May 7, 1999

Tezozomoc Speaks...

"Cinco de Mayo," en El Rancho de Jamul was "A Todo Dar"... Las chamacas made all the chavalos become todos volados. There is nothing as exciting as watching and seeing a group chan-cleando to the beat of a baile Veracruzano. Six hundred or so Paisanos were there! Many from National City and Chula Vista, Jamul, the South Bay, y San Diego were there... La Barbacoa was out of sight!

Psssst: To deep-Throat at SDCOE. You need to call El Jefe at 231-9823. Information useless without `whistle-blower.

Taby... Not to worry Tezzy never gets sea sick!! Este Indio has sailed the Spanish Main before. TLALOC está conmigo!

Domingo is Mother's Day, in the U.S.A. Lunes, es El Día de Las Madres en Mexico! We are lucky being bicultural we get to celebrate two Mother's Day! A todas las Madrecitas "Feliz Día de Las Madres." We Love our Jefitas!

To all the sharp eyed Spanish language readers... Don't blame el papel for the gacho language in the inserts in last weeks paper... we didn't do it! Turn off the Fax machine and nasty phone calls. Somos Pochos pero, no pendejos!!

First BURRO AWARD won hands down, by: Congressmen Brian Bilbray, Ron Packard, & Randy "El Duke" Cunningham for not supporting our armed forces in Kosovo. Your vote against our men is close to being treason. Throw off the ring in your noses, get off your knees and act like men instead of bunch of vendidos!

Pregunta: After the slaughter in Colorado, how could CONGRESSMAN RANDY CUNNINGHAM still support the National Rifle Association and vote against stopping the sale of weapons to civilians that are made only for killing on the battlefields... Yet he votes to cut off support for our boys in the Serbian war. Makes one wonder if you were really a "Top Gun"!

Waldemar Rojas, a Boriqua from Frisco, just hired as Superintendent of the Dallas Independent School District (Students mainly Mexican American and Blacks). Rojas trained for the Dallas chamba at the San Francisco Unified School District (21% Latino). Como siempre los bueyes at Tejas didn't do a very good background check. Este chico ha tenido problemas con la placa y con el pisto!

Larry Prior CAO, San Diego County, resigned from his position after 2 1/2 years on the job. Noted for believing that all political decisions are inherently business decisions. Walt Deckard, Assistant CEO to Prior, hired almost immediately without any at large search, or consultations with the communities! What's good for General Motors is good for the County ?????????

Assemblywoman Susan Davis chomping to run against Brian Bilbray in the 49th Congressional District. Bilbray who is suffering from lack of backbone problems is seen as an easy mark for a good democrat. Orale Susy don't you think you should check with the majority voters in that area the Mexican American community to see if they want you?


Happy Mothers Day to all the Mothers!

¡Mucho Amor en este Dia de las MADRES?

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