March 24, 2006


Francine Busby for the 50th Congressional District

A special election for the 50th Congressional District will be held April 11 to fill the remaining term of Randy “Duke” Cunningham who resigned his seat in shame. The 50th is a decidedly Republican district reaching from the Coastal Cities of Encinitas, Del Mar and Carlsbad to the inland communities of Escondido, San Marcos and Rancho Santa Fe, the 50th District encompasses much of North County, as well as the San Diego neighborhoods of La Jolla, Clairemont, parts of Pacific Beach and the Community of University City. Republican registration in the district is at 45% to the Democrats 30%, which explains why there are 14 Republicans running for this seat. Two Democrats are in the race as is one Libertarian and one Independent candidate. If no candidate receives over 50% of the votes cast, a run-off election will be held with the top candidate from each party.

The Republican Candidates have attempted to focus on immigration. Most have taken an extreme stance on the issue, extolling minutemen endorsements and viewing the issue from a criminal/punishment point of view. They have continued to ignore the corruption exposed by the recent arrest of former Congressman Duke Cunningham and led to his removal from office. As well, the Republican candidates are attempting to down play and not speak out over the corruptions and near bankruptcy of the City of San Diego after 20 years of Republican leadership!

Extremism in any fashion is never a good thing as it tends to placate the middle and ignore those who disagree. As an elected representative of a district, it is incumbent that the person elected to Public Office never forgets that they are there to represent the interests of all the people of the District, City, County and State. They are elected to address the needs of all those who live within his district and not just the members of his Party!

While immigration is an important issue, as well as crime, drugs, unemployment, there are other issues at the Federal level such as the fiasco that is going on in Iraq to consider, in a Federal Election such as the race for the 50th Congressional District. And in particular for the Hispanic community an extreme Republican representative would mean the continued right wing attitude of Hispanics being the problem within the district instead of trying to incorporate and work with the community to address the needs and desires of this community.

For too long now Hispanics have had to struggle in the shadows within the 50th District. The issues that are vital to their well being or becoming a solid member of their community are not represented by the continued right wing attitudes of most of the candidates for public office!

Hispanics are looking for a representative who will be more comprehensive and compassionate in dealing with the daily issues that they face daily, In this regard, Democrat Francine Busby is the candidate that represents our concerns and interests the Best! Busby has served as a trustee of the Cardiff School District Board, is past president of the Cardiff Education Foundation. She is the founding president of the Casa Theresa Central Guild that provides assistance to pregnant women, and is currently an adjunct Professor of Women’s Studies at California State University, San Marcos.

Francine Busby opposed the war in Iraq from the outset, she would work for an improved health care plan, and her position on immigration encompasses a comprehensive approach to dealing with the issue, reflecting the importance of the border to San Diego and the North County.

It is time, to step away from extremism and elect a candidate that will represent all the residents of the 50th District and bring a practical and sensible approach to the issues affecting this community. It is time for a fresh face in the 50th and one that is not tied to old way of doing businesses via the back room. It is time to elect Francine Busby as Congresswoman for the 50th District.

La Prensa San Diego
Endorses the Candidacy of

Francine Busby

To be the Best Replacement For
The 50th Congressional District

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