March 16, 2001

La Politica...

The Census 2000 figures confirmed that Hispanics (Latinos) have surpassed African-Americans as the nation's fastest growing, largest minority! Not letting any grass grow under his feet, the not-so Reverent Jessie Jackson lost no time in moving to form an allegiance with a Hispanic group: "Latino Initiatives For The Next Century"(LINC). The group is based in Chicago. Not surprisingly, this is the same place that the scandal-plagued Rainbow/PUSH Coalitions is based.


Cosas you ought to know: African-American state legislators recently stopped a bill in the Georgia Legislature that would have broadened the legal definition, in Georgia, to include Hispanics as a minority, rather than just Blacks. If passed, the bill would have allowed State contractors to qualify for tax breaks to encourage them to hire Hispanic companies.


CENSUS now confirms the U.S. Latino population has grown from 25.9 million, as reported by the 1990 census, to 39.2 million (a 60% increase!) The African-American population came in at 36.4 million! Latinos are now 12.6% of the total U.S. population making them the largest minority in the country. (Note Puerto Ricans are not included in the count as Puerto Rico is not a state but a Commonwealth of the U.S.)

Confirming once again that California is the flakiest state in the nation:


* Totally unaware that California voters rejected the Republican party line, our totally color-less Governor, GRAY Davis, has plunged ahead and assured that the Corporate Sharks, who control the electricity and gas within our state, will continue their outrageous price gauging WHICH HAS SEEN OUR UTILITY BILLS RISE BY 300 percent! Our moonbeam flake of a Governor is more concerned that the profits continue to fill the coffers of the `Ruthless Energy Barons' (mostly Republicans!)


* Term Limits has opened the gates to elective office. All you need to win is MONEY. Never mind if those elected are totally unfit. Case in point: A HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE BILL has just been approved on a party line vote in the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Conclusion: The Dem-ocratic Party has completely been taken over by the Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender lobby. If AB25 is passed by the full Assembly which is controlled by Democrats, the DEMOCRATIC PARTY will have become totally irrelevant to the citizens of California!


President G.W. Bush completely snookered the people of our country, especially the environmentalists, when he jettisoned his campaign pledge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. After the coal industry mauled him a tiny bit, he caved and gave the go ahead to the polluting, coal burning plants to light up the smokestacks again! Won't be long before we match Mexico in levels of contamination. That's what I like about our Texan Cowboys "they are men of their word." It's the old code of the West!


Census Note: 66.1% of the Latino population is Mexican! The remainder is split among Central and South Americans 14.5%, Puerto Ricans 9%, Cubans 4%, other Hispanics 6.4%.


Latino size and political vote are not reflected in appointments or election to public office at either the state or federal levels. Democrats and Republicans still see our society in black and white, no BROWN in their "rainbow."


KFMB TV (channel 8), just fired Maria Velasquez who has paid her dues for the last 16 years at KFMB Television. No reason given. Thanks Ed (General Manager) Trimble for your continued vote of confidence in our people!


Mayor Dick Murphy showing very little concern for the Mexican citizens of San Diego. His appointments are not exactly overrun by Mexican- Americans. After this, you may be seeing a patronizing NEW committee for just Mexicans ala the "Black Committee" recently created by the Black community. Gracias, but NO THANKS!


Stromy weather

In the loop

By Al Kamen

The Washington Post

March 12, 2001 -- Immigration rights activists went on high alert last week over some career musical chairs they feared would land immigration reducer Cordia Strom in a power position at the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Strom is a veteran of Capitol Hill and the conservative Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which favors major reductions in immigration. She is in a senior career job at the Executive Office of Immigration Review, the Justice Department branch that runs immigration courts. Her boss there, Kevin D. Rooney, recently moved over to become acting INS commissioner.

The concern was that Rooney would bring Strom over to join him in a senior capacity, and that she would quickly assert herself as the power behind the throne.

Immigration liberals and moderates were said to have helped thwart a move to make Strom INS general counsel. But not this time. We're told this one's a done deal as of April 2.

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