Volume XXVII Number 20 May 16, 2003

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Sherman Heights Snapshots, to Showcase Local Photographers’ Images of the Sherman Heights Historic District

The Sherman Heights Neighborhood Cultural Council (SHNCC) will host an exhibition of photographs of the Sherman Heights Historic District on Saturday, May 24, 2003, from noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Rob Quigley-designed Sherman Heights Community Center, located one block south of Market Street at 2258 Island Avenue, between 22nd and 24th Streets. The May 24 community exhibition is free and open to the public.

This exhibition will showcase the work of local photographers who submitted images as a result of the recent call for photographs by the SHNCC. Over 25 professional and amateur photographers responded to the call, and over 300 photos will be on display. Photographers were challenged to take photos that capture the essence of Sherman Heights people, architecture, urban issues, or the views of, from, and within Sherman Heights.

“Two Flags” photo taken by Bobbie Bagel.

“We are delighted that so many talented photographers explored our community,” says Louise Torio, Chair of the Sherman Heights Neighborhood Cultural Council, a nine-year resident of the area, and proprietor of Historic Sherman Heights Walking Tours. “These are powerful and beautiful photographs that capture the complexity and diversity of the neighborhood.” Sherman Heights is very old high-density urban area in transition, located just east of the East Village, near downtown San Diego, only ten blocks from the new Petco Park baseball stadium.

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Torres Clears Hurdles on Road to Success
By John Philip Wyllie
Departing Bonita Vista Girls Track Coach, Ian Cumming remembers when senior Maggie Torres first started running hurdles for him four years ago. At that time, the notion of Torres evolving into a top-flight South Bay track star seemed a little far-fetched. But with the right attitude a lot can change in four years.

Mother Movement — Juarez Women Seek Justice for Disappeared Daughters
By David Bacon
GOMEZ PALACIOS, Mexico — Mexico’s federal government has finally agreed to begin investigating the deaths and disappearances of hundreds of young women in Ciudad Juarez, the largest city on the U.S.-Mexican border. From 1996 to the fall of 2002, 284 women are known to have been murdered, and 450 more have simply disappeared, according to a group organized by their mothers, Our Children Must Return Home.

Immigrant Families Condemn Racial Targeting
By Tram Nguyen
Abdul Hatifie hosts a weekly radio show broadcast to the Afghan community in the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Along with announcements of community events and discussions of Afghan culture, the Alameda doctor tries to talk about discrimination and anti-immigrant scapegoating.

Tarahumara Community Activists Jailed: Another Montiel-Cabrera Embarrassment for Mexico?
By Greg Bloom
“My community has always been called Coloradas de la Virgen,” Isidro Baldenegro told Frontera NorteSur in a March 5, 2003 interview. A Tarahumara activist fighting for the survival of his community and its virgin pine forests, Baldenegro was in Chihuahua City to visit his brother Trinidad Baldenegro and another man, Gabriel Palma López, that were in a prison in the state capitol. According to Baldenegro, the two men were jailed on bogus charges of weapons possession.

U.S.-Mexico Rift - Past the Water Mark
By Raul Vasquez
In most every way, they were as close as they had ever been. When Mexican President Vicente Fox joined his American counterpart George Bush in Washington, D.C. on September 5 and 6 of 2001, an enveloping giddiness permeated cross-border relations, as was evidenced by their joint communiqué on September 6.

Human Smuggling Deaths — More Border Death Traps Loom
By Mary Jo McConahay
NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico—In this crowded, bustling town, migrants gather to collect their strength and make connections that will take them across the watery border and safely by road ­- they hope -­ to work or join family and friends in the United States. The horrific discovery of a trailer truck filled with dead and dying undocumented migrants near Victoria, Texas, about four hours north, is a vivid picture of the risks they face. Yet, even images of blue-gloved officers picking about for evidence as bodies of the suffocated lay still on the ground -­ photos running in newspapers throughout Latin America -­ are unlikely to deter the kind of expectant travelers who reach this town. Future Victorias loom.


Women and Epilepsy
By James Santiago Grisolía, MD
Epilepsy creates major health burdens for the Latino community. Women’s Health Month reminds us of the advances and continued challenges for Latinas with seizure disorders.

Epilepsia y la Mujer
Por Dr. James Santiago Grisolía
La Epilepsia tiene muchos impactos en la salud de la comunidad latina. En el Mes de la Salud de la Mujer, debemos de recordar los avances importantes y los problemas especiales de las mujeres con epilepsia.

New Non-Hormonal Low-Cost Birth Control Device Earns FDA Approval
Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista Physician Introduces New Contraceptive
Women now have an innovative new choice in birth control options. Developed by Dr. Alfred Shihata, a Scripps Health physician of Family Medicine at Scripps Memorial Hospital Chula Vista, the FemCap is a new, non-hormonal latex-free contraceptive device. The FemCap was recently granted approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Bonita Vista High Senior Wins Two $1,000 Scholarships
Local student Susana Orozco has been selected to win a $1,000 scholarship in an annual competition hosted by the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) and its affiliates. Orozco was submitted for regional consideration by Sweetwater Authority, which earlier selected her to win its $1,000 local scholarship.

Marian Catholic High Senior Awarded Two Scholarships
Local student Cristina Jimenez has been selected to win a $1,000 scholarship in an annual competition hosted by the California Special Districts Association (CSDA) and its affiliates. Jimenez was submitted for regional consideration by South Bay Irrigation District, which earlier selected her to win its $1,000 local scholarship.

New “Dream Lab” Program Fosters Creative Development For Young Students
New Giant Screen film is the catalyst for creativity and innovation in the classroom
Students in 15 cities across America will discover unique ways to develop their creativity in a new program called Dream Lab, based on themes portrayed in the new Giant Screen film Pulse: a STOMP Odyssey, a film that highlights creative expression around the world.

Anheuser-Busch Donates $1 Million to Help Spouses, Children of Those Killed in Iraq War
Anheuser-Busch has donated $1 million to create the Intrepid/Anheuser-Busch Fallen Heroes Fund, which will provide scholarships to spouses and children of U.S. military and coalition personnel killed during the war in Iraq, it was announced in Washington by the Intrepid Museum Foundation.

Por Beverly Lyles
¡Shhhhh!  El sexo es una palabra tabú (que tus hijos están utilizando mucho)
¿Recuerdas cuando tus niños eran pequeños y sus preguntas eran fáciles de responder? “Mami, ¿qué es el sol?”, “Papi, ¿por qué los perros tienen cuatro patas?”, “¿De dónde viene la lluvia?”. Tal vez no teníamos siempre todas las respuestas, pero en nuestro rol de padres, tratábamos de que el mundo tuviera sentido para nuestros hijos. Pero de pronto, las preguntas cambiaron.

Unveiling of Market Creek Plaza’s First Public Art Project, Honoring Local Leaders
One of San Diego’s most innovative public art projects, which honors community leaders in San Diego’s Diamond Neighborhoods and was painted by artists from the area, will be publicly unveiled at Market Creek Plaza, the arts, entertainment and cultural hub at the corner of Market Street and Euclid Avenue, on Saturday, May 17, at 6:30 p.m.

Waterfront Expo May 23 and May 24 Official MariFest Event
Employers, recruiters, schools… plan to exhibit at Waterfront Expo, official event of San Diego MariFest 2003.
Affordable Housing Units Available For Low-Income Seniors
San Diego’s only low-income housing project developed exclusively for seniors is now accepting applications for move-in this summer.

Guest Commentary
American Universities Must Help Unionize Dominican Sweatshops
By Juleyka Lantigua
With baseball season swinging into full gear, take a look at the “made in” label inside the baseball caps many of us wear. You may be surprised to learn that the cap you’re wearing was made under inhumane working conditions in places like the Dominican Republic.

A Law of Unintended Consequences
By Robert H. Linnell
    President Bush is working hard promoting his $726 billion tax cut law that he says will create one million new jobs. This large cut will not make it through Congress but the GOP is pushing hard for $550 billion which has been voted in the House. Meantime the Senate wants a $350 billion cut. It seems certain that a tax cut bill will be worked out and signed by the President in the next few weeks.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Thanks for Calderon Article
Many, many thanks for the very nice article you wrote about my fellow countryman, Ivan Calderon (Ivan Calderon: Puerto Rico’s New World Champion. May 9, 2003)
Robert Rosario
San Diego

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Let the street noise in
Boys and Girls living in the streets of Tijuana grab a camera and tell us about their lives…
By Mariana Martinez
The sad problem of kids living in the streets is, unfortunately, not new. Every once in awhile newspapers fill their pages with alarming statistics and a few strong pictures, and the public is outraged, until they turn the page and find another problem to deal with.

Que suene la calle
Los niños en situación de calle, se adueñan de la cámara y nos cuentan...
Por Mariana Martinez
La problemática de los niños en situación de calle no es nada nuevo, cada cierto tiempo los periódicos se llenan de estadísticas alarmantes y una que otra foto que impacta, pero que luego se pierde entre los demás problemas del país, acumulándose.

Los niños de México
Infancia, bajo la mirada de veinte fotógrafos mexicanos
By Mariana Martinez
El termino infancia es relativamente reciente, hasta antes de la revolución francesa, se consideraba a los niños como adultos pequeños con alma de buen salvaje, pero a partir de las declaraciones de libertad, igualdad y fraternidad los niños pasaron a ser un símbolo de redención social y de paraíso recobrado a través de su inocencia.

México’s Children
Childhood trough the eyes of twenty Mexican photographers
By Mariana Martinez
The term childhood is a relatively new one, born after the French Revolution. Before that time, children where considered miniature adults with wild souls, but under the freedom, equality and fraternity ideals, children were seen under new social standards as a symbol of paradise lost and found in their innocence.

Monkey Hunting: Asia meets Latin America in a novel
The newest novel by Cuban-American writer, Cristina Garcia, narrates the story of five generations of a Chinese-Cuban family
By Pablo De Sainz
What do you get when you cross thousands of years of Chinese dynasties with the sugarcane plantations of 19th Century Cuba and the rhythm of the African slaves? Well, in addition to an exciting travel in time, you get Monkey Hunting (Alfred A. Knopf, 2003) Cuban-born Cristina Garcia’s latest novel.

La Primera Detective de Botsuana, una novela increíble
Por: Paco Zavala
Esta edición de Urano Publishing, “La Primera Detective de Botsuana” de la autoría de Alexander McCall Smith. Es una novela, con un contenido de 216 páginas, todas desde la primera hasta la última impregnadas de una creatividad literaria increíble.

Second Pan-American Conference of Alternative Editorial and Literatures
Through the collaboration of the Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura de Tijuana (IMAC), San Diego State University, California State University San Marcos, and Escuela de Escritores SOGEM Guadalajara will be hosting the Second Pan-American Conference of Alternative Editorial and Literatures (II Encuentro Panamericano de Editoriales y Literaturas Alternativas) that will take place from May 30 to June 1 as part of the events of the XXI Book Fair in Tijuana (XXI Feria del Libro de Tijuana).

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
Comentando con un amigo sobre la actividad cultural en Tijuana, me preguntaba: ¿Por qué, existe tanta diversidad y tanta separación en los movimientos culturales en Tijuana? Bueno, le contesté que tal vez se debía a que en la comunidad todavía faltaba mucho por caminar en este aspecto, los movimientos culturales aún no se consolidan, de tal manera que no se puedan percibir algunas grietas que permiten la intromisión de elementos que de alguna manera no permiten la consolidación de estos movimientos, además de que algunos sectores que supuestamente están vinculados con estas actividades aún se encuentran confundidos y mezclan corrientes políticas ajenas o contrarias a lo que son los quehaceres de la cultura y el arte y no se dedican al cien por ciento a impulsar esta actividad.

Macuilxochitl Kiva:
Poncho Sanchez: The Padrino of Latin Jazz
By Francisco H. Ciriza
Poncho Sanchez is the youngest of 11 children. He describes his parents as “beautiful” and is thankful he and his siblings shared life with them for as long as they did. The quintessential Latino family living in this country, Sanchez says, “they were from the old school...you know church and family were number one.” It is from these seemingly common and unassuming surroundings from which came the man who may one day be known as the ‘Godfather’ of Latin Jazz.

Los Temerarios Will Come to San Diego
By Pablo De Sainz
Mexico’s most successful romantic band, Los Temerarios, will come to the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday, May 24. This concert is part of their 2003 U.S. Tour, which began last April.

The Matrix - La cubana Gina Torres le da el sabor al estreno más esperado del año
Por Daniel Bort
Desde hace mucho tiempo una película no había captado el inconsciente público como lo ha hecho The Matrix. El fervor casi religioso con que fans han esperado la segunda y tercera partes de la saga solo se puede comparar a “La guerra de las galaxias”, otro clásico en su genero.

Presentan el VII Festival Universitario de Teatro
Por: Paco Zavala
Una manera muy significativa y, que en la actualidad se está fortaleciendo gracias a los estupendos resultados que estas estrategias que las juventudes y las gentes inquietas vinculadas con los quehaceres culturales, artísticos y teatrales están obteniendo.

Se Obtuvo Éxito Rotundo Con la Exposición Otra Another
Por: Paco Zavala
Una auténtica demostración de arte, lineas y trazos arquitectónicos se contemplan al traspasar el umbral de la Galería de Arte del ICBC, en la Exposición de Arquitectura Contemporánea “Otra Another”

Carlos Hernandez: Boxing’s Most Wanted Man
By Fiona Manning
Tuesday’s Los Angeles press conference for IBF 130 pound champion Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez revealed two significant things: 1. He is still the same guy, despite his burst of fame and fortune and 2. He has become the most wanted man in boxing with every fighter from 126 to 140 pounds suddenly wanting to fight him.

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