May 21, 2004


Where did America lose Its Soul?

Events unfolding in the desert sands of Iraq seem to be a rerun of wars past. What is occurring in Iraq is distressingly familiar. Walk into any VFW hall or American Legion Post and you will hear the same questions being asked that were asked when America dropped two atomic bombs on the hapless citizens of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan: Why did we do it? Did America lose its soul in slaughtering thousands upon thousands of innocent Japanese civilians?

The Emperor of Japan had already communicated his surrender to then President Harry Truman and to General MacArthur. To this day, those of us who participated in this unholy slaughter of the innocent can’t find any peace in our souls. The question hunts us: Why did we do it? Had America, at that moment in time, in fact have the first WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION known to mankind? Who could stop us? Had America lost its soul? To the other nations on this earth, America was perceived as a rogue nation. It had the first weapons capable of mass destruction! We had the massive power of atomic bombs that could have been used to destroy whole cities and civilizations.

Fortunately, for the world “detente” was achieved when the Russians were able to develop their own “weapons of mass destruction”. A counter balance was created ... detente was achieved! Unfortunately, the ability to make weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them across thousands of miles has grown. Each time a new nation acquires these weapons of mass destruction a new detente must be created in order to keep these new holders of weapon of mass destruction in check.

We must ask our government and military leaders do they believe, as they have stated, that Iraq is a stakeholder in the world of nations that have “Weapons of mass Destruction? Is Iraq at a stage of development where it presents a threat to world peace? We must ask where is the proof? Did our leaders get duped into launching a war against a non-existent terrorism supported by “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”!

Could it be that in their arrogance the leadership of our country was duped into entering into a war where the use of modern weapons have been neutralized. Our troops have been forced into a war to fight the desert Sheik in their hostile desert environment where our modern arsenal of weapons is rendered nearly useless. It is costing America dearly. The lessons of fighting in battlefield not conducive to modern warfare can be deadly as we supposedly learned in Korea and Vietnam.

Is the nation naive enough to believe that the nations of the world would tolerate the nuking the mud huts and hapless civilians of Iraq, a backward nation that is not a stake holder in the realities of nuculer war? I think not. It is time that we use diplomacy and cut a deal. The price we are paying for this war is too high.  

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