May 21, 2004


Lightening Dark Stains

by Ernie McCray

Man, I look out a world in dire need of a U.S. president who is compassionate and wise and loving and bright and then I think of what we’ve got: a Yee! Ha! reactionary who has no conscience or common sense, and is prone to tell lies. A man who yells: “Bring it on!” to the whole wide world right before our eyes.

And I don’t understand why we average Jills and Joes and John and Jane Does don’t pause a moment and check this dude out. Why do we get captivated by his side shows, the asterisks to the horrors he has unleashed upon the world? Like, take  for example, what we are all focused on right now in Iraq: the abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

Everybody is in an uproar, and we should be, but what’s all this George W. Bush talk about how the abuse “is a stain on our country’s honor and reputation.” Please. Who is he to talk about staining our honor and reputation? He’s the honor and reputation stainer of the universe. Has there been a bloodier stain on our country’s honor and reputation than the Shock and Awe Show he premiered in Iraq a year ago? I do not think so. Could there be anything more humiliating and degrading to the people of Iraq than their being practically blown off the map?

And didn’t the president set the tone for prisoners being led around on leashes and formed into pornographic scenes? Isn’t there something familiar about the pictures we’ve seen? The stances the young adrenalized compromised prison guards copped, the thumbs up, the happy-go-lucky smiles, the everything is cool attitude? Huh?

These warriors cannot be excused but their commander-in-chief set the tone for their behavior through every word they’ve ever heard him utter about Iraq, through every facial expression they’ve ever seen him mug about Iraq, through his “I couldn’t care less” body language about Iraq, through his attack on Iraq as the world screamed “No!” to that.

But, I hear that 42 out of every hundred of us still approves of what Bush has done in Iraq. Now that’s alarming considering that we don’t have to reach very deep into the critical thinking portion of our brains to figure out what this man is all about. Come on, he is talking “liberation” and walking “occupation” and somehow close to half of us are okay with the situation?

Is there logic to our letting this man continue to pull wool over our eyes with his ongoing and never ending lies which shroud us, as a nation, in hypocrisy? And if we want to be silly for a moment and declare that this war really is about helping Iraqis establish a democracy then why aren’t we, “the people,” helping? Why aren’t we, as earthlings who are free, citizens of the Land of Liberty, challenging our leaders and demanding, with all the avenues at our means, that they relate to the rest of the world responsibly and peacefully?

If  we don’t demonstrate to ourselves and the rest of the world that we aren’t complicit with the dismal tone George W. Bush has set, not only in Iraq, but throughout the world at the dawning of the 21st Century, then we have failed miserably as a democracy.

We need to stand tall in this needy world, as loving people of concscience and common sense, and lighten the stains on our nation’s honor and reputation that grow darker day by day.

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