May 21, 1999

El Foro Público...

....The Public Forum

George Is Going To Bring Us Together?

Councilman George Stevens bid for Mayor of San Diego, with the theme of "bringing us together," is self serving and ignores the reality that he has grown increasingly remote from his own constituents and the majority of San Diegans.'

San Diego's real needs are not part of council member Stevens voting record. There is a critical weakness in the City of San Diego's politics and governance... i.e. the frightening inability of Councilman Stevens and his Council —members to face the unprecedented problems facing our city. They dare not identify our civic problems because to do so would call attention to their own second rate performance. At best they are rubber stamps for Mayor Susan Golding.

Dr. Art Salzberg
San Diego

(Comment: In all seriousness, it is difficult to see how any sitting Councilperson can run on their record.)

Bilingual Lessons Needed for Latino Legislators?

Caramba!!!!! Mexican American legislators in California can't speak Spanish!!! Chispas, no wonder they can't read La Prensa. Hope that TEZZY soon opens bilingual classes for all those pendejos. Y cóbrale muchos pesos.

Bilingual y Orgullosa
Del Barrio

(Comment: Gracias for the plug... Pero mi Español es mas "Pocho" than anything else.)

Kansas Picks Up On La Prensa San Diego

I am now a subscriber and I appreciate your work very much. I produce a monthly newsletter called the Region V11 Hispanic News Update. I would like permission to reprint the article on Cesar Chavez by Anita Quintanilla which appeared in your April edition. Gracias.

Rudy Padilla
Overland Park, Kansas.

(Comment: Feel free to reproduce any of our articles that is how "La Red Latina" grows.)

CRIPS, LA EME, & PYRUS Don't Register Guns

What does Congressman Duke Cunningham's support of the NRA have to do with two locos that went berserk in Colorado? Criminals always find ways to acquire weapons for their locuras. Since when have the CRIPS, LA EME and the PYRUS registered their cuetes??? If anything blame must also be equally assessed to Parents, Music, TV, Movies, the Internet... etc. Es una vida loca.

Henry Palma
A San Diegan At Heart

(Comment: Thanks Henry but I think you miss the point... Which is, you can't do too much damage if you are a local gang-banger and you do a "drive by with a knife instead of with a Saturday night special!" But you have a point, the Pros will get their guns no matter what. But you can't say the same about a 13 year old that's had too many frijoles stuffed in his brain.)

SDG&E A.K.A. SEMPRA Makes Fortune 500 On Our Backs!

(Due to the length of this letter we have abridged it. But you will get the picture of what the writer is trying to say)

We received an inflated bill of $86.45 from S.D.G.E. during the month of March 1999. My wife called and complained to Customer Services. (All we have is a gas dryer a family of 3 and normally pay $45.00 per month).

S.D.G.E. later called back and said the meter reader couldn't read the meter. The company said they averaged out the bill based on the past 3 months bills. I did the same thing and I came out with an average of $45.20.

After many more arguments with S.D.G.E. they offered to allow them to pay it in installments. I spent approximately $120 to make the meter more accessible which is their responsibility. No wonder they made the Fortune 500 list. What can the little guy do? They'll shut off your gas and electricity if you don't pay what ever arbitrary money figure they say we owe.

Luis Rodriguez
National City

(Comment: You might want to send a full report to the PUC [Public Utilities Commission] and then ask to meet with them they will be in town July 1999. Call Mr. Josiah Neeper Commissioner 415- 703-1159.)

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