Volume XXIX Number 18 May 6, 2005

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Cisneros Wants Cities to Recall Athens Oath

By E.A. Barrera

“We will never bring disgrace on this our City by an act of dishonesty or cowardice. We will fight for the ideals and Sacred Things of the City both alone and with many. We will revere and obey the City’s laws, and will do our best to incite a like reverence and respect in those above us who are prone to annul them or set them at naught. We will strive increasingly to quicken the public’s sense of civic duty. Thus in all these ways we will transmit this City, not only not less, but greater and more beautiful than it was transmitted to us.”

The Athenian Oath
(Taken by the young men of ancient Athens when they reached the age of seventeen.)

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros spoke to the 99th annual national conference of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) on April 30 at the San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina -  telling attendees it was time for American municipal leaders to recall the Athenian Oath and strive to create a nation where “we unleash all human potential.”

”It is time for the leadership of our cities to start thinking outside the box. We need new strategic thinking on how we will serve the new population centers … and the new complexities of the American people,” said Cisneros.

Cisneros, who served at HUD under President Bill Clinton from 1993-1996, was Mayor of the city of San Antonio, Texas from 1981 to 1989. In 2000, he formed the American CityVista corporation. The company develops homes and single-family residences within central urban areas - predominantly lower income areas with large minority populations.

“The demand for homes in central neighborhoods, or ‘infill housing’, is at an all-time high,” said Cisneros at the time the American CityVista was formed. “Nationally, there is great momentum for new development in central cities, and city leaders recognize that large-scale homeownership provides community stability. Many Americans want to live closer to work and enjoy a more metropolitan lifestyle. There is also a definite increase in demand for homeownership among minorities and immigrants.”

During his speech to the BGCA, Cisneros said the expanding population centers in the west and southwest regions of the United States required that government and private sector leaders start looking at areas they had previously ignored.

“There is a new geography of need forming in America …growth is happening in the smaller markets such as San Jose, California and Charlotte, North Carolina,” said Cisneros. “There is a dynamism to the older cities - they are doing better - rebounding. The suburbs are going through a renewal as well. Places like Arlington, Texas are starting to develop many traditional urban characteristics.”

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La Prensa San Diego and KUSI News TV-9 Team-Up

Confirming their commitment to bringing more local news to their viewership, KUSI News TV-9 and La Prensa San Diego have teamed-up to bring the news about San Diego’s Hispanic community to their viewers every Friday during the 10 am hour, beginning Friday April 29.

At La Prensa San Diego we are very excited about this opportunity to bring the news of and about the Hispanic community, as we see it, to KUSI’s audience. Presenting the news will be our very own awarding winning journalist, Katia Lopez-Hodoyan who will sit down with KUSI news anchor Sandra Maas and discuss the issues of the day, as presented in the print publication of La Prensa San Diego.

Latino Media, Politicians React To Governor’s Praise of ‘Minutemen’
By Elena Shore
SAN FRANCISCO — Latino media, community activists and elected officials are outraged over comments Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made yesterday in support of the Minutemen, an armed group of citizens patrolling the Arizona border in search of illegal immigrants.

New billboards for a local Spanish-language newscast announce: “Los Angeles, California Mexico - Tu Ciudad. Tu Equipo.”
For the station, KCRA-TV Channel 62, the billboard merely addresses a local audience: “All we are saying is, ‘It’s your city, your town, your team.’ We are a team that’s educating and informing the Spanish-language marketplace.” But for the political action group, Americans for Legal Immigration, the billboards are an example of “irresponsible corporate citizenship” because the message might “make illegal immigrants feel welcome.”

Teacher strike unlikely, but possible
By Kelley Dupuis
With teachers in the Grossmont High School District last week looking at the possibility of a strike, teachers in the Chula Vista Elementary School District might be facing a similar tough choice.

Demanda Social y Futuro Político en América Latina
Por: Manuel R. Villacorta O.
La mayoría de países latinoamericanos están experimentando la eclosión de grandes demandas sociales que en su proceso,  ponen  a prueba la resistencia y capacidad de los diversos regímenes políticos vigentes. Las advertencias reiteradas de diversos investigadores sociales y de numerosos centros académicos referentes a la urgente necesidad de dar respuesta al incremento implacable de la pobreza, la desigual concentración de la riqueza, el desempleo y al auge de la delincuencia común y organizada, fueron subestimadas por la mayoría de gobiernos en la región.

Arnold Aims For A Power-Grab in Solving His Budget Woes
By Donal Brown
Desperate to make inroads in solving California’s fiscal crisis, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to give his office unregulated power over the budget by eroding the state’s system of checks and balances and shortchanging education.


Sweetwater Superintendent might leave District
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Dr. Ed Brand, who has been superintendent of the Sweetwater Union High School District for the past 11 years, might become the next superintendent at San Marcos Unified School District.

Superintendente de Sweetwater podría dejar Distrito
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
El Dr. Ed Brand, quien ha sido superintendente del Distrito Escolar de Sweetwater por los últimos 11 años, podría convertirse en el siguiente superintendente del Distrito Escolar Unificado de San Marcos.

By Katia Lopez-Hodoyan
More than ten years have passed since NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was implemented in Canada, Mexico and the United States on January 1, 1994. Along with the passing of this multifaceted accord came mixed feelings on the benefits or repercussions that could come about with this agreement. Eleven years later, those feelings are still mixed and the main economic beneficiary is still debated. Amidst this examination however, rises a new set of concerns regarding CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Agreement). An accord with a different name, time frame that’s geared toward different countries. Yet despite these changes, many fear that CAFTA will be a replica of the controversial NAFTA which benefits have been questioned for so long.

La Diosa Centeotl
Por Gabriel Martinez
“Te reconocemos como la Diosa Centeotl USA 2005” declara Fernando López, presidente de la Federación Oaxaqueña de Comunidades y Organizaciones Indígenas en California (FOCOICA), dirigiéndose a Sandra Chagoya quien se santigua y derrama lágrimas al recibir la noticia. La decisión de coronar a Sandra es hecha unánimemente por el jurado compuesto por cinco jueces familiarizados en la cultura oaxaqueña. El primer certamen impulsado por la FOCOICA a través de la Secretaría de Cultura, fue realizado a todo lujo en el hotel Sheraton Four Points del aeropuerto de Los Ángeles el 17 de abril.

Cardenas Honored at Wings Over Gillespie Air Show
By John Philip Wyllie
When retired Brigadier General Robert Cardenas arrived in San Diego 80 years ago, he found an environment much different from the one that exists here today. Born in Mexico’s Yucatán Península five years before to a Mexican mother and an American father, Cardenas grew up speaking two languages, but he quickly became assimilated into the American culture.

My Mother Is A Star
As part of their school assignment 3rd Grade teacher, Francisco H. Ciriza, from Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in San Diego asked his students to write down why they thought their Mother was a Star. The following are their reasons why their mother is a Star.

Mother’s Day: Honoring our Mother
By Heriberto Escamilla
May is the month for Mothers. Just south of the border in Mexico, people celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day every year, on the 10th. Here in the United States, children set aside the second Sunday of the month to honor that unique person from whom we drew our very life. Like most modern holidays, the formal or public celebration of our mother and what she stands for can be traced back to the dawn of civilized existence; to those times when spiritual and religious beliefs were at the forefront of human consciousness; when people looked for meaning beyond the immediate.

El Papel de la Mujer Como Mujer y Como Madre
Celebrarán con Bombos y Platillos el 10 de Mayo “Día de las Madres”
Por: Paco Zavala
A través de los tiempos, de la historia, de las distintas culturas, religiones y razas del mundo, la mujer ha representado siempre la fecundidad, la consecución y la permanencia del género humano sobre la faz del globo terráqueo. Sin la existencia de ella no se hubiera podido lograr y consolidar el crecimiento y desarrollo de la humanidad.

The best gift for mom
This Mother’s Day, if you’re a mother give yourself the best gift: Your health. A pap smear or a mamogram are great ideas.
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Irene will do something different this Mother’s Day. Instead of going out for dinner at an expensive restaurant o getting an expensive perfume, she asked her husband and children to give her a mamogram.

El mejor regalo para mamá
Este Día de las Madres, si usted es madre regálese el mejor regalo: su salud. Un papanicolau, una mamografía son buenísimas ideas.
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Irene hará algo diferente este Día de las Madres. En vez de que le regalaran una costosa cena o un costoso perfume, ella le pidió a su esposo y a sus hijos que le obsequiaran una mamografía.

These Are Your Shoes
We have the same
f eet, Mother.
Wide, solid,
adventurous brown feet.

Project FIT Focuses on Latino Teen Pregnancy
By Tracy Nelson

“The younger siblings of teen parents are two to six times more likely to become pregnant as teens than younger siblings of teens who are not parents,” according to an article from The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy.

El Proyecto FIT se enfoca en el embarazo entre las adolescentes latinas
Por Tracy Nelson
“Las hermanas menores de madres adolescentes están de dos a seis veces más propensas de embarazarse como adolescentes que las hermanas menores de adolescentes que no son madres”, de acuerdo a un artículo de la Campaña Nacional para Prevenir el Embarazo Adolescente.

“Letter Home” Essay Contest
(Editor’s Note: Last month we announced that Alex Montoya was selected as a winner of the “California Stories Uncovered: Letters Home,” sponsored by the California Council for the Humanities and New California Media for his essay entitled:“California: Cradle of Dreams,” which was selected as top-prize winner of the statewide contest. The following is the essay that Montoya was recognized for.)


What is an American? ¿Quien Somos?
The month of May is a curious anomaly. On the one hand it signals the beginning of summer and strangely it also it’s a month when the skies weep periodically. The month begins with the celebration of Latin American Labor Day, May 1 and concludes with the observation of Memorial Day, May 30. In betwixt, we are reminded by our Calendar, that we also celebrate “The Battle of Puebla” in Mexico, i.e.”CINCO DE MAYO” on May 5. On May 8, we celebrate “Mothers’ Day” and then on May 10 we celebrate “Día de las Madres” in Mexico. May 21, we pay homage to all our Armed Forces... a day set aside to honor all our Servicemen who have died while serving in the Armed Forces. Little by little what it means to be an American person is developing and changing. Our belief systems are rapidly being redefined.

Governor Schwarzenegger Sets the Stage for Abuse Against Hispanics
This editorial is not about protecting the border, every state and government has an obligation to do so. And this editorial is not about sagging poll numbers. No, this editorial is about the moral and ethical obligation the Governor Schwarzenegger has to protect all of its citizens, even those who are here illegally.

Alan Bersin Selected to Serve on the State Board of Education
The selection of Alan Bersin , to serve as State Education Secretary, by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, is viewed as a slap in the face to all of those whose lives were impacted by his actions during his tenure, as the Superintendent of San Diego City Schools. For the Hispanic and Minority communities this appointment is particularly hard to accept.

California Immigrants: The Victims of Friendly Fire
By Peter Schey
Whether made out of an abysmal ignorance or reckless disregard of fairly well-known facts regarding immigration policy, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenneger’s recent comments on this subject are hopelessly misguided, profoundly embarrassing to California, and virtually guarantee that the State with the most at stake on migration issues in this country will have no voice at the negotiating table when it comes to immigration policy.

La Inconstitucionalidad de la Identificación Única
Por Dr. Humberto Caspa
Los derechos individuales se fueron mermando paulatinamente a medida que las autoridades federales empezaron a utilizar el ataque terrorista de Septiembre 11 como excusa para imponer leyes restrictivas. Ahora, con el proyecto de Identificación Única (Real ID), el Congreso pretende disminuir el poder de los estados bajo la misma excusa de seguridad. Esta nueva disposición atenta contra los principios del federalismo y, por ende, contra las tradiciones democráticas de nuestro país.

National City Spotlight:
Crucial Program Celebrates 18th Year
By Ted Godshalk
When most young children are first beginning to speak they utter one favorite phrase many, many times over. With my child it was, “ whasat?” and his question was always the launching pad for long discussions about butterflies, trash trucks, graham cracker chemistry or one of the other limitless interesting things around the house. Children come into this world with an innate and insatiable curiosity about things. It is this time when everything is new and the child’s brain is growing and building all of the connections at a rapid rate, that a parent’s patient attention is invaluable. This attention to a child’s growth and development is the focus of the Parents As Teachers (PAT) program.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
The New Ed. Secretary Has No Clothes On
With the recent resignation of Richard Riordan as State Education Secretary, you and your paper need to prepare yourself and your readers for an equally horrifying replacement (for parents, children, and teachers)—outgoing San Diego City Schools Superintendent (SDCS), Alan Bersin.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

El Ultimo Vuelo del Principito
Por: Paco Zavala
¿Quién no ha sido niño alguna vez en su vida? El hermoso libro de “El Principito” de Antoine de Saint-Exupery, desde su primera publicación impacto al lector con su sublime contenido. Este libro escrito para que lo lean tanto niños como adultos, siempre vinculará al niño con el niño y al adulto con el niño que lleva dentro de su alma y que jamás lo podrá relegar o abandonar.

Andrea Modica’s Treadwell/Fountain
By Geneva Gamez
On an even darker note that doesn’t get brighter even in the photographs, is Andrea Modica’s double series exhibition, Treadwell and Fountain. Fountain is a series of photographs that she took to show what it was like growing up in Fountain, Colorado. There are varying photos of children, butchered and dead animals lying simply on the ground –other times shown posed for the camera.

Edward Burtynsky’s Manufactured Landscapes
By Geneva Gamez
The Museum of Photographic Arts’ current show will be coming to its end soon. This is an exhibition I would highly recommend you try to make before it’s gone. The two featured exhibitions are Edward Burtynsky’s Manufactured Landscapes, and Andrea Modica’s Treadwell/Fountain double series. In these photographs each photographer portrays through visual aspect their contribution to a better future.

Campamentos de Primavera en el Parque Morelos de Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
Siempre es muy saludable de vez en cuando entrar en contacto con la naturaleza por razones obvias de salud, engrasando el cuerpo por medio del ejercicio, para adquirir una buena condición física y prolongar la vigencia vital de nuestros diversos órganos y de nuestro cuerpo en general.

Poesía tijuanense independiente: Trece cielos y una fotocopiadora
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Para crear sus versos, un poeta necesita creatividad e inspiración, pero para publicar su obra se requiere del trabajo de diseño, impresión y distribución. O sea dinero.

10 Dvds para llevarle a mamá en su día
Ofertas con las que no se puede quedar mal
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Después de chorrocientos mil regalos a la madre, muchas veces uno se queda sin opciones para hacerle un gesto bonito a las mamás. Más allá del ramo de rosas, dos horas de sana diversión a través del video pueden resultar en tres comidas favoritas en el futuro cercano, y sin rechistar.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Juli Triumps in Tijuana Opener
Julian López “El Juli” registered a clamorous triumph, last Sunday, at Jose Lopez Hurtado’s “Beautiful Bullring by the Sea, according to Bullfight World correspondent Gary Sloan. It was almost a sellout, with some 15,000 to 18,000 fans on hand for the opening corrida of the 2005 season, which featured José Maria Luevano, “El Juli”, and Israel Tellez, facing bulls from Barralva.

Ojeda Provides Depth Behind the Plate
By John Philip Wyllie
One of the Padres primary personnel objectives this season will be to extend the contract of starting catcher Ramon Hernandez. As one of the league’s top catchers, his services won’t come cheap and he will no doubt draw offers from several of the league’s wealthier clubs. Fortunately for Padres, they do have depth at that position in the form of Mexican League acquisition Miguel Ojeda. As a back-up catcher, the long-time Mexico City Red Devil has one of the toughest jobs in baseball. We talked about it Sunday afternoon following his 2 for 3 performance against the Diamondbacks in which he doubled, tripled and drove in a run.

Marcelo Balboa Elected To National Soccer Hall Of Fame
Former San Diego State and U.S. National Team standout Marcelo Balboa has been elected to the National Soccer Hall of Fame, it was announced. He will be inducted along with John Harkes and Tab Ramos in a ceremony in Oneonta, N.Y. Balboa joins another former SDSU teammate Eric Wynalda in the hall.

Final thoughts on Toney, Ruiz and King
By Tom Donelson
Never have a boxer in recent times been a victim of more derision than John Ruiz. I will admit that I was one of those who would cringe the entire time during a Ruiz fight. Yet, there was something noble about the guy. For one, he did not rape, plunder or pillage outside the ring. He conducted himself with dignity at press conference, never grabbling his crotch or unleashing a series of expletives. He was, well, the Quiet man. He never seemed to land in jail, much less get a traffic ticket.

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