May 17, 2002


El otro día, as I sat outside mi jacalito, a friend came by and asked “Tezozomoc, que es menudo that all your cuates eat when they are all tronados?” Well, for all you gente that have wondered what’s in that delicious menudo… Pos, as any Madrecita knows, or any Barriologist (One who is “muy de aquellas”), mi amigo de la Tribu Cuauhtemoc, said: “Menudo is nothing but cow’s stomach, (You know, the Gabachos call it TRIPE). La Jefita told me: “Le pongo a little maíz, chile, onions, cilantro and stir in a lot of love and there you are! There, for all you culturally deprived folks, now you know!

La vida loca continues in our barrios. So many of our young cholos and chavalas are learning, the hard way, the same lessons that generations of our youth learned in the 60’s… How long before you learn that La Vida Loca can only have one ending: la muerte from drug overdose, or violence. Es una vida sin fin.

Viva la Diferencia! May 12th, we saw our churches filled with young ladies dressed in white veils and white, ankle-long dresses, marching alongside young men wearing black pants, white shirts and ties. All were clutching rosary’s and their First Communion Booklets. The pews were filled with proud parents, Madrinas, Padrinos, and friends. They beamed with pride as their little ones filed by, in a solemn procession to the altar, to receive their first communion. Thrust far back in our minds were the awful stories of the pedophile priests that have filled the local and national news media. Our hearts cried out in pain because we know that most of our priests are self-sacrificing in their calling and hold true to their priestly vows. The pain was visible in the eyes of the priests as they welcomed the newest members of our church. Yet, their spirits must have risen as they felt the faith and trust of the large Mexican & Latino congregations on this very important day. They saw a testimonial of the faith & trust that they hold for their church and their priests.

Deep Throat, from Southwestern College tells Tezzy that the Senate has issued a vote of no confidence against the President, Serafin Zasueta. ¿Qué está pasando? No public announcements have been made as to the reasons behind the vote. The Board of Trustees has been silent, thus far, on this matter.

The Emperor wears no cloths! President G.W. Bush’s war on terrorism is looking more and more like political maneuvering by Bush and his administration. Bush & Co. evidently sat on information they received from the CIA and FBI, which forewarned about the 9/11 attack in New York. It looks more and more like the terrorism going on in our country has been fomented by our own government. The question is why? Is the Military-Industrial complex in cahoots with Bush & Co. to increase profits at the expense of the country? The country needs to know the truth and nothing but the truth (so help you God); we demand it from our leaders in Washington D.C.

PREGUNTA: Why are the folks at the local “funny farm” even considering providing welfare to Alex Spanos, another multi-billionaire, for the purpose of building them another football stadium?? Haven’t you folks learned anything from your bumbling efforts with the PADRE fiasco? Just how much taxpayer’s money are you planning to squander before the voters recall the whole bunch of you?

PREGUNTA: Citizens, how long are you going to allow the Mayor and city council to sit as the governing board of the Community Development Corporation at the same time as they function as their own bosses in the city council? The CCDC is a hog trough by which your tax money is being siphoned off to finance projects that no one else will!

The Bersin comedia continues. Jewish folks upset over citizens making the connection between what Bersin is doing and the tactics of Hitler and the Nazi Party. Anyone else make the connection that the whole mess at San Diego Unified School District is being orchestrated by Superintendent Bersin (Jewish), Board member Ottinger (Jewish). Board member Sue Braun (Jewish), and Board member Edward Lopez (who for all we know may be a ‘Converso’)? Their tactics are as totalitarian as anything in Mein Kempf. Totalitarianism is not confined to Hitler, it also exists in many other forms of organization. You would think that these totalitarian-fearing Jewish members would be loath to use these Hitler-type tactics in their dealings with the parents, teachers, and their fellow Board members.

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