March 14, 2003


Bush Fiddles While America Burns!

Perhaps the Nero comparison may sound a little harsh. Yet, President G.W. Bush seems to be determined to plunge ahead in his efforts to involve the country in a war with Iraq. What the rush to war may cost the country in human lives seems irrelevant. The President seems to be determined to have his way regardless of the consequence to our county, to England and Spain. Whatever occurs, Spain as well as England will pay a heavy price along with the United States. Spain and England are countries that are ruled by hereditary Monarchies who may possibly pay a heavier price. Not only may their involvement with the US bring about the downfall of the political infrastructures of both countries but also the very bulwarks of their countries, the Spanish and the English Crowns. President George W. Bush may place their very existence in jeopardy.

England and Spain are European Countries whose histories are the foundations of much of western civilization. Their positions in Europe make them both integral members of the European continent. Their siding with the US has endangered their positions with the nations of Europe, their natural allies. America is but a moment in time in the history of mankind. We are a country that is not accustomed to power and wealth. We have but a short history in learning to deal with other countries’ societies and different forms of government, religions and philosophies. We are a country whose whole existence is but a fleeting moment in time.

Since the discovery of the American continent, we have learned primarily to deal with change through military violence. We have persevered mostly by our abilities to create bigger and better arms. In a sense we resemble the hordes of Genghis Khan. We know only one way to solve our problems: through violence. A thousand years before the continent of America existed the European nations were learning to deal with civilizations problems. The US has resolved all its issues of survival and growth at the end of the sword (Guns?). In a large sense, we are incapable of dealing with the problems of mankind except by the use of brute force.

Iraq is not a terrorist nation, we are! We have created the majority of weapons of mass destruction and have used them indiscriminately in each and every war that we have engaged in. We have provided to other countries these weapons. The problems we are having with other nations are because the US has become predictable! Every country in the world knows too well the short range of responses that we have. Unfortunately, we have not yet acquired the sophistication to survive in this world without resorting to brute violence.

President George W. Bush and his inner circle that speak in monosyllables have demonstrated to the world just how backward this country really is.

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