March 26, 1999

Ritmo Latino....

By Berenice Cisneros

Recording Industry Releases 1998 Yearend Latin Statistics

Dollar Value of Latin Music Shipments Increases 16% to $570 Million

The Recording Industry Association of America, the trade group representing U.S. record companies, has released its' annual net shipment figures for Latin music that indicate healthy growth in both unit shipments and dollar value.

Manufacturers saw a 12% increase in Latin audio and video product shipped to domestic markets from (44.1 million units in 1997 to 49.3 units in 1998) and the corresponding dollar value of those shipments rose 16% to $570.9 million (up from $490.6 in 1997). These figures represent 4.1% of the $13.7 billion U.S. music markets.

"The Latin music market is expanding at a phenomenal rate," said Hilary Rosen, RIAA President and CEO. "The industry as a whole had its strongest growth in four years, and still Latin music shipments increased at twice the rate of overall market shipments."

"The music market is benefiting from America's love affair with everything Latin," said Rosen. "Latin culture is flooding the American entertainment scene, and a greater number of music buyers with diverse tastes are being introduced to Rock en Español, Merengue, Cuban Jazz, and loving it."


Ivan Lins Live at MCG, Due in Stores in March

  Music fans worldwide have the opportunity to experience an inspired and intimate concert performance by one of Brazil's most popular singers and prolific composers with the release of the Jazz MCG/Heads Up International recording, Ivan Lins at MCG.

Due in stores March 23, the twelve-song disc rekindles the excitement of the evenings in September 1997 when Lins and his band headlined at the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild's 350-seat music hall in Pittsburgh, PA. Like a host of other renowned musicians, Lins allowed the recording and release of his performances at MCG to help raise funds for the nonprofit organization's jazz education program.

During his Pittsburgh concerts, Lins told audience members that he was especially drawn to the Guild's cause because of his hopes to someday build an arts center for youth in Brazil.

Highlights of Ivan Lins Live at MCG include such self-penned hits as "Comercar de Novo" and "Anjo de Mim," as well as material by composer Noel Rosa, the grandfather' of Brazilian pop. Lins also premieres his composition "Henrysville" (dedicated to the later composer Henry Mancini) and sings an English rendition of "Love Dance," a favorite tune which he co-wrote with Paul Williams and Gilson Peranzzetta.

Ivan Lins will make a tour stop in San Diego at Humphrey's on June 11.


Jorge Luis "Ayer"

The contagious and energetic style of salsa music has proven to be fertile garden of new Latin performers. Jorge Luis is one of those rare seeds that is helping shape what the new face of salsa looks like.

Eight months after signing on to H.O.L.A. (Home of Latino Artists) Jorge Luis has released his debut album "Ayer", which captures the essence of the artist and his energetic live performances.

Known for his explosive stage presence and a well-rounded group of talented backup musicians, Jorge Luis is making strides as one of the memorable acts of the new salsa generation.

Born in New York from Puerto Rican parents, Jorge Luis Gonzalez (known simply as Jorge Luis) always had a passion for music. By the time he was 13 years old, the singer-songwriter began singing with the Harlem Boys Choir.

In his spare time he would go to the Free-style clubs in New York looking to integrate his Latin roots with the urban sound. In the meantime, Jorge Luis learned the various styles and vocal sounds of salsa music. By the time he was 23 years old, he would arrange and write his own music.

His talent did not go unnoticed. During one of his performances, famed pop producer and President of H.O.L.A. Recordings Jellybean Benitez saw Jorge Luis and signed him to his Record label.

"Besides having an incredible voice we think Jorge Luis will have a huge acceptance with the female audience, due to his cool appearance and his tremendous live energy," remarks Jellybean Benitez.


Los Greatest Hits de !Viva Malpache!

El 23 de marzo del 99 grita! lanzó al mercado "Los Greatest Hits de Viva Malpache" el álbum debut la banda Angelina !Viva Malpache! Esta banda de Rock Latino es reconocida en el área de California por su refrescante mezcla de estilos que hacen de soporte a una energética puesta en escena que los ha hecho famosos durante las 200 presentaciones en vivo que han realizado en su corta existencia. Su album se presentó a la prensa y público el pasado 4 de marzo en el Key Club West Hollywood en donde los !Viva Malpache! fueron los anfitriones!

¡Viva Malpache! se formó en 1997 en respuesta a la hambrienta escena de Rock Latino que se estaba dando en Los Angeles por esta época. La banda incluye como miembros a Jesse Gutierrez (percusión), Esteban Ramirez (batería), Leo Cajina (guitarra rítmica), Alan Lee (bajo), Roberto Gonzalez (guitarra, teclados) y Giovanny Blanco (voz y teclados) quienes mezclan con mucha personalidad e irreverencia. Todas las influencias del tradicional corrido, flamenco o tango con los contemporáneo del Punk, Ska, Funk, y Rock.


Debut of El Gran Silencio

Pushing and machinating a combination of musical styles, el Gran Silencio's music is powerful and energetic, echoing the spirit of a new generation of Mexican youths. Drawing from the canvas of their everyday lives, El Gran Silencio on their debut album "Libres y Locos" for ARK 21 Records, feature musical inspirations from a myriad of thoughts and ideas; depicting the band's philosophy on their daily lives, childhood memories, and the street culture of their home town.

El Gran Silencio originated in Monterrey in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, in the early 1990s. Brought together by the collaboration of brothers Tony and Cano Hernandez on guitar and vocals, Julian Villarreal on bass guitar, Eszequiel Alvarado on drums and Isaac "Campa" Valdez on accordion, the band was an immediate hit in Mexico with unique and potent blend of folk, rock, hip-hop, polka and vallenato.

El Gran Silencio's inimitable tough sound heard on "Libres y Locos," cleverly and effortlessly draws us into their intriguing world. The band is now poised to take on new frontiers with their American debut.



La Llorona is a legendary Mexican figure rooted in Aztec mythology. Also called Cihuacoalt, she is the wife of Quetzalcoalt (the feathered serpent that symbolizes the unification of the earth and sky). La Llorona is the wind that glides between the earth and sky, singing and crying. Legend has it that La Llorona seduces men with her sad melodies, bewitches and lures them to the river's edge where her kiss turns them to stone. She seeks vengeance for the death of her children - children who died in wars fought by men. This was a great source of inspiration for the album.

Beguiling, entrancing, and utterly unexpected, the Montreal-based Lhasa makes her Atlantic Records debut with "La Llorona," Tzigane spirit songs from an imaginary world created by Lhasa and collaborator Yves Desrosiers.

"By calling the album `La Llorona,' I'm identifying with this character - this character who's very dangerous, seductive, vengeful," explains Lhasa. "In a way, it's my shadow. I wanted to get to know La Llorona —who is she— and get to know that part of myself.

Tracks thrive within the immediacy of Lhasa's stirring vocal performance and textures described through clarinet, flamenco-influenced guitar, lap steel guitar, banjo, and violin. Filled with a country resonance and a decidedly circus-like feeling, Lhasa's voice beautifully captures a fleeting glimpse of a gypsy soul.


Andrea Bocelli

El mundialmente famoso tenor italiano, Andrea Bocelli sigue cosechando éxitos con su maravillosa voz. Esta vez su éxito se ha expandido a la TV con la canción "Vivo por Ella", la cual fuera escogida como tema central de la telenovela Vivo por Elena difundida a través de la cadena Univision hacia todos los hogares en Estados Unidos.

Vivo por Elena ha sido un éxito rotundo en la República Mexicana y ya está comenzando a dar mucho que hablar en la Unión Americana.

"Vivo Por Ella" es una canción a dueto con Marta Sánchez, la cual se desprende del aclamado álbum titulado Romanza. Con este disco Bocelli ha alcanzado los primeros lugares en las listas de popularidad en los cinco continentes.

Andrea Bocelli ha brindado la oportunidad de unir generaciones a través de la excelencia y calidad de sus interpretaciones. Con Romanza, Bocelli ha logrado una conección entre sociedades jamás vista hasta el momento al transportar a personas que nunca habían experimentado la magia de la música clásica o la popular hacia ellas.

Respetado por sus colegas, Andrea Bocelli representa una de las voces más potentes y admiradas en la historia de la música.


Abba Pater, El Primer CD Musical Que Presenta La Voz Del Papa Juan Pablo II

Sony Classical anuncia el lanzamiento de Abba Pater, el primer disco compacto que reúne composiciones originales y versiones de música contemporánea con grabaciones en vivo del Papa Juan Pablo II rezando oraciones homilías y cantos en cinco idiomas diferentes, seleccionados de retransmisiones televisivas y radiofónicas durante los 20 años de su trabajo papal. Producido conjuntamente por la Radio Vaticana, la emisora radiofónica oficial del Vaticano, y por Audiovisivi San Paolo, una de las editoriales más grandes del mundo de libros y periódicos religiosos, Abba Pater se lanzó a nivel internacional el 23 de marzo, como anticipo de la Semana Santa y Pascua.

Esta grabación fué creada para conmemorar el próximo Gran Jubileo en el año 2000 y el reciente vigésimo (20) aniversario de la labor papal de Juan Pablo II. Ya que incorpora instrumentación contemporánea, "World Music" y versiones de piezas musicales clásicas, se espera que Abba Pater atraiga a seguidores de la música popular de todas partes del mundo, así como a devotos seguidores de la Iglesia.

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