Volume XXVIII Number 12 March 26, 2004

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The Legacy of César E. Chávez

By Raymond R. Beltrán

In honoring César Estrada Chávez for La Causa that he brought nationwide attention to, it is difficult to sum up his accomplishments. It would be like placing numerical value on the idea of humanity.

Mural in front of King/Chavez Academy, by Mario Torero.

At death, César Chávez was sixty-six years old and still battling growers in courtrooms for the use of pesticides in the grape fields, but it’s only once a year that we stop and recognize the accomplishments made by this farm worker, revolutionary hero who’s survived by his legacy of migrant worker’s rights, the image of the black eagle and countless corridos. A U.S. Postal Stamp and a holiday in his honor have encompassed him into the mainstream canon of social justice with names like Mahatma Gandhi and of course, his African American contemporary, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Although, in honoring this man’s accomplishments only once a year, we should ask if the face of César Chávez has become too prominent of a symbol that’s led to the feeling of disconnection for the common people he fought so hard for?

Outside of the agricultural fields, here in the urban neighborhoods, activists, artists and educators hold strong to the man that has influenced their lives. The following statements are testimonies of the legacy César left us all, and not only a legacy of hope, but of tools that apply to anyone … anywhere.

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Latina Widow and ‘Green Card Marine’ Mothers Highlight Peace Rallys Against Iraq War
By Martin Eder
Three thousand people marched then rallied in Balboa Park in San Diego on Saturday, March 20th to denounce the war and occupation. 571 pairs of shoes, lay in the park as a backdrop representing the young American soldiers who had been sacrificed in the last year in Iraq.

Strategy Shift: Why Kerry May Choose a Latino For VP
By Pilar Marrero
He’s the popular Democratic governor of a southwestern state, with the unlikely advantage of being an experienced international diplomat. He was born in California, but spent his childhood in Mexico City. He speaks real Spanish — not the spanglish kind — and has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s a political moderate with charisma and charm.

El trabajador mexicano, sus derechos y su posición social
Por: Paco Zavala
En una veloz retrospectiva sobre las condiciones laborales guardadas por los pobladores del territorio de la Nueva España a partir de la conquista a la Revolución Mexicana de 1910. Si la esclavitud a la que fueron sujetos nuestros antepasados a extremos inhumanos, tomaron derroteros distintos a su verdadero destino de progreso, el país se habría convertido en un país justo y soberano, económicamente suficiente, dadas las riquezas naturales existentes.



A Model Minority Mess: Race & Beauty in America’s Next Top Model
By Tammy Johnson
I’ve been having that dream again.

Encuesta sondea opiniones de minorías en California acerca del sistema penitenciario de California, la ley “Three Strikes” y el trato de juveniles en el sistema judicial
SAN FRANCISCO – Los grupos étnicos de California quieren más programas alternativos de rehabilitación y más programas para tratar adicciones en el sistema penal como también desean que se use menos el encarcelamiento en las sentencias de las cortes criminales del estado, según una nueva encuesta de grupos minoritarios acerca de las políticas judiciales en California.

César Chávez Honored through programs and events:
Seminar Series, Chicana/o Visual Culture, to Begin April 2 at UCSD
Chicana/o Visual Culture, a five-part seminar series on Chicana/o art, will be held beginning April 2 and continuing on consecutive Fridays from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. through April 30 in the Women’s Center at the University of California, San Diego. All events are free and open to the public.

César Chávez Day
March 31, 2004
By U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer
On March 31, we will celebrate the 77th birthday of a great American, the late labor leader Cesar E. Chávez. Millions of Americans are still inspired by his immortal motto: “Si, se puede - Yes, we can.” César’s positive attitude, indomitable spirit, and tireless efforts helped California farm workers win union representation and fair labor contracts after years of struggle.

Congressman Bob Filner Recognizes Patricia Aguilar As Citizen of the Month
By Raymond R. Beltrán
51st District Congressman Bob Filner awarded Chula Vista community resident Patricia Aguilar with the Citizen of the Month Award Monday afternoon in front of Chula Vista City Hall.

Latino Heads Rotary’s District Village Bank
Rotarian David Ballesteros, M.B.A., Ph.D., President-Elect and International Director of La Mesa Sunrise Rotary, will be the District Village Bank Chair for next year. Together with funds from four other Rotary Clubs, the group is sponsoring a Village Bank Program in Equador. He is a Dean Emeritus, and a Former Professor of Spanish and Cross-Cultural Education at the UCSD Imperial Valley Campus in Heber and Calexico.

Disparities in Health Care a Silent Killer
Hispanic Voters Long to Hear National Candidates Call for Equitable Care
By Dr. Elena Rios
WASHINGTON – In this election year, both major political parties are actively courting the nation’s fast-growing Hispanic population.

Las Disparidades en la Atención de la Salud Matan Silenciosamente
Los Votantes Hispanos Desean Que Los Candidatos Nacionales Promuevan La Atención Equitativa
Por la Dra. Elena Ríos
WASHINGTON – Este año de elecciones, los dos principales partidos políticos están cortejando activamente a los hispanos, el grupo de más rápido crecimiento en el país.

Prostate Cancer Prevention
By Paul Reeves
Most of us value life tremendously and wish ourselves and those we love to live a long, prosperous, and fruitful life. Sadly, there are obstacles that can prevent us from achieving this goal. One such obstacle is prostate cancer. Cesar Gonzalez, a retired professor and cancer survivor, feels that the Hispanic community must get more involved with studies that are testing ways to prevent diseases such as prostate cancer. He mentioned the SELECT Trial as a good example of ways the community can get involved in exciting research. According to Gonzalez, “Our focus is on la lucha, (the struggle). In the face of “the struggle,” we see medical trials as a luxury, when in fact they are a necessity. It is important that these trials include people from all our communities so we and our children and grandchildren can all share in the benefits.”

Por Karina Hurley Flores
Nuevas oportunidades para los futuros profesionales
Muchos de nosotros hemos oído hablar de un lugar llamado Nashville. Sin embargo, fuera de su música, deliciosas parrilladas y maravillosos parques nacionales, hay mucho que desconocemos de esta hermosa ciudad ubicada en el Estado de Tennessee. Prueba de ello es la sorprendente cantidad de habitantes Hispanos. Si bien los últimos censos realizados arrojaron la cifra de 40 mil Hispanos residentes, los expertos estiman que en realidad existen alrededor de 100 mil y que esta cifra, va en aumento.

UC study finds many Latinos missing out on tax credits
Credit could add millions of dollars to state’s economy
The federal government’s Earned Income Tax Credit is like a cash bonus for low-income working families. A University of California survey found, however, that many eligible Latino Californians aren’t receiving the tax credit.


We Celebrate the Life of César E. Chávez
March 31, 1927 – April 23, 1993
For the Mexican American community, the one true hero is César E. Chávez. There are many great Mexican Americans who have achieved success and accomplishment, but only César E. Chávez has transcended them all, having led thousands and inspired millions of people in his lifetime.

Get it in writing
The City of Chula Vista would like to add 494 acres of property in the north-ern and southern sections of the city to their redevelopment area, primarily Broadway and Third Ave. Towards this end the City Council, which also wears the hat of a redevelopment agency, held a public hearing on the proposed expansion this past Tuesday, March 23. After listening to a majority of the business owners in the affected area that addressed the city council, it is obvious that they are skeptical of the plan at best.

9-11, 3-11 …. 10-11?
By Andrés Lozano
Nothing succeeds like success! Come November, al-Quaeda’s accomplished attempt to derail the Spanish elections and impose her candidate will be rehashed here. The crux is identifying where and when, not if. One thing is certain: she will not spare means and mettle to lick George W. Bush. Ironically, this puts John. F. Kerry’s presidential bid against the ropes. Such is the way the law of unintended effects operates. The Spanish terrorist success may have been attained at the cost of warning American voters beforehand. When the electoral campaign heats up, between Labor Day and Halloween, JFK will be required to allay fears among American voters that he is not Osama Bin Laden’s proxy or any other terrorist patsy. It will be bold from JFK, indeed, coming clean with voters and, simultaneously, pull off the acrobatics act of offering a working alternative to president’s Bush war on terrorism.

9-11, 3-11 … 10-11?
Por Andrés Lozano
¡Nada prospera como el éxito! La tentativa lograda por al-Qaeda de descarrilar las elecciones españolas e imponer a su candidato, será reiterada aquí para las elecciones de noviembre. La esencia es identificar dónde y cuándo la repetirá, no si lo intentará. Una cosa es cierta: no escatimará medios y vigor para derrotar a George W. Bush. En paradoja, está certitud pone contra las cuerdas a la campaña de John F. Kerry. Así funciona la ley de los efectos inesperados. El éxito terrorista alcanzado en España pudo haberse logrado al costo de prevenir al electorado americano. Cuando se caliente la campaña electoral, entre el día del trabajo y el día de muertos, JFK estará obligado a convencer a los votantes americanos no será el delegado de Osama Bin Laden o peón del terrorismo. Será osado de JFK sincerarse con el electorado y acto de acrobacia supremo, ofrecer alternativa eficaz distinta a la llevada a acabo por el presidente Bush.

La Precarización Laboral y el Desempleo
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Como es costumbre todas los días, en las calles adyacentes a las tiendas Home Depot, muchos trabajadores latinoamericanos esperan que alguien los contrate por una jornada de trabajo. “La espera es larga y son pocos, realmente, los que tienen la suerte de ser ocupados”, dice uno de los interesados. Las mismas pesquisas laborales suceden sema-nalmente en una de las conocidas cafeterías de Starbucks, aunque en diferente circunstancia y con gente mas “refinada”–algunos caballeros vestidos de saco y corbata, las damas en atavíos decorosos de oficina. Todos hablan inglés y muchos tienen un “cartón” académico que acredita sus conocimientos universitarios.

An Open Letter to Latino/a Vietnam Veterans
One More Reason Why You Should Support John Kerry
By Jorge Mariscal (U.S. Army, 1968-70)
When we first arrived in-country, they told us we were there to defend democracy. Most of us didn’t realize that the South Vietnamese government was so corrupt that not even the Vietnamese people supported it. Do you remember seeing the Buddhist monks on fire in the streets of Saigon? They were protesting the so-called democratic government that had been installed by the United States.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Público
Lets us support access to community colleges
On Monday, March 15, 2004, some 5,000 community college students from around the state marched in Sacramento to protest proposed fee increases. In fact, students marched at this same time last year as their fees jumped from eleven dollars to eighteen dollars per unit. This year’s budget proposal would increase fees by 44% for community college undergraduates and increase fees for BA-holding students returning to college for job retraining or skill-building from $540 per year to $1,500 per year.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Diversión suburbana - Jersey Girl escapa de la controversia “Bennifer” con estilo
Por Jose Daniel Bort
A pesar de ser esquemática y quizá demasiado simple en su exposición, la nueva comedia del cineasta Kevin Smith, “Jersey Girl”, da en el blanco con su humor directo y agudo, plagado de referencias de la tierra que lo vio crecer, ese estado que llaman el suburbio de New York.

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
El mundo deportivo tijuanense el pasado fin de semana estuvo de manteles largos al celebrarse en el Paseo de los Heróes en la Zona del Río, la marcha Grand Prix 2004, en la que participaron grandes figuras del deporte nacional e internacional con miras a la gran contienda olímpica que se celebrará en Atenas en el próximo mes de Agosto. Este evento fue todo un éxito, el cual celebraron todas las fuerzas involucradas.

Calendar of Events...
By Berenice Cisneros
Marques Vickers Flamenco
** San Diego’s Gallery Saccade will present an exhibition of Northern California artist Marques Vickers Flamenco and Figurative dancer series entitled “Art Jondo: Rhythm in color”, February 27-April 10. Vickers’ dancers are a contemporary articulation of the human figure integrating abstract color fields with intense brushtrokes reflecting the movement and grace of a dancers rhythm.

Baron Battery Powers Surprising Bonita Vista
By John Philip Wyllie
Inheriting a young, inexperienced team at Bonita Vista High School softball coach John Carlson knew one of the few players he could count on coming into this season was veteran catcher Laura Lopez. What he didn’t foresee was the sudden emergence of sophomore pitcher Laura Sheffield. Together, this Baron battery has accounted for five of the surprising Barons six wins. Off to a blazing 6-1 start after defeating third-ranked Torrey Pines and Mar Vista this week, the Barons are turning what was expected to be a rebuilding season into a banner year. Carlson’s Shef-field-Lopez battery deserves a lot of the credit.

Levine Lifts Bonita Vista Defense
By John Philip Wyllie
Standing at just a shade under 5’2” Bonita Vista High School’s Dana Levine is not likely to intimidate many of her lacrosse opponents with her size. That however, hasn’t stopped this feisty daughter of Mexican emigrants from making a major impact on coach Ralph Carrier’s lacrosse team.

Bazan, Lopez and Other Southern Californians Honored at Pacific Life Open
By J. Fred Sidhu
Indian Wells, Calif. – San Diego’s Angel Lopez and Alberto Bazan of El Centro were among five individuals who were honored on March 14 at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden during AeroMexico Day at the Pacific Life Open tennis tournament.

Ahmed Santos’ 13th Round
By Fiona Manning
They stopped 15 rounds for professional boxers some years ago for humane reasons.

Federer and Henin-Hardenne Capture Pacific Life Open Titles
By J. Fred Sidhu
Indian Wells, CA. — Switzerland’s Roger Federer and Justine Henin-Hardenne of Belgium are both ranked number one in their respective tennis tours and last Sunday they showed why they are the best in the world as they both won singles titles at the Pacific Life Open in impressive fashion.