Volume XXIII Number 11 ~ March 19, 1999

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US-Mexico Soccer Impression

By John Philip Wyllie

The sign on the stadium scoreboard said it all. It read, "Welcome U.S." Certainly an odd message to be posting at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium, which according to Rand McNally, still lies within the boundaries of the United States. Or was it?

Surrounded by a sea of highly charged green-jerseyed Mexico fans, players on the U.S. National Soccer Team must have felt as if they were playing in Azteca Stadium. But this is the situation whenever Mexico brings it's skillful and exciting team to Southern California. Following their every move is a legion of loyal fans waving flags, chanting, blowing their horns and celebrating their heritage. This was not just a soccer game. This was an international battle for the U.S. Cup between North America's two best soccer teams, the United States and Mexico. This was war!

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Four Principals Reassigned, Parents Left Out of the Loop
Chula Vista Parents Feeling Disenfranchised
By Daniel Munoz

Cuatro Directores Despedidos; A los Padres No Los toman en Cuenta
Padres en Chula Vista Se Sienten Sin Derechos
Por Daniel Muñoz

Cuba Sentences Dissidents to Prison, Drawing World Criticism
By Anita Snow

UCSD Announces 1999 Freshman Admissions Data
Hispanic Numbers Are Up

Noticias de Mexico


Former Migrant Workers Help Students with Similar Plights
By Jeremy Schwartz

Over 10,000 Educators, Parents and Leaders Celebrate Bilingual Education

Zettel Servirá en el Comité Sobre Asuntos Entre California y México

California Se Une a la Lucha Para Combatir el Fraude y Abuso Contra Medicare

National Hispanic Medical Association Joins White House to Target The Estimated
25% of Uninsured Hispanic Children

Asociación Médica Nacional Hispana se Une a la Casa Blanca Para Enfocar al
Estimado de 25% de Niños Hispanos No Asegurados

More Cooperation, Less Incarceration Needed to Prevent Substance Abuse Survey
Shows One in Three California Adults Affected

AT&T Sneaks in Price Hikes
By: Dan Muñoz Sr.

AmeriCorps and Bayside in Linda Vista: People Helping People Help Themselves
and Others

Realtors Aim To Make Housing Market Minority-Friendly

Como Padres y Madres, Somos Los Primeros y Los Más Importantes Maestros de
Nuestros Hijos
Por David Hernández

USIU Promotes "Troops to Teachers"

Notas del INS

Hispanic Radio Network/La Red Hispana
Por Javier Sierra
El Burro Hablando de Orejas

Community Notes:



La Herencia Mexicana en el Sudoeste Norteamericano

por Jacob G. Hornberger

The Mexican Heritage in the American Southwest

by Jacob G. Hornberger

El Foro Público ... The Public Forum

Notas Politicas:

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Sporting news, reviews and other tid bits

An Extraordinary Story of a Nation Engaged in Telling the Truth About Its Past
With the Hope of Creating a New Moral Order for Its Future

Novel Wins Coveted Award

Gregory Nava — Acuerdo Exclusivo con New Line Para Producir Durante Dos
Años Películas de Temas Latinos

At The Movies: Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
By Matt Wolf

Calendar of Events:

Philippoussis Outlasts Moya to Win Newsweek Champions Cup
By J. Fred Sidhu

Moya Overtakes Sampras For Number One Ranking
By J. Fred Sidhu

Serena Williams Wins 1999 Evert Cup
By J. Fred Sidhu

United States and Mexico to Meet March 28th at Rose Bowl

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