March 28, 2003


Mood Changing on the Iraqi War

As video images flash across America’s television screens, what people are seeing are scenes that somehow don’t mesh with what they are accustomed to seeing in the make-believe world of television or America’s movie screens, or on their supposed instant reality computer screens. The fear is beginning to enter their minds that the pronouncements made by the President and the puppeteers that surround him are not being seen on their television screens. There is a creeping fear that they have been lied to. The war was not going to end in a week or so. It would not be a war like Desert Storm . . .fast action, little opposition, in and out! What they were viewing was a reality show whose outcome is very much in doubt.

WAR is never pretty, nor tidy. It is messy, bloody, and the outcome is never known until the last soldier, airman and sailor have paid a heavy price. The concern that was felt by previous participants of past wars, was the arrogance of our current political leadership that refused to listen to the battle tested advice being offered from the various elements of the political and military sectors of this country as well as that from other nations whose war experience predates the Birth of Christ.

It is becoming evident that an injection of reality is sorely needed. Our political institutions are no longer serving us well. Rather than having a leadership whose top consideration is the welfare and well being of the country we have instead a leadership whose prime agenda is their political party and not the nation as a whole. Our political system has developed to where there are only two acceptable points of view, the Liberal or the Conservative. No other shades of opinion are permitted in our form of government. The prime directive is to get majority rule by one party and eliminate any participation of the other party in the decision-making. Our Constitution has been ignored. War is no longer the prerogative of the Congress . . . It is now rest solely upon the President. The President is denied the support and input from all others other than his party’s ideologues.

The Iraq situation has come about based primarily on the input of the Right Wing of the Republican Party. President Bush operated from a lack of input from other sources.

Never-the-less, the country is in a war which it must bring to a conclusion in an honorable way. As our Editorial pages noted, we have voiced our complaints on the streets, and the media that would provide a forum for us. But the decision was made whether we liked it or not. Once in the battlefield, there is no other choice but to support our children who are in the forefront of this war. We can and must succeed for the safety and continuance of this nation and all other nations in the world depend on it.

A normative standard must be established which will establish the means for nation states to resolve their problems. America is the only nation, at this time, to lead the way. But it must also be prepared to lead in an honorable way by which we all can live in peace and survive. But first we must make a true Democracy of our own nation!

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