Volume XXVII Number 11 March 14, 2003

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La Nominación de Miguel Estrada Al Poder Judicial Sufre Sonora Derrota en el Senado

Washington, DC - En el primer desafío concertado a las políticas del Presidente Bush en el Congreso, los senadores demócratas lograron el jueves que continúe el debate sobre la confirmación de Miguel Estrada a la segunda corte más importante del país, evitando así su confirmación.

José Roberto Suárez, Catedrático de Derecho, St. Mary¹s University, califica a Estrada con una “F”

En una votación especial, 55 republicanos votaron a favor del fin de los debates sobre la confirmación, mientras que 44 demócratas lo hicieron en contra. La mayoría republicana necesitaba 60 votos para acabar con la oposición demócrata (una maniobra llamada en inglés “fillibuster”).

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War In Iraq May Bring New Cold War To Europe, East Asia
By: Mingjie Chen and Franz Schurmann
With 300,000 American and British forces in the Gulf are ready to invade Iraq, with or without new U.N. authorization, it now seems war with Iraq is inevitable. The war has its origins in 9/11, but only in part. The other part is the Cold War, which began over a half-century ago. The repercussions of war in Iraq could resurrect shades of the Cold War, which was thought to have ended with the demise of the Soviet Union.

Hispanics Fear Anti-Immigrant Backlash After Bush Remarks
By: Marcelo Ballve
Hispanic groups said President Bush set a dangerous example and risked fanning anti-immigrant sentiment by implying there could be a popular backlash against U.S.-based Mexicans if Mexico voted against an Iraq war at the United Nations.

Illegal Regulations Keep Schools From Getting Federal Funds
Parents and Civil Rights Groups Ask Court to Stop State Board of Education Requirements
— A group of civil, parent, and student right advocates announced today the filing of a law suit against the California Department of Education (CDE) for unlawfully implementing the federal grant program Reading First in a way that forecloses English Learners students enrolled in alternative programs from accessing these funds. The lawsuit was filed in San Francisco on Wednesday March, 5, 2003.

Gonzalez Named President of CSU Sacramento; CSU Chancellor to Named Interim President of Cal State San Marcos
California State University San Marcos President Alexander Gonzalez, has been named President of California, State University Sacramento, effective later this year. The announcement, by CSU Chancellor Charles Reed, was made in Long Beach on Thursday, March 13, 2003, following a meeting of the CSU Board of Trustees. A search committee composed of Trustees, faculty, staff and student representatives conducted the search and recommended Gonzalez to the Board of Trustees.

¿Nuevo programa Brasero?
Por: Mariana Martinez
Domingo 9 de Marzo.
Un pick-up perseguido por la patrulla fronteriza y la patrulla de caminos, se voltea a la altura de la salida Lake Jenny de la carretera interestatal 8, dirección oeste.

Half of All Hispanics in America Were Uninsured at Some Point in 2001-2002
Health fairs nationwide offer free services as part of ‘Cover the Uninsured Week’
WASHINGTON, DC - Not having health insurance may be a more common occurrence for Hispanics in America than previously thought. A new report estimates that more than half of all Hispanics went without health insurance for all or part of 2001 and 2002.

A Personal Story
Joseph Cabrera
Owner of a small furniture company in Chula Vista
When you hear about the 41 million uninsured, think about the people who work for me. It’s not that my brother and I don’t want to provide health insurance for our employees. But like most small employers across the nation, we simply can’t afford the premiums.

AMVETS Honors Vargas With Silver Helmet Award
Former State Veterans Chief to Receive Civil Servant Award
WASHINGTON — AMVETS (American Veterans) announced that Jay R. Vargas, former state secretary of veterans affairs is to be honored with its Silver Helmet Civil Servant-of-the-Year Award.

Teen Perspective
Troubling times at the station
By Yasmin Rahman
Many people stand at the Euclid Trolley Station waiting endlessly for bus 916’s arrival. Here, intoxicating smells, together with trolley and bus noises, fill the atmosphere. With every minute that passes passengers grow impatient and frustrated.

La Biblioteca Pública de Oceanside Presenta: Muestra Fotográfica “Tomando el Autobús de Madrugada”
Un homenaje a los personajes “invisibles” de la sociedad
Por America B. Feldman
El pasado 9 de Marzo la biblioteca Pública de Oceanside inauguró el proyecto de exhibicion fotografica denominado “Tomando el Autobús de Madrugada” (Taking the Early Bus), donde los personajes homenajedos son los héroes “invisibles” de nuestra sociedad: los inmigrantes y migrantes hispanos.

Retired farm workers to get more than $41,000 in pension checks; UFW appeals to workers who may not know they qualify
Two San Joaquin Valley farm workers who didn’t realize they qualified for a United Farm Workers pension received checks totaling more than $41,000 during a ceremony Wednesday in Delano.

Martin Luther King, Jr. & Cesar Chavez License Plate Bill Passes First Hurdle
The Assembly Committee on Transportation passed on a 12-0 vote legislation that will create a license plate honoring the memory of the late civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, Jr., and United Farm Workers founder, César E. Chévez. Money collected from the sale of the license plates will support Extended Opportunity Programs and Services at community colleges throughout California. EOPS provides special counseling, tutoring and financial aid to students with economic, cultural and language needs.

Advisory Committee to Begin Reapportionment of Trustee Districts
The newly established Advisory Committee on the Reapportionment of Trustee Districts will begin work with an outside consultant to reapportion the district’s population among the five trustee districts.

Por Diego Alvarez
Las Travesuras de El Niño
Cada año, El Niño -ese fenómeno climático que se origina en el Pacifico- causa estragos alrededor del mundo, y el 2003 no será la excepción. Los científicos anunciaron una gran actividad climática provocada por El Niño y que traerá graves consecuencias en algunos países.

Attorney General Lockyer Urges Consumers to Avoid “Instant” or “Rapid” Tax Refunds
Attorney General Bill Locky-er warned consumers not to sign up for “rapid” or “instant” tax refunds being aggressively marketed throughout California, often to low -and moderate- income taxpayers.


Bush Fiddles While America Burns!
Perhaps the Nero comparison may sound a little harsh. Yet, President G.W. Bush seems to be determined to plunge ahead in his efforts to involve the country in a war with Iraq. What the rush to war may cost the country in human lives seems irrelevant. The President seems to be determined to have his way regardless of the consequence to our county, to England and Spain. Whatever occurs, Spain as well as England will pay a heavy price along with the United States. Spain and England are countries that are ruled by hereditary Monarchies who may possibly pay a heavier price. Not only may their involvement with the US bring about the downfall of the political infrastructures of both countries but also the very bulwarks of their countries, the Spanish and the English Crowns. President George W. Bush may place their very existence in jeopardy.

Keep the Dream Alive For Our Children
There is nothing more precious to us than our children. They are our future, and as we watch them grow up, we hope, dream, and pray that they receive the best. Paramount in our dreams is that our children receive the best education possible, for it is through education that their, and our, dreams for them will come true. On this I think we all agree.

35 years after walkouts, little has changed for Latino students
By Carlos Muñoz Jr.
Thirty-five years ago, on March 3, 1968, as a college student activist, I joined more than 1,000 Mexican-American students who walked out of Abraham Lincoln High School in East Los Angeles. We were later joined by several thousand more students who walked out of three other predominantly Mexican-American high schools. By the end of the week, more than 10,000 had participated in the walkouts.

Colin Powell Should Make An Honorable Exit
By: William O. Beeman
Colin Powell should resign — now, with honor.

Las Medicinas y El Futuro de “Medicare”
Por: Dr James Santiago Grisolía
Sintiendo mucha presión política, los líderes de ambos partidos políticos han propuesto que Medicare pagara las medicinas recetadas por médico. Actualmente, Medicare paga la mayoría de los cobros de médico o de hospitales, pero no reimbolsa el precio de medicinas, sino algunas medicinas inyectables o las suministradas en el hospital. El aumento importante en el costo de medicinas (50% en los últimos 5 años) obliga a muchas personas mayores escoger entre la comida, la casa y la receta.

Prescription Drugs and The Future of Medicare
By: James Santiago Grisolía, MD
Pressured by seniors, politicians of both parties have called for adding a prescription drug benefit to Medicare. Currently, Medicare pays most of physician and hospital charges. However, the cost of medications is not covered, except for medications given during a hospital stay, or certain outpatient injectables like cancer chemotherapy drugs. The rapidly rising cost of medications (about 50% over the last 5 years) has left many seniors forced to choose between food, housing and medications.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Another Vigil for the Dead
I just came back from the vigil held downtown in front of the State building for the 2 individuals killed and other persons injured when the border patrol chased them.

Otro Dia, Another Peso…
Gente, did you ever wonder why it is that all those Mexican workers cross la Frontera to work for the “man”? La Migra sees it in simple terms: We are all illegal.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Reseña Crítica
Recupera tu pasado, sana tu futuro
Por Claudia Hernández
Quien de ahora me ocupo queridos lectores, es del más reciente libro de Sylvia Browne, quien es autora de afirmaciones tales como: “Muchos de nuestros problemas tienen su origen en vidas pasadas”, la cual, no sólo resulta severa sino hasta recurrentemente personalizada, ya que sin duda, mis queridos lectores, lo primero que me sugiere este tipo de posturas es encontrar los elementos que determinan la postura circunstancialmente temporal y especial para que la autora, Silvya Browne, se pronuncie de esta forma.

2003 Hot Shot Musicians Take Center Stage
Question: “How do you get to Copley Symphony Hall?” Answer: Practice! Practice! Well that’s exactly what the 2003 Hot Shots have done. Brilliant musicians at such a young age, this year’s four Hot Shots who have been selected to perform with the San Diego Symphony at the Young People’s Concerts on March 26 and 27, 2003 are: Julia Barnett, 17, flute, Helix High School; Crystal Chen, 15, piano, Scripps Ranch High School; Rossina Grieco, 8, piano, All Hallows Academy in La Jolla; and Cathy Litaker, 17, harp, Fallbrook High School.

Macuilxochitl's Kiva
San Diego Latino Film Festival Celebrates Its Tenth Anniversary
By: Francisco Ciriza

Mosaico de Actividades Culturales en Tijuana
Por Paco Zavala
En la inquieta ciudad de Tijuana, se percibe constantemente su trabajo, sus logros, la apertura de nuevos horizontes, de nuevas perspectivas, su vinculación con una serie de actividades dentro de las que se contemplan la cultura y el arte, siempre mostrando nuevos brotes, nuevas corrientes, nuevas manifestaciones locales, estatales, nacionales y mundiales, incluso hasta nos involucran dentro de los mensajes de otros mundos, etc. etc.

Unificadas ocho feminas exponen una colectiva de artes plásticas
Por: Paco Zavala
Un conjunto de ocho feminas vinculan su trabajo creativo y lo exponen para enmarcar la celebración del “Día Internacional de la Mujer” que se celebró el pasado 8 de marzo.

Calendar of Events.....
By Berenice Cisneros
The 60’s Musical “Beehive” will mark its 350th performance this month at The Theatre in Old Town. Beehive is the dynamic musical revue celebrating the sights, sounds and spirit of the 1960’s through the decade’s legendary women of rock ‘n roll… everyone from The Supremes to Connie Francis, Lesley Gore to Janis Joplin, Dusty Springfield to Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin and many more.

Rising Star Veronica Zepeda Represents U.S. on U-21 Team
By: John Philip Wyllie
It has been a tough year for the handful of Mexican-American women competing for the few coveted roster spots in the WUSA. San Jose’s Gina Oceguera-Eagleson retired from the game in the off-season to pursue a career in teaching.

Southwest High Soccer Team Wins First Ever CIF Championship
By: John Philip Wyllie
The Southwest High School Boys Soccer Team (18-6-3) did more than win a CIF San Diego section Division II championship last Saturday. They made history. Never before in the 27-year existence of the school had its soccer team captured a CIF championship. Saturday’s championship was made all the sweeter by the fact that the unseeded Raiders were decided underdogs coming into the post-season tournament.

Jesus Chavez: “This Is Revenge!”
By Fiona Manning
Jesus “El Matador” Chavez is set to fight his nemesis Carlos Gerena in the main event of Top Rank’s Pay Per View “Latin Fury” show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on March 22.