Volume XXVIII Number 21 May 28, 2004

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More than 135 middle school students with aspirations of becoming physicians got a glimpse of their possible future recently when they visited the School of Medicine at the University of California, San Diego. 

Hippocrates Circle students view macroscopic slices of the human brain.

The youngsters — from Sweetwater Union School District, San Ysidro, and other local areas — are members of Kaiser Permanente’s Hippocrates Circle physicians mentoring program, an outreach program first launched more than four years ago by Kaiser in the South Bay area to encourage middle school students, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds, to pursue careers in medicine.

The visit included interacting for a day with medical students and physicians, experiencing “virtual reality” computerized anatomy study, and viewing actual human brain specimens in the neurosciences laboratory.

WWII Memorial ‘One of Best on National Mall’
By Rudi Williams
WASHINGTON — The sad thing about the official dedication of the long-awaited tribute to “the greatest generation” on May 29 is that “a lot of veterans that won’t be able to see this memorial,” Roderick “Rod” V. Bell, the assistant project manager of the World War II Memorial, said in an in an American Forces Press Service interview.

Camilo Mejia Goes to Prison for His Stance Against the War in Iraq
By Medea Benjamin
“Where is the justice?” cried Maritza Castillo, whose 28-year-old son Camilo Mejia was found guilty of desertion on May 21 for refusing to return to Iraq. “The American soldier who tortured Iraqi prisoners was sentenced to one year in prison and my son, who denounced these abuses and followed his conscience, was also sentenced to one year in prison. Is that fair? Is that just?”

In Rift With Mexico, Cuba Is The Loser
By Louis Nevaer
MERIDA, Mexico—What the United States could not do in more than 40 years, Fidel Castro has managed to achieve in a matter of a few weeks: Cuba’s rift with Mexico threatens to isolate Havana from the rest of Latin America as never before.

Mexico on the Moon — of Flags and Astronauts
By Jorge Mújica
I don’t mean to confuse the reader with the title of this column. I don’t mean to indicate that Mexico is located somewhere near the moon, nor do I intend to write about some of the Mexican president’s recent proposals, which sometimes seem to be written from orbit.



HIPPY An Investement In The Future
By Katia Lopez-Hodoyan
The name of the organization is HIPPY, but its education tactics are completely traditional. HIPPY USA San Diego, a non-profit organization has attempted to instill the traditional value of family time amidst the fast paced hustle and bustle of modern society.

Music to Ears of Students: Mariachi Foundation Awards $10,000 in Scholarships
With the sweet strokes of violins and viruelas, the skillful plucking of guitarrones and the stirring blare of trumpets, Sweetwater District student musicians and twirling ballet folklórico troupes took center stage at the 8th Annual Mariachi Scholarship Foundation gala dinner.

Por Otto Rodriguez
Seguridad Diplomática: Agentes en Acción
Entre las muchas cosas que saben hacer, ellos pueden manejar tan intensamente “como en las películas”. Y cuando hablan de su profesión y cuentan sus experiencias investigando fraudes de pasaportes y visas estadounidenses o cuidando la seguridad personal de Colin Powell, lo hacen con regocijo y seguridad en la voz.

“Exposing the Rave” Campaign Aimed at Parents, Youth, Professionals, and the GLBT Community
Students will be taking more than their dates, family, and friends to prom and graduation. Some will be accompanied by Ecstasy, Methamphetamine, GHB, Ketamine, Rohypnol, and LSD.

Small steps to a healthier life
By Karla Rodas
Getting healthy doesn’t have to mean running five miles a day or cutting all carbs out of your diet.

Latinos have access problems to dental care
There is a severe shortage of Latino dentists in California, resulting in difficulties for nearly one-third of the state’s population in accessing proper dental care, according to a study by the UCLA Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture.


Memorial Day – 2004
Memorial Day is a day to remember those who gave their lives in the service of our country – this year it takes on a particularly poignant meaning as our sons and daughters find themselves caught in the quagmire of Iraq. Today we honor the memory of those who died for their country and we keep in our hearts and prayers those who are placing their lives on the line fighting a war that appears to become more futile every day.

President Bush’s Speech on Iraq Based on False Assumptions
Listening to our President speak made one wonder where he ever got the impression that the whole world holds the concept of Democracy in high esteem? Where did the Republican party, for that fact, also the Democratic Party, ever get the idea that all other countries can hardly wait until we impose American style Democracy upon them? Perhaps the President should stop for a moment and reflect on the reality of Democracy American style.

Latinos, Mere Commodities on the Bipartisan Voting Market
By Raymond R. Beltrán
With newspaper editorials and politicians constantly putting emphasis on what they call the “Latino Vote,” the conception lying in this November’s election is that the Republicans and Democrats are beginning to cater to the Latino population. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The Dark Side of Indian Gaming
By Ramona Shashaani
Indian gaming has radically improved the quality of life of native Americans such that, as Symington (spokeswoman for Viejas) boasts, “there isn’t one tribal member at Viejas that qualifies for federal aid programs.” In fact, with Indian gaming’s huge revenues, the average tribal member has gone from being a welfare recipient to a mega-wealthy beneficiary, reaping high income for the rest of his/her life.

The Gathering Storm
By Andrés Lozano
(Part 2 of 3)
[…] The charade’s outcome is predictable: AMLO might become elected president in 2006 as joint candidate of the PRD and the PRI or a substantial splinter group from the PRI. After elected with the joint majority of the PRD and a PRI’s factious majority in Congress, remaining PRI representatives will align themselves behind him. He will enjoy a rubberstamp Legislative. From day one onwards, he will overwhelm the Judiciary and will be surrounded by the push-peddlers, beneficiaries of private monopolies under concession. Meantime, social monopolists such as union leaders and government owned franchises will patiently queue to render him fealty. He will put in jail and eliminate a few Fobaproa small fry -bankrupt bank owners- and assorted enemies within the PRD and the PRI in a ‘Night of the Long Knives’ replica; will ridicule and expose, the well-deserved ineptitude and corruption among PAN’s -presently governing party- membership. In summary, by the end of 2007, he will be the most popular figure ever in Mexican history. As with the swastika bearing armbands favored by the Nazis, the Peje’s -his nickname- storm troopers will bear the Aztec Sun’s Nazi symbol.

La tormenta se avecina
Por Andrés Lozano
(Parte 2 de 3)
[…] Es vaticinable el desenlace del sainete: AMLO podría ser electo presidente en el 2006 como candidato del PRD y del PRI o facción sustantiva de éste. Ya elegido y con mayoría perredista y priísta facciosa en el Congreso, los demás priístas se alinearán detrás de él. Contará con dócil mayoría legislativa. Agobiará al poder judicial desde el primer día y se rodeará de privilegiados que regentan monopolios particulares bajo concesión. Mientras, monopolistas sociales como líderes de sindicatos y dirigentes de paraestatales harán cola para rendirle pleitesía. Encarcelará y eliminará a algunos charales del Fobaproa, a enemigos suyos surtidos dentro del priísmo y perredísmo en pantomima de ‘la noche de los cuchillos largos’; ridiculizará y expondrá la, ganada a pulso, ineptitud y corruptibilidad del panismo. En suma, a fines del 2007, será el líder más popular en la historia de México. Como los brazales con suásticas que portaban los nazis, las huestes pejistas portarán el símbolo nazi del sol azteca.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Rush to Judgement?
Why is there a sudden and frantic rush to judgment by National City’s Mayor and Council, with little if any public input on the development agreement for the proposed construction by Sycuan Indian Tribe of a $30 million bay front hotel?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

En “Una Taza de Café” Alternativas para un buen Negocio
“Ingredientes para dirigir un negocio con pasión”
Por: Paco Zavala
Saboreando muchas tazas de café dí lectura a la versión de este simpático libro: “Una Taza de Café”, de Leslie a Yerkes -Charles Decker, en un contenido de 175 páginas de texto y adiciones, en el que se encierran o se aportan los “ingredientes necesarios y suficientes para dirigir un negocio con pasión” y obtener el éxito que se desea .

Sanz’s performance found lacking
By Francisco Ciriza
Alejandro Sanz’s concert at San Diego State University’s Cox Arena although well attended, failed to create the same level of enthusiasm the Spanish pop singer has been used to throughout his career. With a large and ever increasing fan base and continued critical acclaim, Sanz came to town in support of his latest BMG release, No Es Lo Mismo.

Muy Romántica y Seductora Jennifer Peña en “Seducción”
Por: Paco Zavala
El mundo de la diversión, del espectáculo y de la música ac-tualmente se encuentra lleno de sorpresas en todo el mundo, como dicen pa’mi tierra “donde quiera salta la liebre”.

Sigo en la prueba
Sofía Vergara consigue otro personaje en Hollywood a través de Soul Plane

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Sofía Vergara es una mujer pragmática. Desinteresada por las apariencias, ella es un libro abierto a flor de piel. Por eso, en medio del tedio de los “junkets” publicitarios para películas, donde se responden las mismas preguntas con más frecuencias que ave marías en un rosario, la actriz no puede disimular su apatía y fastidio.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Atendiendo un EMail enviado por el Sr. Pedro Fonseca Albarracin, de Bogotá, Colombia, quien me refresca la memoria al indicarme que en la edición de nuestro rotativo del 30 de mayo de 2003, cometí un incalificable error al escribir una nota sobre un homenaje a Herb Alpert, en la que declaré que el evento se realizaba a la memoria del mencionado artista sin haber ocurrido su fallecimiento y otro al mencionar una obra musical del mencionado artista en forma equivocada. Solicito a los lectores y al Sr. Fonseca Albarracin, disculpas por este lamentable acontecimiento y agradezco su aclaración. Gracias.

New San Diego Museum of Man Exhibit to Examine Chilean Culture
The Mapuche people of Southern Chile —the largest indigenous group in that country — are the focus of “Mapuche: Chilean People of the Land,” a Museum of Man exhibit premiering June 4, 2004 and continuing through March, 2005.

Gutierrez Gearing Up for Competition
By John Philip Wyllie
Having led his Bonita Vista Barons to the 2004 Mesa League Track & Field Championship and survived last weekend’s CIF Preliminaries, Bersain Gutierrez is hoping to extend his season by an additional two weeks. Gutierrez has been a jack-of-all- trades this season for the Barons competing in the long jump, high jump, 100 and 300 meter hurdles, 200 and 400 meter dash and the 4x 100 and 4x400 meter relay teams. His versatility has made him a key figure for the Barons. The next two weeks will determine whether Gutierrez will call 2004 a very good year or a great one.

Diaz, Gonzalez Win Big At San Diego Sports Arena
By Fiona Manning
Lightweight superstar Julio “The Kidd” Diaz of Coachella, California snapped up the IBF title and redemption for his hard-working First Family of Boxing in front of an adoring crowd of 2,000 plus fans at the San Diego Sports Arena, May 15.

“Nene” Cubillas Busca Devolverle La Emoción Al Fútbol Durante La Copa América
El miércoles 19 de mayo tuvimos la oportunidad de sentarnos a platicar con Teófilo “Nene” Cubillas. Unos de los jugadores más destacados de los setentas el Sr. Cubillas es el embajador de la Copa América 2004 Perú y como parte de su participación en la Copa América, Cubillas es el portavoz de una nueva promoción con www.mastercardenespanol.com. Como patrocinador de la Copa América, MasterCard ofrece la oportunidad de ganarse un viaje para dos personas para presenciar los finales en Perú. Solo tiene que registrase en mastercardenespanol.com. Pero apúrense porque ésta oferta expira el 31 de mayo. Lo que sigue es un extracto de nuestra conversación donde discutimos su participación en la Copa América así como su opinión sobre el estado actual del fútbol.

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