May 14, 1999

Tezozomoc Speaks

El Cacique de los Indios Cheyenne in to smoke the Peace Pipe with Tezozomoc Cacique de Los Toltecas we pow-wowed about el pasado ...and had visions of el futuro. Praised us for La India Madonna we highlighted as " La Madre de Todas Las Madres". She was a descendent of the Mixtecas from Monte Alban.

Tijuas Jainas getting bad rap for ripping off drunken Gringos looking for a tasty Enchilada from El Sur! Here I thought only drunken sailors did that kind of stuff!

Raza Rights Coalition on war path over what they saw as an invasion by SDPD of Chicano Turf: Golden Hill! The coalition is surprised at the wanton total disregard by Bajarano's Raiders over the safety of the hundreds of citizens, young, old, in the mostly Chicano community. Over-reaction by the COPS they say.

Hisssssspunics in Sacramento scared out of their calzones when the Governor took away nine parking spots from Lt. Governor Bustamante's staff, at the state house parking lot. It was seen punishment over his speaking out against the Governor selling out La Raza on PROP 187! The HISSSPUNIC spin is that "We all have different perspectives, based on what our constituencies are". How about the fact that the most important constituency you have is the one you were born in! You're born Mexican, Latino. No way you are ever going to escape that fact. So get off your knees! It's so unbecoming!

A trip down memory lane: In 1990 "Top Gun" Randy Cunningham Pledged in his campaign against Jim Bates: "I will not serve more than three terms in office." Psssssssst Randy, in the upcoming election year 2000, it will be your 6th campaign for reelection!! Your comments against the Commander in Chief and your lying is "Conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman ".

Councilman George Stevens wants to be elected "Mayor of all the people of San Diego!"...Who really owns Kingfish George??? Let's see just who has been paying for George's upkeep: Padres owners - $1,250; The Street Family, who own most of the property on 8th and Island right dab in the middle of the new ball park- $100; McMillan Co. owns 2 blocks in the Ballpark area -$1500; Ace Parking - (Ballpark parking)-$1,000; ETC ETC ETC ETC.......... You get the picture as to who are George's people!

TEZZY AWARD of the week— awarded con orgullo to The Honorable Maria Arroyo Prokop who was selected as the Hispanic Woman of The Year by the Mexican American Opportunities Foundation.

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