March 31, 2006

Notitas de la Marcha de los Estudiantes CONTRA los Republicanos y los RACISTAS:

Este Indio remembered “The Good Old Days” when we took on La Migra, La Chota, all the Politicos, the Sheriff, FBI, the Federal Government until we finally got the U.S Attorney General to force the local Chota to stop playing like they were la Migra! In the good old days we had all the Hommies on our team! Not too many students as the local schools only let them attend as a special favor!

Also we didn’t see in those “good old days” Chicano Políticos protesting alongside La Raza. Glad to see Senator Cedillo de “Los” protesting right along con la Gente against the SensenBrenner Immigration Bill! Where was Denise Ducheny or Juan Vargas or the infamous Mayor Steve Padilla & Councilman Steve Castañeda de Chula Vista? Come to think about it, didn’t see El Cajon Councilman Richard Ramos en La Protesta! Would have been a todo dar to see Mayor Art Madrid out there with students! Pos no se miraba Lori Saldaña either (our new 76th District person). Ni modo —de Juan Vargas, our 79th District Rep— to be out marching por la Gente. Pos este Indio didn’t see our 80th District Assembly person Bonnie Garcia, speaking out for la Gente de El Centro... Mucho Farmworkers in that area (Ducheny’s area). And how about our “Kennedy Clan clones, the Inzunzas? The Raza in Chula Vista/National City sure missed you folks not fighting for immigrant rights! Pos now you know why the school kids had to hit the streets and fight for our Gentes rights! No one else out there!

Pos don’t worry about having to support Black Heroes anymore... Blacks were MIA’s (missing in Action) in the list of supporters of Nuestra Gente!

HAVE TO SAY La Gente de “Los” were holding the playing cards too close to their chest La Prensa San Diego was not in the loop! We didn’t know anything about it until it was too late to help.

Pos, este Indio may not be young anymore, but I can still hobble in the protest line with my WWII, Korean and Vietnam Veteran buddies!

Bueno, adios for now... TEZZY.

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