May 7, 1999

Dear Mom:

by Dian Denyer.

I want to thank you for just being my mom. For the wonderful memories you have given me. Thank you for all that you did for me as your daughter. But most of all, for loving us all unconditionally. And thank you for——

Having the courage to raise three great kids by yourself. You did so well.

For having the courage to deal with your son's depression, and letting him know you loved him unconditionally.

For the cupcakes you made in kindergarten and the patience you had as I reminded you over and over again that we had them.

For the great outfits you made for me at Halloween, and all the fun we had going trick-or-treating.

For the Girl Scout meetings we would have.

For the permanents you would give me. (some actually making me look like a brillo pad).

For allowing me to paint my room with orange flowers.

For not killing me when I lost my retainer, knowing that it took extra money to buy it.

For raising three wonderful children by yourself, and having the courage to do it.

For going to Jr. College and doing so well.

For being there when I was divorced and being so supportive.

For always being there for Kimberly when she was growing up. And for being the best Grandma ever.

For the long drives to San Juan Capistrano to take care of our son Darren when he was small.

For the wonderful vacations we took when we were growing up, knowing we had very little money.

For taking part in my life and being ever present.

For continuing to be aware of the world.

For supporting me no matter what.

It takes a special mother like you, one with courage, dedication and unconditional love, to raise three great kids. I know that Ron looks down from heaven every day, turns to Dad, and smiles with great admiration. We have all walked down the path of bad luck mom, and you more than most. You always walked with head held high and I thank you for letting me see that example. I only hope that I can someday leave this world knowing that I made such an impact in the lives of my children.

I love you Mom!

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