May 17, 2002

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The True Color of Gray

Gray Davis Tuesday announced that his state faces a record budget deficit of $24 billion, mostly because the relatively few wealthy citizens who pay most of the state’s taxes lost money on their investments last year. A report in Wednesday’s Washington Post says, “The budget crunch shows how deeply California has come to rely on a relatively small number of its most affluent citizens to pay the state’s bills.” The wealthiest 5 percent pay 70 percent of the state’s personal income taxes, the newspaper said. Davis has proposed what he called “extremely painful” cuts in state services, at a time when a growing number of poor people are demanding more state services.

Governor. Davis is trying to blame everyone except himself for the budget shortfall. His new budget makes everyone but himself pay, when the taxpayers know it was his gross mismanagement that put the state in this position. Since he caused the red ink, I say we give him the pink slip this fall.

Democrats always accuse Republicans of not funding Education properly. Note that it is a Democratic Governor that is cutting K-12 funding by over $1B. Our schools are doing so poorly I guess Davis just wants to cut bait.

Another brilliant idea from Davis is to heap more taxes on cigarettes. Past experience has shown that this does not reduce smoking. Instead, milk money and rent money goes for cigarettes. Far more low income than high income folks smoke. So, Davis is proposing a tax on the poor.

Robert Clay

The Hall of Shame

A new web page,, is awarding the first San Diego Hall of Shame Awards to Tony Inocentes.

Inocentes, a member of the Otay Water District Board, has been called “the worst elected official in the history of San Diego.” And this achievement should not go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, dozens of people are passing around at least two different petitions asking for Inocentes resignation. Which might be besides the point anyway since Inocentes says he is not running again, instead he wants his son to take his place.

Which is problematic because the younger Inocentes is in jail for assault after he was arrested with blood on his hands.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the new web page. It has a funny cartoon too.

Jane Dupont
Spring Valley

The Other Side of the Sherman Story

I have been reading your paper the last year since I work at Sherman elementary. It is apparent to me that your reporting is biased against the administration of this school. Your one-sided support of SABER and “the community” is laughable.

Although 50% of teachers signed the petition 50% did not (and 2 people took their signature off the petition). There is quite a number of people who legitimately disapprove of the charter .

As far as the ugly signs posted, the accusation that it was administration is the most laughable, anybody in the community has access to those colors. I may even look to that very parent who made the claim.

A member of the charter committee claimed “this is war”. It is not about children anymore it is about saving face. I know it is hard for them to realize that not all of the community believes in their “vision”. Many people see the progress our students are making and want to continue.

Did they forget to tell you they did not get the $450,000 grant they said was in the bag. HUMMMM that might make a difference.

One more thing, our administration has not backed any movement. One IS a parent who has a right to a voice but surprisingly so our principal has stayed out of it.

These people want to live in the past where no one was held accountable and THEY ran the school. It is my opinion they did not do a very good job and won’t do a good job for kids.

Susan Walters
San Diego

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