Volume XXV Number 13 March 30, 2001

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César Chávez Day: A Fiesta Without A Focus?

By Yvette tenBerge

César Chávez and UFW strikers in 1966.

Every March and April, teachers and parents guide groups of elementary school children along the rows of brilliantly colored blossoms at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad. As students pass by clustered petals of red, pink, yellow and white, adults take the time to answer their questions and to point out the really "important" things that surround them. Rarely, if ever, though do they stop to teach their classes anything about the dozens of men from Oaxaca, Mexico who silently move through the rows with their backs bent and their arms filled with freshly cut flowers. They are the migrant workers whose job it is to care for the 50-acre ranch, and without them, the Flowers Fields would not exist.

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Twelve Student Winners Announced In César Chávez Essay Contest
Twelve area middle school and high school students have been named winners in the César Chávez Essay Contest, a competition sponsored jointly by the University of California, San Diego, and the San Diego César E. Chávez Commemoration Committee.

Let us Give Cesar Chavez the Dignity and Respect He Deserves With a Federal
Holiday in His Name

By Congressman Bob Filner
Great men are always remembered on the anniversaries of their great achievements, births, or deaths. In January, we take a day off work to honor Martin Luther King Jr. In May, we pause to remember Americans who never returned from foreign battlefields. We name days for other great fighters —George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, but we've overlooked someone who fought tirelessly on our behalf. Cesar Chavez brought dignity and respect to farm workers who organized themselves and became an inspiration to all people engaged in human rights struggles throughout the world. It is time we pay him the respect he deserves!

The Legacy of César Chávez
by Jorge Mariscal
The photograph of César Chávez standing with Robert Kennedy in 1966 has the faded hue of an era long past. After twenty years of attacks on "liberalism" and any political stance associated with the progressive movements of the late 1960s and early 1970s, we find ourselves in a society in which a young César Chávez would undoubtedly be met with derision or merely ignored.

UFW honors Cesar Chavez by continuing his work
Since his death in 1993, Cesar Chavez has been honored in many communities across the nation. They have named streets, parks, schools, libraries and other public facilities in his name. This year is the first time his birthday, March 31, is being marked by an official state holiday in California-the first formal state holiday in the U.S. recognizing a Latino.

Carlos and Deborah Santana Receive UCLA's Cesar E. Chavez Spirit Award
Rock and Rock Hall of Famer and multi-Grammy-winning musician Carlos Santana and his wife, Deborah, received UCLA's Cesar E. Chavez Spirit Award at a special ceremony Wednesday, March 28, at UCLA's Faculty Center.

César Chávez Celebration to be Presented During April at UCSD
A month-long roster of diverse activities to celebrate the life and contributions of César Chávez —described in one biography title as Conquering Goliath— will be held in varying venues during April at the University of California, San Diego.

Barrales blazes a trail for Hispanic Republicans
By Daniel Weintraub
— Ruben Barrales is not your typical Republican success story. But he'd like to be.

Trial begins in case of rancher accused in fatal shooting of immigrant
The Associated Press
, March 26, 2001 — The trial of a Texas border rancher accused in the death of a Mexican national was scheduled to begin Monday and expected to be closely monitored by the United Nations, the Mexican government and immigration rights advocates.

Group grants $50m to farmworkers
By John Ellis
The California Endowment, the state's largest health foundation, announced Thursday (March 22, 2001) it will pledge $50 million over the next five years to improve the health of California's farmworkers.

Noticias de México...
Hablan zapatistas desde tribuna del Congreso
Empieza lucha política
MÉXICO, D.F. — Sin armas y sin su controvertido portavoz y dirigente, el subcomandante "Marcos", 23 zapatistas ebozados ingresaron el Miércoles a la sede del Congreso y prOclamaron el inicio de su lucha política.


Seven San Diego County High School Seniors Wins Scholarships From Hispanic
Heritage Awards Foundation

The Hispanic Heritage Awards Foundation, one of the nation's most prestigious organizations promoting Hispanic excellence, will present seven Hispanic High School Seniors with scholarships at a ceremony on April 26, 2001. The much-anticipated event will culminate in a lunch reception, which will take place at the Hyatt Regency San Diego, located at One Market Place in San Diego.

Sweetwater Breaks Ground for First High School in 11 Years
On Wednesday, March 28, dignitaries from the Sweetwater District, San Ysidro School District, Southwestern College and San Diego State University came together for a ceremonial groundbreaking of a new high school on Otay Mesa.

SWC Theatre Professor Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
Chula Vista, CA — Southwestern College theatre professor William Virchis is this year's recipient of the prestigious Shiley Award for Lifetime Achievement in Theatre given at the Fourth Annual KPBS Patté Awards.

Latin Girls Have A Bright Future Because Knowledge Is Power!
girl magazine wants to help Hispanic high school seniors girls achieve scholarly dreams. On a mission to empower Latin girls with information and provide resources that will move them toward a brighter future, Latingirl magazine presents the third annual Latingirl Scholarship sponsored by Clean & Clear.

Pallamary Puts Energy Into Power Problem
Plan Would Utilize Microturbine Power Systems

Mike Pallamary, candidate for the 6th District City Council seat, told small business owners in Clairemont last night that use of microturbine power systems could reduce their reliance on SDG&E and skyrocketing utility bills.

Inicia Colecta La Cruz Roja Mexicana En Tijuana, B. C.
Por: Paco Zavala.
La Cruz Roja Mexicana Delegación Tijuana, iniciará su colecta anual del día 2 al 8 de Abril próximo.

Roy E. Disney and Disney Foundation Donate $1 Million to Hispanic Culture
Foundation in Albuquerque.
At groundbreaking ceremonies for the Roy E. Disney Center for the Performing Arts the Hispanic Culture Foundation was recipient of a million-dollar donation. Roy E. Disney, vice chairman of the Board of Directors of The Walt Disney Company, gave a personal gift of five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) to the Foundation and the Disney Foundation contributed another five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000).

Rangers Fear For Public Safety in State Parks
Tahoma, CA — Summer's coming and California's State Park Rangers are worried.

Plan Para Dejar de Fumar
Algunos fumadores piensan que dejar el cigarrillo será fácil; sin embargo, si usted es un fumador que ha tratado de dejar el hábito, sabe lo difícil que puede resultar esta tarea. El desarrollo de un plan ayudará a la mayoría de los fumadores a aumentar sus posibilidades de éxito en el emprendimiento. A continuación, se ofrecen algunas sugerencias útiles para superar el hábito de fumar.


Shootings Signal Grave Societal Breakdown

Bang! Bang! Shots ring out in our schools, homes, neighborhoods, shops and malls. Nowhere are we safe! What has happened to our social contract? North America, in particular these United States, has turned into a deadly shooting field where no one is safe!

Yes to English; No to Español?
By Domenico Maceri
The virtual elimination of bilingual education in California in 1998 and in Arizona in 2000 through the initiative process has sparked interest in similar measures in other states. New York, Texas, Colorado, and Massachusetts are considering following suit encouraged by the "success" of the immersion approach. In both California and Arizona voters approved the anti-bilingual education measures by 2 to 1 margins. Unfortunately, voters made their choices based on their superficial understanding that immersion means English and bilingual education means Spanish. English won.

Passing the Bucks: Campaign Finance Reform Debating the Wrong Question
By Jeff Milchen
The debate on the McCain-Feingold bill and soft money reform shows how far we have strayed from the idea of one person, one vote.

The Public Forum ... El Foro Publico
Redevelopment Abuse, Heritage theft
Liberty Station redevelopment is an asset for Council members' on-going political endeavors.

Chispas! este indio struck by Tezcatlipoco... Amazed at Elizabeth Pastrana's graduating class of women seeking ways to survive en este mundo norte Americano. What spirit... What spunk. Lincoln acres was the site. Spirit was the `moda.' El Jefe proudly spoke and presented "TEZOZOMOC" plaques to top 4 grads.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Cold Sassy Tree en Escena
Por Paco Zavala
La compañía de Opera de San Diego presentó en premiere mundial la ópera Cold Sassy Tree, una obra dividida en tres actos, con música y libreto de Carlisle Floyd. Su primera presentación fue el año pasado en la Gran Opera de Houston en Abril 14.

Nuevos Valores Aporta "Alamar" Triptico Azul-25.
El Taller de Literatura del Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana, está proyectando a nuevos poetas que con su trabajo enriquecen a nuestra cultura.

Palomar College Cheerleaders Win First Place in National Competition
San Marcos — Palomar College's cheer squad recently won the first place trophy at the USA Collegiate Nationals in Las Vegas, NV.

"BLOW" - Historia Verídica de la Agitada Vida de un Traficante
Por Arnoldo Varona
Unas buenas actuaciones y sus ineludibles críticas serán entregadas al público éste mes cuando la española Penélope Cruz se enfrente al controversial papel de dedicada esposa del actor Johnny Depp en la película "Blow", una historia de la vida real llevada a la pantalla grande dirigida por Ted Demme (Beautiful Girls), sobre la vida de George Jung un norteamericano que actualmente cumple condena de 15 años en cárceles estadounidenses por actividades ilícitas en los años 70s junto a Pablo Escobar, Carlos Lehder y el Cartel de Medellín en el tráfico de cocaína desde Colombia hacia los Estados Unidos.

En Escenarios
Por Arnoldo Varona
* * * * * Considerado el más popular grupo musical del momento el irlandes U2 comenzó ésta semana en la Florida su `Elevation 2001 Tour' que les llevará hasta junio por 34 ciudades en los Estados Unidos y a partir del 6 de julio a otras tantas ciudades de Europa.

Calendar of Events...
by Berenice Cisneros
"Spring Into Dance"
The Southwestern College School of Arts and Communication presents the "Spring Into Dance" dance concert, March 29, 30, 31, 8 p.m. in the Mayan Hall Theatre, 900 Otay Lakes Road in Chula Vista.

Benji Gil to open the season as the Angels starting shortstop
By John Philip Wyllie
Though Tijuana-born Benji Gil was disappointed with both his own play and that of his Culiacan teammates during the recently completed Mexican League season, the Tomateros inability to make the playoffs in Mexico might actually have furthered his career with the Anaheim Angels. Gil, who played his high school baseball at Castle Park High School while growing up in Chula Vista, expects to be starting at shortstop when the Angels open their season on the road in Texas on April 3.

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