March 14, 2003

Otro Dia, Another Peso…

Gente, did you ever wonder why it is that all those Mexican workers cross la Frontera to work for the “man”? La Migra sees it in simple terms: We are all illegal. So, they round them up once the farmers don’t need them, they dump them back across la linea. Actually, the gringo created this problema. In 1848 the hotshot Yankees stole all the land North of the Rio Grande River and ran all the people off. Mexico ended up with all the people and the Yankees ended up with all the land. Big problema, they had no one to work it! Mexico ended p with little land but all the workers! The U.S. of A. won the land grab, but in the process tied itself to Mexico forever in order to fill its need for workers! So you see Gente, they created the problem in 1848 (Its in the Treaty of Guadalupe) and they are stuck with it. They still don’t have the people to man its farms and factories. The reality is they can’t exist without the Mexican workers!

Pregunta: Señor President V. Fox, when are you going to realize you are actually in the drivers seat and in a position to demand a good deal for their people or you close the border? How long do you think California could last without workers?

Mayor Dick Murphy has egg all over his face as do all the City Councilpersons except for Donna Frye, for supporting the appointment of former D.A. Ed Miller to the Ethics Commission. Way to go City Council why appoint a fellow who has demonstrated little ethics in office and while campaigning! San Diego City now known as the “Big Easy”. Heck, the Hoods from the Windy City have nothing over the local “Hood”!

Pregunta: Why not dump Miller, apologize to the citizens of America’s finest city, and take the Mayor and city Council out of the appointing process? Tezzy hint: Mr. Mayor its tough to talk on water, just as J.C. take the blindbolds off before you are totally discredited! God can’t alter the past, but historians can!

City Hall, in cahoots with the Association of General Contractors, has managed to lock out most minority contractors from the bidding process. Mexican and Black American firms have been shut out they have been allowed only 4/5% of all city contracts. Proof that affirmative action is dead and that “White Privilege” is still alive and well in America’s finest city. Tell me one more time that America is the land of equal opportunity.

Pregunta: Qué pasa with Latino Builders Association who received big bucks to sign up Latino Contractors but for some strange reason couldn’t find any in the entire country or state. In a spot like this it’s best to remember that our Compañero Pancho Villa had to say in a similar situation: “Don’t let it end like this, tell them I said something”! What do you want to say Vatos?

Marco Firebaugh, Assembly Floor leader in the State Assembly came to town for a rest stop on his way to Calexico. He was on the way with eight Funeral Coaches to be presented to the Mexican Consulate. The California Funeral Directors and Service Corp International donated the funeral coaches. Assembly Firebaugh had learned that Mexico has a tremendous shortage of funeral vehicles in which to transport the deceased to church services and to the graveyards. Families are forced to take their deceased loved ones in trucks and cars to the church and their final resting place.

Local wag overheard to say at the local stop “where they going to get el dinero to put gas in the hearses? Good question gente at $2.44 per gallon who can afford to die anymore?

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