May 21, 1999

Arturo Rivera is Executive Director of Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation

Arturo (Art) Rivera brings 15 years of high-level experience to his position as Executive Director of Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation, the nonprofit affiliate of Neighborhood National Bank.

Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation was authorized in the Bank's initial charter to provide technical assistance to residents, businesses and community groups; to provide educational programs for consumers; and to bring capital investment dollars into the community.

As Executive Director, Rivera's initial responsibilities include the creation of a financial literacy program, and of a community development resource database.

Prior to joining Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation, Rivera worked with Fannie Mae's regional office in Pasadena. Beginning as an associate underwriter in the Multifamily Loan Department in 1985, he worked his way up to investment officer responsible for underwriting and marketing multifamily loans in 11 Western States.

In 1992, he shifted to Fannie Mae's Housing Impact Division. Here he identified investment opportunities for Fannie Mae, marketed lending products and trained lenders how to utilize Fannie Mae's affordable housing products.

His most rewarding experience came in working with Native Americans on Indian Reservations. With Rivera's assistance, mixed use developments and single-family homes were developed in reservations throughout the Western States.

"Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation is about helping people mainstream, to learn the systems, like banking and home ownership," said Rivera. "As we define `community development," we are creating economic opportunities and increasing home ownership... actions which can enable individuals to fully participate in the economic life of the community."

Rivera attended Loyola Marymount University and earned a BA Degree in Urban Studies. He is currently a Eureka Foundation Fellow, and serves on the Loan Committee of the San Diego Housing Commission.

Rivera resides in La Mesa, and enjoys outdoor activities and travel with his family in his spare time.

Neighborhood Opportunities Corporation is a 501 (c)3 non-profit, which is headquartered at 303 A Street, Suite 409 in downtown San Diego. For information, call (619) 544-1997.

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