Volume XXII Number 19 ~ May 15, 1998


Front Page Stories

Going to the Root: Jerry Tello Builds Pride From the Inside Out

By Robert Quintana

Jerry Tello is a builder and healer of communities. Tello builds pride—with blocks created from the history and culture of Mexico. "In our history, we have created more elements than any other civilization. Our people have understood astronomy, astrology, hydroponics, chemistry… and biology so the possibilities are there," says Tello.

Tello, who lectures throughout the country, has written extensively from articles to curriculum training manuals to commissioned papers. He has written for Parent Child Magazine, Early Childhood Today and Low Rider Magazine and was featured in Newsweek, Time and People magazines. He has authored several different curriculums for young Latino males all geared at raising pride and building character. To continue, click on the link.

More Than 30 Skulls Found In Cave

By Franc Contreras


Detenida Valerie Peña Por el Delito de Fraude en Contra de Más de 80 Mexicanos


San Diego Woman Arrested on Charges of Impersonating a Federal Official and

Exploiting Mexican Nationals


Why Indians Cheer Yet Fear Bomb Tests

By Sarita Sarvate


Noticias de Mexico




Mexican Border Pharmacies Anticipate Rush For Impotency Pill

By Eduardo Montes

Smoke From Mexican Forest Fires Reaches Southern United States

By Paige Bierma


UC Santa Barbara's Professor's New Book Recognizes Unsung Mexican-American


University of San Francisco Establishes Latino Studies Center in the College of Arts

and Sciences

Castle Park Senior, Alejandra Luna, is Awarded $1,000 Scholarship


SDSU-School of Education Will Confer an "Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters" to

Vahac Mardirosian

Prospects For U.S.-Latin American Relations is Subject of Conference at UC San Diego


Interest high in new academy that customizes teaching style to individual student needs


North County Teens Gear Up For "Teens Rally For a Healthy Future"


Los Angeles-Area Arts Organizations Now Seeking Multicultural Undergraduates For



USDVA Accepting Applications For 1998 Homeless Assistance Grants


Free Classes At USD To Improve The Competitive Skills Of Small-Business Owners


Edward James Olmos to Speak at CSUSM Graduations


Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Receta Para Mandar A Los Políticos Matones Al Rincón Del Fracaso




Editorial: Proposition 219: Would Prohibit `Ballot Targeting' by State or Local



Editorial: Proposition 221: Will Give The State Commission On Judicial

Performance Authority To Discipline Court Commissioners and Referees

Editorial: Proposition 222: An Initiative that would mandate a 20 year to life

confinement for committing a "drive-by shooting," would mandate life confinement
without possibility of parole for murdering a "peace officer."

Editorial: PROPOSITION 225: An Initiative that would place the State of California in

support of a Constitutional Amendment to the U.S. Constitution limiting
congressional terms of office.


Opinion: Pacific Bell is Ready and Willing to Compete

by Manny Aguilar


El Foro ... The Public Forum

Un Minuto Con El Obispo Gilberto E. Chavez
La Confusion de Valores


Etc. Etc. Etc.

Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

La Opera
Las Bodas De Figaro, Triunfan

Por: Paco Zavala


Latin Bacchanalia


At The Movies: `Deep Impact'

By Ted Anthony


Calendar of Events.....


Bullfight World
Mano-A-Mano Novillada, Sunday in El Toreo de Tijuana

By Lyn Sherwood

Regis Works Out With U.S. National Team Despite Citizenship Status


Miller Genuine Draft Mete Un Golazo Con su Nueva Promoción de Fútbol

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