March 28, 2003

Barrio Dudes (del Sur), living temporarily at la Pinta de Solana (State Prison), complaining to El Jefito that prison officials del Palacio are “racial profiling” against Raza! Seems that when Homies from “el Norte” de Califas get into a berrinche against the Hommies from el Sur de Califas. All Raza at Solano, located at Vacaville, Ca., have been placed in lockdown for over 6 months. Every single Mexican from long timers to short timers, young vato locos to over the hill veteranos, the sick to the cripple... No importa... Couple Chicanos go to it; the whole Mexican population is denied their civil rights and placed in lockdown whether they had anything to do with it! EVERYONE THAT IS RAZA IS PENALYZED FOR THE ACTIONS OF A FEW VATO LOCOS!

PREGUNTA: Señor Gobernador didn’t Crescent Superior Court Judge (Robert W. Weir) rule on Dec. 10, 2002, that the practice of indefinitely locking inmates, based on their race (racial profiling-guilt by association rather than by participation in an incident) in their cells was unconstitutional?

Young Dudes raised on steady diet of video war games, which end quickly, are having trouble adjusting to reality. It doesn’t work out the same Dude. Seeing the real world from the turret of a tank, with crazy people shooting real bullets at you.

Kind of takes the fun out of it, doesn’t it? Hope you guys weren’t really planning to be back for the Spring break.

Chicanos bunkered down in the middle of desert storms not suffering as much as other Marines or Soldiers. After you have spent half your life in the cotton and potato fields of Imperial Valley, Yuma, Kern County, Texas, Yuma, and other choice vacation spots, you’re use to it! What’s a little heat?

Memo to El Presidente: Why not recall all us retired sailors and use them to patrol and protect all our harbors and ports? The Coast Guard will most likely become part of the Armed Forces just as they always do in time of war. We may not be able to take normal rough and tough sea duty. But, we can always handle the patrol boats. Ditto with National Guard. They will all soon be called into active duty. Time to recall all us retreads, we can still fire a 45 pistol or an M16 and be able to patrol and protect vital areas within the state.

San Diego News Notes asks whether Bishop Brom will stand up to Assemblyman Juan Vargas and possibly ask the Pope to excommunicate him. Vargas public and voting record is well known for the support of Gays, Birth Control, Abortions, and for supporting the issuing out of contraceptives and birth control pills to students. Vargas of course supports Transsexuals, Cross Dressers, and wants to recruit Homosexuals and Transsexuals as foster parents. Former Seminarian Juan Vargas, need not worry about Bishop Brom. He has his hands full with pedophile priests and changing the culture of the church that is in deep problems. However, perhaps the large Mexican American and Filipino voters within his district will eventually wise up and vote him out of office.

Mayor Murphy’s trial balloon, announcing his plans to seek reelection, was met with a collective yawn. Our unscientific poll indicated that the trial balloon was shot down. Try again Mr. Mayor or why not run for Governor? Seems Governor Davis might be recalled! Next to Davis, Murphy might come out looking as a firebrand Right- winger!

Assemblyperson Kehoe (D-76th Assembly District), thank God, is being termed out. As leader of the Gay Mafia in Sacramento, Kehoe set Christianity back a few hundred years. She is looking to see if she can unseat Susan Davis (D-53rd District House of Representative).

Other Notas politicas: Lori Saldaña (D) has filed papers to run for the 76th assembly seat. Vince Hall (D), who lost out to Republican Shirley Horton in the race for the 78th Assembly seat, has packed his carpetbag and moved into the 76th Assembly District in the hopes of winning the Democratic nomination. Arlie Ricasa, who has not exactly set the world on fire with her lackluster performance on the Sweetwater Union High School Board of Trustees, has established a working committee to feel out the political waters for a run at an open Assembly seat.

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