March 14, 2003

Advisory Committee to Begin Reapportionment of Trustee Districts

The newly established Advisory Committee on the Reapportionment of Trustee Districts will begin work with an outside consultant to reapportion the district’s population among the five trustee districts.

The second meeting of the committee will be held at the Board of Education Auditorium on Friday, March 14, at 9 a.m. The meeting is open to the public.

“The reapportionment of trustee districts ensures that the residents of San Diego are equally represented by the Board of Education in the decision-making process that affects our children,” said Superintendent of City Schools Alan D. Bersin. “Reviewing and redrawing their district boundaries allows the democratic process to prevail.”

Committee Members

Each board trustee nominated one committee member: Michael Aguirre (nominated by Frances O’Neill Zimmerman), Laurie Black (nominated by Katherine Nakamura), Hugh Boyle (nominated by John de Beck), Tomas Morales (nominated by Ed Lopez) and George Stevens (nominated by Ron Ottinger).


“The committee will work with a consultant, approved by the Board of Education to develop new districts as close to equal as possible,” added bersin.

Under Article VI, Section 66 of the San Diego City Charter, the District is required to divide its five districts as nearly as practical into equal populations for the purpose of electing members of the Board of Education. The five trustee districts are no longer “nearly” equal in population when data from the 200 federal census is applied to the current boundaries. The Advisory Committee on the Reapportionment of Trustee Districts was established to work with the reapportionment consultant and assist the Board in reapportioning the trustee districts.


On February 4, 2003, the board approved formation and appointment of five members, one from each trustee district, to the advisory committee. The committee nominations were approved at the board meeting on February 25. On Tuesday, March 11, the board will vote to approve the selection of a consultant to work with the committee.

Serving more than 140,000 students, San Diego City Schools is the second largest school district in California, with more than 200 educational facilities and more than 17,000 employees. SDCS is improving student achievement through a focus on basic education skills in reading, writing and mathematics. The district is committed to supporting schools and enhancing the classroom learning environment through modernized facilities and resources and through parent, teacher and community involvement in the educational process.

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