Volume XXVI Number 21 May 24, 2002

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A manipulated scan of a photo of a rubbing of Sgt. Alfredo Gonzales' name on the Wall (Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC) composited with a photo of Sgt. Alfredo Gonzales, Medal of Honor recipient. Photo by Cheryl Boswell

So Many Changes In Just A Year

A Memorial Day Reflection

By Richard J. Santos

One year ago, we were a nation at peace, but not now. A short year ago, Blue Star Service Banners were lost in the memories of a half-century ago, but not now.

On Memorial Day 2002, I see more and more Blue Star Service Banners in front windows of houses and businesses across America. A banner reminds us that a loved one from that family is serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, fighting terrorism in Operation Enduring Freedom and providing homeland defense. Unfortunately, Gold Star Banners are replacing some of the blue.

Today’s men and women sent into harm’s way differ little from the doughboys who fought in the trenches of France, the GI’s who stormed the beaches at Normandy, or the troops who bought inches of land with blood at Korea’s Chosin Reservoir.

Indeed, they are no different than the millions of men and women who have answered the clarion call throughout American history. As did those before them, today’s men and women that we honor did their duty. Regrettably we must now add 3,000 more names to the list of our honored dead.

Some of the honored dead were in the Armed Forces, but some were not. Each was on the frontlines of the terrorist assault on America. All lost their lives on September 11th or the days following. It is fitting that, as we remember the military men and women who died in service to America, we also —just this once— remember as well the first casualties of the War on Terrorism. They are also American heroes who died in the line of duty. They gave their all in service to their country as surely as if they had been on the frontlines of Afghanistan.

Again, young Americans, wearing the uniforms of our armed forces, are fighting in a war without borders and without clearly identified combatants. Some of them have given the supreme sacrifice for our nation. We are thankful that we are a nation that does not forget... that we are a people who remember and honor the memory of those who died fighting the enemies of the United States -- wherever and whenever they threaten.

On this Memorial Day I ask all citizens of this great land to remember the sacrifice of more than one million Americans whose memory we honor today.

Richard J. Santos of Greenbelt, Md., is the national commander of The American Legion. He represents 2.8 million wartime veterans.

Memorial Day 2002 Message
from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Across our great land, thousands of American flags, proudly waving, mark the final resting place of soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen and merchant mariners who had their lives cut short so that we may live freely and enjoy the blessings of liberty. Memorial Day is the one day of the year that we set aside to remember and honor our country’s patriots, yet we owe them a debt of gratitude, every day of every year.

Rededication of Veterans Museum and Memorial Center and Memorial Day Observances Set
The Veterans Museum and Memorial Center in Balboa Park will be rededicated on Memorial Day, following a weekend of observances honoring San Diego area military veterans who have died defending our country.

Broken Promises: New San Ysidro Library to be Built in Mall
By Yvette tenBerge
Although plans to build a much-needed library in San Ysidro surfaced more than four years ago, a recent location change has outraged some residents who feel that the new, politically-backed site could endanger the safety of their children and keep the new facility out of the reach of many families.

Promesas Rotas: Se Construirá Nueva Biblioteca en Centro Comercial de San Ysidro
Por Yvette tenBerg
Aunque los planes de construir la muy necesitada biblioteca en San Ysidro surgieron hace más de hace cuatro años, un reciente cambio de localidad ha enfurecido a algunos residentes que sienten que el nuevo sitio, politicamente-respaldado, puede poner en peligro la seguridad de sus hijos y mantener el local nuevo fuera del alcance de muchas familias.

More Than A Game – Soccer Reflects, Shapes World Events
By Matt Melamed
As Americans find themselves re-engaged in international affairs, metaphors can help us understand the chaos of the world stage.

El Presidente de México, Vicente Fox, Pronunciará Discurso Ante la Convención NAHJ
WASHINGTON — El presidente de México, Vicente Fox, abrirá la vigésima convención anual de la Asociación Nacional de Periodistas (NAHJ, por sus siglas en inglés) en una sesión plenaria de apertura que se celebrará el 12 de junio en Tijuana, México. La sesión “A Conversation with Vicente Fox” (Una conversación con Vicente Fox), tratará sobre las relaciones entre Estados Unidos y México y se llevará a cabo en el Centro Cultural Tijuana.


Bush Outreach to Hispanics Pays Dividends for President
By John Harwood
WASHINGTON May 21, 2002 — Moderate Democrats are assembling in the capital Tuesday to hear some especially unsettling news: President Bush’s strategy for reaching out to Hispanic voters is working.

MSNBC’S Rick Sanchez Makes Broadcast History with Two Shows on Two Mediums in Two Languages
DALLAS— Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation (“HBC”) launched “Buenas Tardes America” (“Good Afternoon America”), a news magazine hosted by MSNBC’s Emmy Award winning journalist Rick Sanchez. Sanchez, whose national television show airs weekday mornings on MSNBC, will now be heard on Spanish-language radio in New York and Miami in a historic arrangement put together by HBC in conjunction with NBC News.

University of California’s 4-percent plan helps Hispanic and rural applicants most
By Jeffrey Selingo
A University of California program that automatically admits the top 4 percent of every high-school graduating class in the state has helped Hispanic students and applicants from rural schools more than black students in its first two years, according to an analysis that will be reviewed by the university system’s Board of Regents this week.

Gov. Perry Holds Strong Lead In Statewide Poll; After Spending $20M In Primary, Sanchez Not Running As Well As Many Democrats Expected
AUSTIN, Texas — Incumbent Republican Gov. Rick Perry holds a 25-point lead over Democratic challenger Tony Sanchez, according to a recent statewide survey.

New State Seal Monuments to be Unveiled, Memorializing California Indians and Spanish/Mexican Era
SACRAMENTO – On Tuesday, May 28th, the Commemorative Seals Advisory Committee will unveil two new circular bronze commemorative State seals, one on each side of the Great Seal of California at the State Capitol. One seal will honor California Indians and the other to honor California’s Spanish and Mexican heritage.

K12 Welcomes California Virtual Academy As Newest Partner School; Chairman William Bennett Praises New Educational Option For Families
WASHINGTON — K12, the nation’s leader in online elementary programs, is pleased to note partnerships with Independent Study charter schools Santa Cruz, Kern, Fresno, and San Diego counties to open in the fall of 2002. Supported by local parents and educators, these schools, which will be called California Virtual Academies, are now hosting informational Open Houses throughout central and southern California.

Inaugural UC Davis Medals Presented to Former UC Regents Gonzales and Brophy
Former University of California Regents Roy Brophy and Alice Gonzales were honored Monday evening (May 20) as the first recipients of the University of California, Davis, Medal

College of Education Engages in Border Pedagogy Initiative
By Juan Necochea & Zulmara Cline
On a clear sunny California day in August 2001, approximately 200 educators from San Diego and Tijuana gathered at the campus of California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) to engage in conversations regarding education in the border region. The Border Pedagogy Initiative had begun as a smashing success.

High School GEAR UP Program to Recognize Freshmen
San Marcos — The Palomar College GEAR UP Partnership program at San Marcos High School (SMHS) will honor students in a special assembly for 9th graders. An innovator in helping more students to succeed in school, the GEAR UP program seeks to find unique ways to motivate all students toward greater future achievement. The freshmen only assembly will be held on Thursday, May 23rd, at 1:30 pm in the SMHS gymnasium. Parents of the students are invited to attend.

Por Diego Alvarez
Carter en Cuba
El ex presidente estadounidense Jimmy Carter terminó su visita de 6 días a la isla de Cuba. Como era de esperarse, esta visita no produjo cambios importantes, ni en el gobierno de Cuba, ni en el de los Estados Unidos. Pero si sirvió para que todos entendiéramos que, como dijo Carter en su discurso en el aula máxima de la universidad de La Habana, tanto Cuba como Estados Unidos deben comenzar a referirse el uno del otro en diferentes términos.

Black and Hispanic Special Agents Join Forces to Seek Consolidation of Class Actions Against Department of Treasury
WASHINGTON — The Black Special Agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms (“ATF”), who have a pending contempt proceeding against Treasury Secretary O’Neill, the Black Special Agents of the Secret Service and Hispanic Special Agents of the U.S. Customs Service, both of which have pending discrimination class actions against the Department of Treasury, joined forces today, seeking to have each of their class actions against Treasury Secretary O’Neill consolidated before a single district judge in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Over 1,000 active Special Agents will be affected by this motion.

San Diego Housing Commission Honored by National Housing Group
The San Diego Housing Commission was recognized for its innovative practices by the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Organization (NAHRO) when the commission won three Southwestern region Awards of Merit from NAHRO this month. Additionally, a Housing Commission program resident was honored for her entrepreneurial achievements.

Women Can Learn Strategies for Economic Empowerment at Comprehensive, All-Day Conference
The rise of women-led households has created a growing need for financial planning that meets the unique needs of women. In southeastern San Diego, figures from the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), report that 21 percent of the homes in southeastern San Diego are led by women.

“Español” Lingua Franca of Campaign 2002
Election Year 2002 may be the turning point wherein the voices of politics finally become a reflection of the diversity of American life. America has become a country in which more than 330 languages other than English are spoken. In San Diego County, alone, voices speaking in Farsi, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish, to name a few, can be heard.

Deaths of Mexican Women Raise Need for Better Working Conditions and Security
Yolanda Chávez Leyva
Since 1993, 270 women have been murdered and another 450 have disappeared in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, a city located across the border from El Paso, Texas. Many have been raped and mutilated. Their bodies have been found in the desert on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez or in the central part of town. Poor women are especially vulnerable to being targeted.

“Sentido Común y ‘Paparazzis’ Eclesiásticos”
Por Ricardo Rivas
La Semana Santa pasada, grupos de presión con pancartas alzadas bloqueaban las principales catedrales de los Estados Unidos. “Por una nueva Iglesia”, “Más libertad sexual en la Iglesia”, “Sacerdotes casados es la opción”, “Mujeres al altar” y otros sugerentes estribillos eran enarbolados por ex católicos, homosexuales, lesbianas y pro abortistas. Aquello era un verdadero Martes de Carnaval. Mientras, en el interior de las iglesias millones de católicos abarrotaban los servicios religiosos de la Semana Mayor.

Cuba: Especulaciones Sobre Su Futuro
Por: Manuel R Villacorta O.
El ex presidente de los Estados Unidos, James Carter, ha provocado un hecho verdaderamente trascendental: visitar la Isla de Cuba. Entre los ex presidentes de la potencia norteamericana, Carter es quien más se ha inclinado a favor de cambios políticos, económicos y sociales profundos para la región latinoamericana. Durante su gobierno, Centroamérica en particular, vivió con toda intensidad los efectos de tres conflictos armados (Guatemala, El Salvador y Nicaragua). Un hecho muy particular, es la decisión que el ex funcionario tomó en materia de política exterior, al distanciarse de los gobiernos militares de esos países, acusados como responsables directos por serias violaciones de derechos humanos.

Sacramento’s Feast or Famine Cycle Must Be Stopped
By Jon Coupal
To close the state budget deficit — now estimated at $23.6 billion — the governor has embraced a number of program cuts, tax increases and financial manipulation of which the Enron accountants would be proud.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Going Back to Where we Came From
Universal Press Syndicate columnists Patricia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez are proud to announce that last month, their own collaborative documentary work, “Going back to where we came from” (directed by George Ozuna), premiered at the Taos Talking Picture Festival. The work was triggered both by people constantly questioning the right of Mexicans/Chicanos to live in this country and by the coming to light of an 1847 map (attached to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo) that shows an “Antigua Residencia de los Aztecas” site in present-day Utah.

Gane $2,000 en el Concurso Nacional del Cartel del Festival de la Hispanidad
El Festival de la Hispanidad invita a artistas, amateurs o profesionales, a participar en el Concurso Anual del Cartel Conmemorativo. El cartel ganador será utilizado para la promoción local, nacional e internacional del Festival de la Hispanidad celebrado en Miami, Florida. Desde hace catorce años el concurso tiene una proyección nacional, habiéndose recibido el año pasado más de 100 obras de artistas de todos los Estados Unidos.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Cuantas veces charlamos, conversamos, platicamos haciendo uso de nuestro amplio léxico linguístico y en ocasiones lo hacemos como el periquito hablando sin saber a ciencia cierta lo que estamos intentando decir por el desconocimiento del significado o de la etimología de los términos que usamos; hoy en día está tan deteriorado nuestro idioma, hacemos mal uso de él, introducimos palabras soeces e insultantes, nuestra sintáxis anda por los suelos, la ortografía la pisoteamos a cada instante, la fonética también no sabemos que es o cuando se usa, y la prosodia brilla por su ausencia, en fín la construcción gramatical no es muy buena y esto es parte de nuestra cultura, si andamos mal con el uso de nuestro idioma, ¿Cómo andaremos con nuestra cultura?

Finalizó el Extraordinario Concurso “Buscando Un Talento 2002”
Por: Paco Zavala
Tijuana es una ciudad en la que diariamente y a cada instante vibra de emoción la actividad febril con que se desempeña en todas sus vertientes, no quedando ni un ápice de rescoldos que queden ajenos o al márgen de tal situación.

Calendar of Events . . .
by Berenice Cisneros
Stone Soup Theatre Company presents Love’s Fire: Seven New Plays Inspired by Seven Shakespearean Sonnets” at La Jolla Stage Company (5661 La Jolla Blvd.) May 24 - June 16. Love’s Fire contains one-act plays by renowned modern playwrights, each inspired by a Shakespearean sonnet. Cost $15-$18. For more information call (858) 459-7773.

Fútbol de Primera to Broadcast 2002 World Cup on 100 Stations in U.S.
Fútbol de Primera proudly announced the details of its upcoming exclusive Spanish language radio coverage of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, which will be available on a Spanish language radio record 100 stations in the United States.

City Pools Offer Mail In Registration For The First Time
Based on customer requests, effective May 20, 2002, the City of San Diego Park and Recreation Department’s Aquatics District will begin offering mail-in registration for swim lessons at all of the City’s 13 pools. In-Person open registration will begin on June 15, 2002 and stay in effect throughout the summer season.

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