March 25, 2005

Who will be the next Miss National City?

By Adena Newbery

Last year, about this time of the year, 17 year old Morgan Leigh-Ann Hart entered the Miss National City pageant, with the support of her parents and the influence of her best friend Yvonne Torr-es. Yvonne was the former Miss National City 2003.

“Yvonne really got me out there and wanting to do it and she was the one that said, you know you need to do this and it’s really going to help you out in the long run” said Morgan.

Morgan walked into the pageant shy and reserved and in the end she transformed into this self-assured, happy person. She was able to walk up to anyone with confidence and say here I am. “This pageant helped so much”.

Morgan Hart with best friend Yvonne Torres. Photo by Christopher Newbery.

When her name was called and was crowned Miss National City her term began. “I was surprised. Honestly didn’t think I would win”

They had different categories for awards like Miss Congeniality which she thought she might have a chance for. But when all of the awards were announced and her name wasn’t called for any of those she though that was it. She didn’t expect she would hear her name called for the crown, but then it was called. “I was shocked!”

Morgan felt the strongest point in the pageant was the interview with the judges “I went in there with my head held high and was able to walk out with a huge smile on my face knowing that I did really well.”

As far as her public speech went she was really nervous and didn’t feel that it went as well. Morgan Hart admits that she keep to herself a lot during the pageant and should have been more friendly and open to everybody else. “If I was able to go back I would be a lot more outgoing to all the other contestants.” This experience taught her to be more open to others. It’s helped her to communicate better and also helped her to be able to accept others a lot more than before.

During her term she’s has gone to ribbon cuttings throughout the community, parades and organizational gala events. She’s helped with raffles and silent auctions as well as live auctions.

This year’s selection for Miss National City 2005 will take place April 29th and all young ladies interested in learning more can log onto their web site at: and it will give all the information needed to compete.

Some advice that Morgan Hart gives is “you have to come up on stage and just be sure. Be sure that this is what you want to do. Be sure about yourself and everything about you. You have to walk up there like you’re the only person in the world.” It has come to the end of Morgan Leigh-Ann Hart’s term and her time to pass on the crown. Now the question is: who will be crowned next by Morgan Hart?

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