be that they see on a daily basis that Democracy isn’t what its cracked up to be. They see that America has become very apt in establishing “rule of the few to control the masses and enhance their profits.” Other than the wealthy, millions of American citizens has no voice in their government.

A Democratic government should have a representative government with proportional representation. Not everyone is happy to be a Democrat {liberal} or Republican (Conservative} however, with money residing only in Democratic and Republicans Parties, they are the only ones that can win an election. The majority of the citizens have no voice in the government. And that’s what is wrong with our form of Democracy and why no one is breaking down the doors to become a DEMOCRACY American style.

Don’t be surprised Mr. President if the citizens of Iraq reject your offer. Your term as President is a perfect example of what is wrong with our Democracy. You and your friends represent only the Republican Party. As President you should represent the entire nation not just a mall cadre of the most Right Wing extremist and the Corporate Moguls who have used you to make billions off the war in Iraq and cause the deaths of 850 American military servicemen so far.

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